Download Instagram Video – FIXED Bad URL Timestamp

If you have ever liked videos or photos on Instagram, you would want to save it on your mobile. As you know by saving that onto your device allows you to upload on WhatsApp and share with friends.
Alternatively, you can get the link to this video or a photo and share the link with your friends on any social media platform where they will be able to view that by clicking on that link.
Either you use Instagram on desktop or on your mobile, the updates work well on the Instagram app for iOS & Android. But, in both cases, you will be able to get the link to the post.
To get the link to an Instagram video or photo, you just have to tap onto that post and then on the pop-up, you will see the list of things to do. Just tap on ‘Copy Link‘ option from that list and URL to this video or photo will be copied and you will be able to share with anyone else.
I see people are looking for downloading the Instagram videos, but Instagram does not allow this.
Although, Snaptube app can help in downloading the Instagram videos when you tap ‘share’ option on that video on your Instagram app.
In case you’re merging two Instagram profiles with all stuff then use this method to download your Instagram videos fro repost.
Reusing of copyright work is prohibited on Instagram, be careful. I don’t encourage you to do such activities.
While you’re sharing the link of an Instagram post and by the chance, this Instagram post gets deleted by the owner the link will not be accessible. In this article, I am going to discuss the simple ways that you can follow to find the link to an Instagram post (video or photo) step-by-step.

Why Should I get Instagram Video Link?

If you want to save a particular video on a photo directly from the Instagram that you have liked and to save for your personal interest then you can do that by getting a link or just by directly sending the image onto your devices. By selling the link you can share the same on your WhatsApp group or just to directly save the photo or video on your mobile.
Definitely, the Instagram videos or photos are the copyrighted material that you cannot use for your professional purpose but for the interest, you can save that on your phone and you can use as a screensaver or something else like wallpaper, etc.

How to Download Instagram Videos without copying URL?

If you are planning to download the Instagram videos without the link then there is an instant way you can do this. The process below you can follow to record the Instagram story videos or the Instagram posts on both devices.

To download Instagram stories/posts:

1. First, play the video on your mobile device and your mobile device should have a screen recorder installed and this can be done on iOS or Android both devices.

You should know that the screen recorder allows recording audio as well, so play the Instagram story or video in full sound if you want the sound to be recorded while the screen recording is turned on.

2. Now once the video starts playing just run the screen recorder and let’s record it until it finishes.

3. Most of the Instagram videos on the post are short and that is why this would not be an issue by using your screen recorder. After the recording is completed, turn the recorder off and save the file on your mobile storage.

This is the easiest and quickest way to download the Instagram story videos or posted videos.

Where to Find an Instagram Video link on Instagram App?

If you’re going to copy the Instagram post link directly from the Instagram app this is definitely possible and Instagram has the option to do this from your Android or iOS devices. You will see the three-dots icon either it’s on an Instagram photo or video, by tapping on that icon you will see a list of features will appear and from there you have to tap on the ‘Copy Link’ option then the link will be copied on your clipboard. 
copy link app
You can apply this same process for all other videos or photos that you want to get the link and if you share this URL with your friend they will be able to view the same Instagram video or photo using that link also.

Instagram Video link from Desktop (No Bad URL Timestamp)

You are on your desktop then to find out the video link from the desktop, first of all, you have to open the video that you have selected, and then just with the help of the HTML version of the page, you will find out a link that you have to open or you can share with your friend if you want them to see. Let’s read the step-by-step guide:
  • Step-1: Once you are ready with the link to that video page on Instagram just open it on your browser. If this video is private and shared with you, you may be asked to log in on the browser. Make sure you are logged in.
  • Step-2: Next, on the video page, just right-click and select ‘Inspect’ or press Ctrl+Shift+I to open the HTML version of that Instagram video page.Get an Instagram Video link from Desktop
  • Step-3: Just scroll to the bottom and find the link looks like: instagram…n.mp4. Now find the URL, just search on the page ‘.mp4’ and after: type=”video/mp4″ src=” you have the video link. Once you found that just edit and copy the entire URL.
Note: If you see ‘Bad URL Timestamp’ error just replace & with & into URL in all places and then reload the link in the new tab. Now, you got the link to the direct video.
Now open that link on the next tab and on right-clicking there you will see the video source will ask you to download.

How Download Instagram Videos Online?

Instagram allows users to access their data onto their Instagram account. If you have just selected some Instagram photos or videos then you can get the link to those photos or videos directly from Instagram. If you have selected multiple videos then you can have to get the link for each one separately and for the photos, you have to repeat the same process.
Now either you are on mobile or on your PC, you can follow some simple steps to get the link of that video to share with your friend and the same link will open that video directly on a tab, openable on all browsers. Let’s dive into the step-by-step process:

How to Download Instagram Videos using Third-party Tools?

When you are on your Instagram app on your iOS or Android device the process becomes very simple to get the link of that post either it is a video or a photo. To copy the link you have to open that post on a mobile browser or directly from the app, copy the link and then follow these steps:

Tool: Download Videos From Instagram on PC

First of all, open the ‘Download Instagram Video‘ tool online,  you can get there from the Google search. 
video downloaded Instagram
 Once you have saved the link (looks like*), you have to paste the entire copied video link that you got from your mobile browser.
 Now, once you have entered the link the tab will show you the exact video and click to play button.
On right-clicking on there, you will find the Download option that you can use for the sharing of that Instagram video on WhatsApp (WhatsApp and Instagram both are the parts of the same parent company).
The Bottom Lines:
To this end, I want to conclude that if you wish to get the link to the Instagram video then this is possible from both mobile and desktop. For a few reasons, you have to use online tools in case you are on your mobile that will help you get the video on your device but in case you are on your PC the ‘Inspect element’ option will help you to get the Instagram video link.

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