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How To Fix Facebook Two-Factor Authentication Code Not Received

✎ Key Points:

» You can identify the issue by checking for any server-side problems or contact blocks on Facebook, ensuring a smooth two-factor authentication code reception.
» Try using caution to avoid accidental blocks; make sure Facebook is added as a contact and unblocked if necessary, as blocking may impede code delivery.
» If you face persistent issues, verify and resolve any account verification problems or Facebook account issues to ensure the timely receipt of the two-factor authentication code.

How To Fix Facebook Two-factor Authentication Code Not Received:

There are some fixes that you can try to fix the issue:

1. Unblock your contacts

You can now try the following steps below:

Step 1: First of all, open your phone’s settings.

Step 2: Then, tap on “Phone” to open your phone settings.

Step 3: After that, tap on “Blocked Contacts” to open your blocked contacts.

Step 4: Finally, unblock Facebook as a contact by tapping on the “-” sign next to it. Reopen Facebook and try sending the two-factor authentication code again.

2. Use Spanning Backup/Recovery (Optional)

Just you can use this tool to fix the issue, try the following steps below:

Step 1: First, open the Spanning Backup website: https://spanning.com/get-started/free-trial/.

Step 2: Then, on the tool sign in or start trial.

Step 3: Next, proceed with the recommended settings and options.

Step 4: Now, an agent might help you out with getting the Facebook account recovered.

3. Contact Facebook support

You should try the steps below:

Step 1: First of all, visit the Facebook Help Center or the Facebook Support page.

Step 2: Then, navigate to the section related to account verification or two-factor authentication.

Step 3: Next, report the issue and ask for assistance.

Step 4: Now, wait for a response from Facebook’s support team and follow any further instructions they provide.

4. Check if the Phone is Correct

You need to make sure that the phone number or email ID linked with the profile for two-factor authentication is correct otherwise, the code won’t reach you. If you’ve provided a phone number that doesn’t work or is out of service, you need to update your phone number to a working one. 

In case you don’t have your old number anymore, you can change that to a new one so that the two-factor authentication code can be sent to that number. 

Follow the steps below to check and change the phone number associated with the two-factor authentication of your Facebook account:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open the Facebook application.

Step 2: Next, you get into the Settings and Privacy section of Facebook.

the Settings and Privacy section

Step 3: Click on Password and security.

Password and security

Step 4: Then click on Use two-factor authentication.

Use two-factor authentication

Step 5: You’ll need to click on Text message (SMS).

click on Text message (SMS)

Step 6: If your mobile number provided here is old or wrong, then click on Add phone number.

click on Add phone number

Step 7: You’ll need to click on Continue.

click on Continue

Step 8: Next, add a new phone number on the next page and confirm it. 

5. Check your inbox 

It might be possible that the verification code has been received by your spam folder inside the inbox. Therefore, before you go on thinking that you’ve not received the four-digit verification code, you’ll need to check the Spam section.

If you use an iPhone, you need to head on to the spam section of your iPhone inbox. There, you’ll find all the miscellaneous SMS being received. Often some SMS gets into the spam section of the iPhone instead of going to the main inbox.

Thus whenever you don’t receive an OTP or the four-digit verification code for two-factor authentication, remember to check for it in the Spam folder of the iPhone. 

click on All Messages

You can also tap on All Messages to see if there’s any code sent by Facebook some minutes ago or not. If you don’t find the code, then it might be because of other issues. 

6. Wait for 10 minutes

It’s also possible that due to a minor delay in sending the code you didn’t receive the code. The four-digit verification code can enter your inbox till 10 minutes after applying for it. Mostly the code enters or reaches the user within the first few minutes of applying for it. But very rarely due to network issues, the code sent by Facebook doesn’t reach you quickly. Therefore, you’ll need to wait for some time to see whether it appears or not.

Especially when you’re traveling or roaming the chances of receiving the code on time decrease. You’ll have to wait for ten minutes for the code to verify it.

Facebook users usually send the four-digit verification code on time unless something is wrong with the Facebook server and it delays in delivering the code to the user. Sometimes due to a poor network connection in your area, the code enters your device, therefore, you need to be sure that you have a strong network that can support verification.

Why Don’t I Receive Facebook Two factor Authentication Code:

These might be the cause of this, explained below:

1. Server Issue or Temporary Issue

If you see that you are not receiving the Facebook two-factor authentication code, it could be due to a server issue or a temporary problem. This means that there might be some technical difficulties on Facebook’s end that are preventing the delivery of the authentication code to your device.

It could be caused by maintenance activities, server overload, or other temporary glitches in the system. So, if you encounter this issue, you should wait for a while and then try again later.

2. Wrong Number/Username

When this issue arises, it could be due to entering the wrong number or username associated with your Facebook account. Sometimes, during the process of setting up two-factor authentication, users mistakenly provide an incorrect phone number or username, which results in the authentication code being sent to the wrong destination.

Due to this error, you won’t receive the code on your device. To resolve this, you must ensure that you have entered the correct phone number or username linked to your Facebook account.

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