How To Find Someone’s Facebook Via Phone Number

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  1. To find someone’s Facebook via the phone number, the best way is to save the phone number on phone contact and upload the contact with the Facebook app. This will instantly give you the names of the people you are on Facebook. 
  2. Second, if you do not want to save the phone number, then, you can also directly open the Facebook app and on the search field enter the number. From the search result, select the one you are looking for.
  3. You can even find someone using his/her name. However, if you don’t his name then take help from an application name > “TrueCaller”. It is a caller-identification application that will help you get the details about the phone number you have. Find the name of TrueCaller and search his/her name on the Facebook app.
  4. Lastly, if nothing works, try using a third-party-tool, named: Orbityly. Just enter the number you want to find and the tool will give you all possible information to you, including his name and profile.

How to find someone’s Facebook via phone number:

Finding someone on Facebook through a phone number is not difficult if you have his/her phone number saved on your mobile phone. However, if you do not have the targeted person’s mobile number saved, the only option is to search for them using their Facebook username. 

Let’s discuss all the possible methods to find someone’s Facebook via phone number.

Following is the list of the most reliable methods to do so:

1. Directly Search for Person with Phone Number:

On Facebook, you would have searched for a friend or a relative by putting his or her username in the search field. Similarly, for finding someone through a phone number, you have to put the targeted person’s phone number on the search field. The search result will show you the names of the related and nearly related people. From the result list, find and click on your person’s username.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

For more clear understanding, follow the steps:

Step 1: Open your > “Facebook” app on a mobile device or PC and login into your account.

Step 2: On entering your account, you will see a “Search” field with a search icon, on the top of the first page. 

Click Search Icon

Step 3: Tap on the ‘Search’ icon, and enter the number of the person you wish to find. Let it load the result. 

search by phone number

Step 4: Now from the appeared search result, find the one you are looking for and tap on his or her username. 

Tap on Username

Step 5: This is how you can directly search a person with his phone number, without saving the contact in your mobile device.

Remember, if the person has turned OFF the option to be able to find via phone number o his account, then, you cannot find him/her through this method. You need to opt for another method.

Video on How to Add Contacts to Facebook:

2. Using Third Party Tools (Orbitly):

The third-party tools are the best loopholes in all situations. They are free to use, safe to add details, easy to use, and give fruitful output. Similarly, for searching someone on Facebook using his or her phone number, there is a tool called “Orbitly”. 

The Orbitly is a free website where you can add the phone number of the person whose Facebook username you wish to know. The most interestingly safe feature of this tool is that for searching you do not have to add your Facebook log-in details and as like. The only requirement is the phone number of the targeted person.  

On entering the phone number on the search field, results will show up on the screen, with the name of the people related to the entered phone number. From the search result find the person you are looking for. Copy his/her username name and paste it into the Facebook search field. 

For better understanding, follow the steps given below:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open Google Chrome or any web browser on your device. 

Step 2: Tap on the search field and search for the official website of “Orbitly”.


Step 3: On the first interface of the website, you will get the space to enter the phone number and lookup for the profile.

Step 4: Enter the phone number and click on > “Lookup for Profile”.

Lookup for Profile

Let the site load the results. Once the result appears on the screen, find the targeted person. 

⭐️ Features of Orbitly:

  • The tool is free and open to use.
  • No need to enter your personal Facebook details.
  • Safe and secured.
  • Do not save the data you enter. 

3. Find his Name & Search Name on Facebook:

To find someone on Facebook, the surest shot method is to search the person by his/her name. If you know the person’s name then, you have already won the half battle. Type the name of the person and from the result with the help of a profile picture and the name of the city, find your targeted profile and open it.

However, if you do not know the name of the person, first you have to find his/her name and do the same procedure. Now to find someone’s real name through the phone number you can use “TrueCaller”.


Basically, TrueCaller is an application that has the feature of Caller Identification. At present, TrueCaller has billions of users, which means, every third person has installed the application on their device. The main motive of TrueCaller is to identify the identity (name) of an unknown number. Also, you have a feature to enter a phone number to find someone’s identity and name.


Hence, use TrueCaller to find someone’s name and then, go to Facebook and search for the person with his name. 


This method will work in all circumstances as you have all the necessary information needed to find someone through his phone number or name.

4. Upload Contacts on Facebook App:

Saving the phone number and then syncing it with the Facebook app is also a successful method to find someone. Facebook offers the flexibility to its users to upload (add) their phone contacts to the Facebook app, to find their near-dear ones more easily. 

Let’s learn to upload phone contacts on the Facebook app on iPhone:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open the Facebook app and log in.

Step 2: After logging in, click on the “Profile Picture” icon on the top right and go to the “Settings & Privacy” tab.

Step 3: Click on “Settings”.

Click on “Settings”

Step 4: On the “settings” page, select > “Personal Information”.

Select Personal Information

Step 5: Now under the “Personal Information” tab, select > “Upload Contact”.

Upload Contact
Turn ON upload contacts

Step 6: Turn ON upload contacts and tap on > “Get Started”. 

Tap on Get Started

Wait a while till it imports the contact and then refreshes the upload contact’s page.

Step 7: Scroll the list and find that person’s username on the contact list.

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