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To find the FAX number of a business, open the company’s website to see if there is a fax number there. Businesses frequently list their contact details, including their fax number, on the “Contact Us” page of their website.

Try calling the company and asking for the fax number if you can not find it on the website.

You can also use a search engine or online directory to find a fax number. There are numerous websites that let you look up companies by name, sector, or location. A lot of these websites also give you the fax number for the company.

You could also try looking up the company in other business directories or the Yellow Pages. These directories frequently list fax numbers with the company’s other contact details.

If all else fails, try contacting the company via email or social media and asking for their fax number directly.

FAX Number Lookup:

🔴 How To Use:

Step 1: Visit the “FAX Number Lookup tool” as the first step.

Step 2: Type the FAX number into the search field.

Step 3: To start the search, click the “LookUp” button.

Step 4: Wait until the tool has processed the FAX number.

Step 5: The tool will display the company name connected to the FAX number once the search is complete.

You can try to narrow down your search by adding more details, such as the city or state where the business is located in the tool returns several results.

How To Find the FAX Number of A Business:

There you have these methods to try in order to find the FAX number of a business:

1. Find on Business Website

The first place to look for a business’s fax number is its website. Most businesses have a “Contact Us” or “About Us” page on their website where they list their contact information, including their fax number.

Find on Business Website

If you can’t find the fax number on these pages, try looking for a page that describes the business or its history. If the business has a physical location, check the “Locations” or “Directions” page for the fax number.

2. Contact the Business

If you can’t find the fax number online, try contacting the business directly. Call their customer service line and ask for the fax number. Alternatively, you can send an email or message through their website’s contact form.

Be sure to provide your own contact information so that the business can get back to you.

3. Check the Yellow Pages

The Yellow Pages is a directory of businesses that includes contact information, including fax numbers.

If you have a physical copy of the Yellow Pages, you can look up the business by name and find their fax number. Alternatively, you can search for the business on YellowPages.com or another online business directory.

4. Use a Business Database

There are several online databases that allow you to search for businesses by name, location, or industry.

These databases often include fax numbers as part of the business’s contact information, i.e. ZoomInfo, Dun & Bradstreet, and Hoovers.

5. Check Social Media

Many businesses have a presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Try searching for the business on these platforms and sending a message or commenting to ask for their fax number.


Some businesses may even list their fax number on their social media profiles.

6. From Business Cards

If you’ve met someone from the business in person, ask for their business card. This should include their fax number along with their other contact information. If you can’t remember the person’s name or where you met them, try searching your email or other records for the business’s name.

7. Ask a Professional

If you’re still having trouble finding a business’s fax number, try reaching out to a professional association or industry group for the business industry.

They may have a directory of businesses that includes fax numbers. You can also try contacting the local chamber of commerce or a trade association related to the industry of the business you are looking for.

8. Look at Online Reviews

Check online reviews for the business on websites like Yelp, Google My Business, or Trip Advisor. Sometimes, reviewers will mention the business’s fax number in their comments or reviews.

9. Check with Industry Regulators

If the business you’re searching for is regulated by a government agency or industry association, you may be able to find their fax number on the website.

For example, if you’re looking for the fax number of a medical clinic, you may be able to find it on the website of the state medical board.

10. Try Fax Search Engines

There are a few websites that are dedicated to searching for fax numbers. Examples include fax numbers.uk, faxfx.net, and faxzero.com.

You can enter the name of the business or other relevant information and the search engine will look for the fax number for you.

How to Find Out Who Owns A FAX Number:

These are the following methods you can take:

Method 1: Use a Reverse Phone Lookup Service

One way to find out who owns a fax number is to use a reverse phone lookup service. These online services allow you to enter a phone number, including fax numbers, and they will search for information about the owner of the Fax number.

Reverse Phone Lookup Service

Some of these services are provided at no cost, while others charge a fee. You can quickly determine the name and address of the business that owns a Fax number using this method.

Method 2: Conduct a Public Records Search

You can finally search public records to find out who owns a fax number. The owner’s name can be taken from public documents such as business registrations and filings.

You can search online for public records or visit your local government offices to get information about the fax-number owner.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I find the fax number of a business if I don’t know the name or location?

If you don’t know the name or location of the business, you can use a business directory website to search for businesses by industry, category, or keyword. Once you find a business that may be relevant, you can check their website or contact them directly to obtain their fax number.

2. Can I find the fax number of a business using social media?

While it’s rare for businesses to list their fax numbers on social media platforms, you can try searching for the business name and location on social media to see if they’ve posted their fax number. Additionally, you can message the business or leave a comment asking for their fax number.

3. Is it possible to find the fax number of a business using government resources?

You can find the fax number of a business using government resources, such as business registration databases or public records. These resources can provide you with detailed information about the business, including its contact information.

4. What if I can’t find the fax number of a business using any of the above methods?

If you can’t find the fax number of a business using any of the above methods, you can try contacting the business directly and asking for their fax number. Alternatively, you can try using a reverse phone lookup service or hiring a private agent to find the information (the Business details i.e. FAX or Email) for you.

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