Best Extension – Batch delete Inactive Facebook Friends

Do you want to remove all invisible or ghost friends from Facebook? If you want to make your friend list short and keep your privacy strong then having a genuine Facebook friend list is necessary.

For instance, when I post on Facebook that could not perform well in terms of likes and comments. I instantly started analyzing the reasons and found most of those people in my list had a blank profile picture with no name. 

At last, I decided to delete all of those Facebook friends from my friend-list. Why should you keep those ghosts in your list? No one wants to, right?… 

You can remove all of those deactivated friends from Facebook friends list in one click and clean up your list. Deleting from a huge number of inactive people particularly is like counting every piece of sugar.

In this article, you will learn the efficient way to remove your inactive friends from Facebook in this 2021 and keep only the genuine list of friends into it. 

People know that Facebook recently developed settings where you can set the privacy accordingly to hide or show your all friends from your Facebook friend list. 

Best Facebook Friend Remover:

If you want to remove your friends in mass or batch delete using tools then All Friends Remover for Facebook is the best tool in this job. Remember that Friend Remover is having its two versions, one is Free and the other is PRO. Let’s discuss the steps to follow in Friend Remover Free Google Chrome extension: 

Step 1:

First of all, install: All Friends Remover for Facebook on your Google Chrome finding it from extension Store.

Friends Remover Facebook
Step 2:
Once you add this extension in your browser just log in with your Facebook credentials to remove all of your inactive friends.
Step 3:
once you on your Facebook just open the extension and it will show you an option to delete all friends. best phone release to remove all of your Facebook friends.
Note that: This process will delete all of your friends and you have to add your real friends again in this process. But if you want to remove only some of the inactive friends, you have to use the PRO version this tool which is ‘Friend Remover PRO’.
1. This is a third-party tool there is a little risk with your Facebook privacy.
2. If you see any temporary block on your Facebook account just remove the extension and change your Facebook account password instantly.
3. If nothing suspicious happens, still you have to change the Facebook account password after work is done through the PRO or Free version of Friend Remover.
Is this enough?
By hiding your friends from others you are not free from the ghost profiles on Facebook.
That means just by making a mutual friend list public, you cannot show your actual friend circle to people.

How to Remove Facebook friends in Bulk?

To keep your friend list limited and full of active or real people you have to delete all inactive friends from your Facebook friend list.
You have to unfriend all of these inactive Facebook friends from your account.
If your concern is regarding how to remove inactive Facebook friends then read this article till the end.

Is it possible to unfriend multiple inactive friends from your Facebook friend list?

Yes, this is possible to bulk remove your Facebook friends.
Note that while there are few easy steps to delete multiple Facebook friends at a time using a tool but you should always consider using the manual method at first if you have very few amounts of friends on your list.
You can remove multiple inactive Facebook friends by navigating to the friend list section on your profile. This would not take more than 10 seconds to delete a friend from your friend list.
So how to identify them & list out?
I use these options to find out fake Facebook accounts to list them for removal.
Does the profile has no image on it or all the chatbox reply is zero?
Yes, it is true but not limited there. You have to find through many more options that little tricky than itself.
So if you are looking for ways to find out such a deactivated profile then in this article we will share the methods to find inactive friends on Facebook.

What should I look for initially on the Facebook friend list?

Listen, look for the friends that marked as ‘Facebook User’ on your friends-list. If you are getting such friends on your list just unfriend those Facebook friends.
Where do I find them?
If you are finding those friends on your Facebook profile manually then Facebook will not show you all of these friends.
If you want to find and list out all of the inactive friends of your Facebook profile then the manual method has a lot of disadvantages.
Let’s look at these points:
This is going to be time-consuming.
You are looking for the quickest way to find inactive friends. Right?…
But going with the manual method that takes a huge time and effort to find each and every inactive people on your Facebook friend list is not a good idea.
Another problem is discussed not to show all of the deactivated profiles.
If you are taking that effort to find out all of the ghost friends in your Facebook profile still Facebook will not be able to show you all of the ‘Facebook user’ tagged profile that you may look into.
First of all, before listing out all of the inactive friends, make sure that this is not your close friend that deactivated his Facebook profile temporarily.
Look, if you are saying any decrease in your Facebook friend list then this is this may be due to someone has deactivated or deleted his Facebook profile.
Likewise, if you see an increase in your Facebook friend list then it means that someone hopes you speak deactivated his Facebook profile, has been activated it again.
In such a case, you cannot mark the profiles under an inactive tag as Facebook will not show the deleted profiles in the friend list.
But whatever you see in the friend list you have to take these signs into consideration before you select them as inactive Facebook friends:
Because, if you don’t safeguard these friends, you may lose such close ones once you delete them from your list.
1. Just look at the messenger chat list. If you are seeing any person who is marked as ‘Facebook User’ on the messenger chat then the same you will see in the friend list.
The only way you can verify that person just looking at the profile URL. If you see e a match in the URL then considered this friend as a temporary inactive friend who can reactivate his profile soon in the future.
2. Another way finds out close one who is inactive on Facebook just by looking at the notification bar of Facebook.
If you are missing some notifications that were present yesterday or before then this may be due to the person is being inactive on Facebook.
So, if you are going to find out all of your inactive Facebook friends just don’t forget to list these people differently as they are not the ghost friends and may come back.
If you are looking for the perfect ways to find out all of your inactive friends from your Facebook profile then there are two main methods that you can perform in your computer or on mobile through the Facebook app.

# 1. Find Inactive Facebook Friends on PC

If you are in a desktop then follow the below steps to find out all of the inactive friends:
Step 1:
Firstly, open your internet browser then just go to and click on your profile icon after signing in.
go to profile
Step 2:
Now from the left sidebar, you will see Friends tab. Just click on ‘Friends’.
friends tab
Step 3:
Then scroll down to the bottom and note all of the friends that show as ‘Facebook User’ on their name. The same profile will have no image on its profile.
Now you can mark search Facebook users as inactive friends.
Step 4:
Now, there still some of the people present in your friend list who were inactive for a long time. You can verify such people by seeing at their Facebook timeline for the last update on his/her profile.
If you see that there is no update for the last one or two year then these Facebook users also come under your inactive Facebook friends.
Remember that the profiles are not deactivated but neither active nor in use.

# 2. Find Inactive Facebook Friends on Mobile App

Now once you are in the Facebook mobile app, you have to tap on a few settings that can help you to find all of the inactive Facebook friends.
Step 1:
Just open the Facebook app and tap on the profile icon.
Step 2:
Now scroll to the bottom and find the friends section on that page.
Step 3:
Once you get the list of all your friends just select the ghost friends by looking at their profile if there is any ‘Facebook User’ tag your name or search for those who have not uploaded anything in the last 1 or 2 years comes under inactive Facebook users list.
These are the people who are inactive on Facebook and does not worth anything to be on the list.

How to find inactive Facebook friends on mobile without apps?

Yes, if you are using any mobile browser you can directly login to and you can get find out the inactive friends from the friends-section in your profile tab.
Although, if you are facing issues with the Facebook app, you can try the Facebook lite app that is a lighter version of the Facebook app.
1. First of all, you should be away from using the third party tool to find inactive Facebook friends. These tools may lead your Facebook profile to a temporary block or a permanent block if used too many times.
2. Note that Facebook always taking care of its users by continuously adding and removing people from Facebook and if you see any decrease or increase in your Facebook friend list, that is because of this action taken by Facebook. Don’t worry.
3. Some of the profile is deleted or deactivated on Facebook those will be automatically removed from your friend list once Facebook deletes the user from the server. So, there is no need of taking extra effort to delete all of those profiles. However, if you need to check them instantly then you can follow the methods mentioned in this article.
4. Never delete your close ones if you see a temporary block on their profile. To verify such a profile, just read the method to: Identify your close one on Facebook.

Why should I Remove all inactive Facebook friends?

If you want to remove a few friends from your friend list but some still remain in your list then your privacy is not completely safe from these remaining Facebook ghosts.
There are three main reasons then that help people by deleting all of the inactive friends from Facebook:
i) If you are a regular stalker of your friends then this might help you find all the active people quickly excluding all of the inactive profiles from the list. This definitely saves your time while crawling the friend list page.
ii) Another advantage that you get that your profile will look like a professional one. If your profile looks creepy and nasty due to such active friends on the top list and visible to all then by deleting all of the inactive friends this definitely will give your profile a decent look.
Although, there are some algorithms by which Facebook decides to order a friend list.
iii) If you suspect some people on the list to be fake, this initiative will definitely prove to be a huge profit for your Facebook profile. If your stalkers on Facebook are removed, your profile is safe and no one can spy on your Facebook profile rather than your original friends that you decide to keep in that list.
Will they come back?
Definitely not. If the friends are removed completely from the Facebook friends list, there is no chance of coming back from those people.
But remember that if you have a lot of friends on your list, Facebook will not show you all of them on the list.
This is why you have to compare the friends shown vs the total amount of friends on your list. If all of them are not visible to you, consider checking back your friend list after a certain period of time on a regular basis.
This happens for those profiles which deactivated their profile and reactivate it after a long period of time, added into your friend list again.

Ways to Unfriend All Inactive Facebook Friends

If you want to remove or unfriend all of your inactive friends at once permanently from your profile, you can do this.
You can use any of these two methods that are totally free and completely safe.

Unfriend inactive Facebook friends Manually

The process is simple. You have to follow the Facebook settings to delete all of your inactive friends one by one:
Step 1:
First of all, open your PC browser and go to Now after sign in go to your profile.
Step 2:
Now from there click on ‘Friends’ on the left-hand side on that page. You will see your listed friends there including all of the inactive friends that show with a blank image and marked with ‘Facebook User’ on their name.
Step 3:
The next step is simple you have to move the cursor on to the ‘Friends’ button and click on unfriend option from the list.
Once you click on the ‘Unfriend’ option that friend will be removed from the list. You have to repeat this until your friend list gets cleared off such inactive Facebook friends.
To boost up the removal process you can find the inactive mutual friends that appear mostly for everyone. Just delete those people from your friend list at first to get rid of the creepy look of your Facebook profile.
i) This process is going to take more than 2 hours if your friend list has more than 25% of inactive friends.
ii) If you’re trying to remove all of them inactive friends maybe Facebook will not be able to show up all of them accurately in this process. Because some of those people are temporarily hidden due to deactivation of their profile.

Facebook Friend Removal – APK

Maximum the Google Chrome extension or the apps from Play Store. Not more than that.
If you are serious about your Facebook profile then avoid installing any third-party software in your PC. this may lead to a permanent block to your Facebook profile that cannot be restored back.
The Bottom Lines:
Finally, you have to make a decision as per your needs. If you have a lot of friends in your friend list and most of them are fake or inactive, install google chrome extension & remove all of them. Otherwise, do it manually one after another.

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