How To Export Instagram Chat To PDF

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To download the Instagram chat from the DM section, just install the ‘DM Saver for Instagram’ extension on your PC.

Then you just open the particular chat on your Instagram and then tap on the extension & select the date range.

Then tap on the download icon and that chat will be saved on your PC.

Your old chats are saved in the DM section which is accessible from the PC even if you had the chat on mobile.

You can download the whole data from your Instagram account and there will be all chats saved all you have to do is, use a zip extractor in order to unzip that file.

Also, you can join/open a chat and copy the whole one and then save that on your PC by pressing the Ctrl+P button in XPS or PDF.

This article will explain the steps and the methods that will help you save the chat history from your Instagram DM section.

How Should You Export the Instagram Chat?

If you want to export your whole Instagram chat then it is recommended to do it from your PC. 

Even though this process can also be done from your mobile phone, your PC will make the process easier and faster, and you will get options for more extensions to automate the steps. 

When it comes to exporting your Instagram chats then PC is considered to be the better option than a mobile phone. 

How To Export Instagram Chat To PDF:

You just have to follow lesser steps in that case and can do this work without any hassle.

1. Download Full Instagram Data from Account:

It is always a good idea to save your data by downloading it. If in any case, you want to leave Instagram, then you can download all the data from it including all the photos, videos, stories you have posted, the comments, and even your messages or chats.

All your Instagram data can be either downloaded from the Instagram website or the app itself. To download all of your data, you will have to go to the Instagram security settings, and then seek to request your Instagram data. 

To download the Instagram Chat on DM from the settings,

Step 1: First of all, open the Instagram app and then directly go to your profile page.

Step 2: After that, go to settings by clicking on three horizontal lines on the top-right corner of your screen.

After that, go to settings by clicking on three horizontal lines app

Step 3: Click on “Security”, scroll to “Data and History” and tap on “Download Data”.

Click on “Security”, scroll to
tap on Download Data

Step 4: Then put in your email ID and click on “Request Download”.

Request Download

Step 5: After entering your password, click on “Next”.

 entering your password, click on Next

You will get all your data downloaded to your email address within just 48 hours. The process of downloading the data from the Instagram website is the same as above, the only difference is instead of opening the app, go to the official website of Instagram.

However, there could be a few drawbacks too such as large files and chaos of mixing up all the data making it hard to find any particular one.

2. Download all DM chat on PC:

You can download your Instagram DM chats on your PC so that all your chats can be safe and secure. In fact, by downloading your chats, you can easily access them even when you are offline. However, to download your chats on PC, you will need an extension that is usually paid such as DM Saver for Instagram.

You can download all your Instagram chats using this extension in HTML or ZIP format. 

This app is considered to be the best among all the other options available on the internet as it is extremely easy to download all your Instagram chats on your PC using this chrome extension just by following a few simple steps.

To download the Instagram chat and save it to a PC,

Step 1: Firstly, install the extension ‘DM Saver for Instagram’ to your chrome.

extension ‘DM Saver for Instagram’ to your chrome

Step 2: Then login into your Instagram account.

Then login into your Instagram account

Step 3: After that, open the DM section.

 After that, open the DM section

Step 4: You will need to reload the extension page and then set a time range for the downloading process.

Finally, download all your DM chats.

Note: However, this app has many pros, also there are a few cons as well, such as the extension is not connected with Instagram and might face a few bugs whenever there is a new Instagram update. And this is not free therefore, you have to pay for it. On the bright side, they do offer a free trial for the DM Saver Pro extension.

3. Saving the whole Instagram Chat by Copying:

If you don’t either want to pay or go through any hassle then you can also save your whole Instagram chats by copying them and converting them into PDF format so that you can save that chat on your device.

It is indeed a time taking process but if you want to save all your chats without paying any cost then this process might be worth it. Even this way is straightforward and can be done by anyone easily. 

Therefore, to clarify it more here are the mentioned steps to save your whole Instagram chats by copying them.

To save the Instagram chat instantly,

Step 1: Firstly, open Instagram and sign in to your account.

Step 2: Then go to your DMs and click on the profile of the person whose chats you want to save.

Step 3: After that, go to the top of that conversation, select all and then copy the whole chat.

Step 4: Then, below the option of “Copy”, you will see “Print” Click on it.

chat save Instagram DM PC

Step 5: Then click on “Save as PDF” on the pop-up window options.

chat save Instagram DM PC

Step 6: Finally, your whole chat has been saved to your desired location and you can name them as per your preferences, it will be saved in PDF format.

The Bottom Lines:

This article explained the methods that you can apply to download & save Instagram chats you can do this by following the steps for the extension or you can just Copy & Save the whole chat in PDF.

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