Why Is Instagram Music Not Available For Some Accounts

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If Instagram music is not available then that could be due to Instagram just disabling the feature for your account or the bug appeared for some accounts that Instagram is not aware of from their millions of users.

That’s why, while you’re trying to add music or tapping onto the music it says ‘Instagram music is not available for some accounts’ or ‘Instagram music isn’t available in your region’ error.

Even from the stickers, you won’t see the music sticker on Instagram features.

If you are getting errors like not being available in your region then you are not from those selected countries where Instagram allows the music feature.

To fix if the Instagram music is not available for your account, first try to switch your account from Business to personal or vice versa, that will make the feature available within up to 48 hours.

However, you can take a screenshot of the error and send it to Instagram directly from the help section. This will solve the issue more rapidly than other methods.

To fix the error music is not available in your region, first, turn on any VPN and then reinstall Instagram and check the music feature, it will show up.

The target country on the VPN should be the USA as the music feature is available there.

Instagram Music is not available fixed

There are some steps you can follow to add music to reels on business accounts.

Why Is Instagram Music Not Available For Some Accounts:

Recently, Instagram launched a very special feature which is to make music available for pictures and videos which you are going to share. But, sometimes the feature does not work on some accounts.

The main cause is due to Instagram offering this feature to some specific countries but besides there could be many other reasons.

1. That may be due to Instagram Bug

The music feature is not working properly for a few weeks, and many users of Instagram are reporting this issue when users are trying to add music to stories.

  • This could happen due to copyright issues, poor internet connection, or some error on the app.
  • People who use business accounts are unable to use this music feature properly.
  • An outdated version of the app also affects this feature.
  • When the user’s account is blocked by Instagram then also music is not available to put on your stories.

⦿ Quick TIP: You can change your Profile from Personal to business or business to personal whichever you’re having right now and this issue will get resolved within a day or two.

2. The feature isn’t available in your Region

Adding music to your stories is one of the easy ways to make your videos more interesting and emotional. But, some accounts don’t have this feature.

Why?… This is because some countries don’t have this feature due to copyright issues.

instagram music not available in your region

Only some countries can enjoy this feature, the feature is yet to be launched in your country, that’s why it is not available in your country.

Instagram music grabs permission from record labels and due to this, the feature is made available only in a few countries. 

3. Limit of music you can include in live video

Is your account a business account? If yes, then due to some copyright issues and policies of Instagram, music is not available for branded content and ads.

Also due to licensing agreement a limit has been set up to adding music to your live videos.

As many users use the music of others without permission, then the limit of music is adjusted by Instagram for your account.

4. Instagram Account (Music) Status Checker

Instagram Music Is Not Available For Some Accounts:

If your account is not showing music features, various solutions are there to combat this problem.

Let’s have a look at how to fix the music feature disappearance issue on your Instagram account.

There are several solutions broken down into two types, basic methods and others are advanced methods.

1. Switch to Other Account Type

If you’re using a business account then switching to a personal account can make the Instagram music feature available.

Let’s know how to switch back:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: First, head toward Instagram settings.

towards Instagram settings

Step 2: Click on the account tab.

Click on the account tab

Step 3: Select the icon “Switch to a personal account“.

Select the icon
Switch to a personal account

If the issue is due to a bug in your account type then this might solve the issue, although the solution may not be instant as this could take time.

2. Update the Instagram app to Resolve bugs

If the feature does not work for your account then you need to update the app. From the play store app, install the new version of the app and update it.

Many times, updating is not possible with mobile data because you need Wi-fi. This act could make your Instagram music starts on stickers.

3. Reinstall App to Fix the Error

You can fix the error by reinstalling the app also. The steps for reinstalling the app are simple.

  • Head towards the Google play store for the reinstallation.
  • Then install the app in the usual way.

This method will help in clearing errors on the app and allows you to add music to your stories.

4. Use VPN

By the use of a VPN, you can make features of Instagram music available on your account if that was blocked in your region.

If you use the VPN system on an Android or iPhone device, it will allow you to hide your original IP address and you can use another country’s IP address where the Instagram music feature is available.

Search for the best VPN system and grab one that is free to use.

5. Contact Instagram support

This is an excellent solution that has the highest success rate and people are using it to get the music feature back within a few hours.

All you’ve to do is just take a screenshot of that error or disappearing music feature on stickers and send it to support by explaining the issue.

In order to contact Instagram to let them know about the issue,

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: First, head toward your Instagram profile option.

Step 2: Then click the Settings tab and go to the help desk.

 and go to the help desk

Step 3: Select the ‘Report a problem‘ option.

Select the 'Report a problem' option

Step 4: Now, add the screenshot and explain the issue and tap the ‘Submit‘ button on top.

explain the issue and tap the 'Submit' button

That’s all to solve the issue from the Instagram end which happens very soon.

Instagram music is not available on Reels – How to Fix:

If you’re on your ‘Reels’ and couldn’t use the music then there is a trick that can bypass the issue and help you use the music audio on your Instagram reels.

In order to fix the Instagram story that is not available on reels,

Step 1: First, open someone’s Instagram and tap on the videos tab for the music videos.

Step 2: Now once you tap on any video it will show an error, just tap on the ‘Use Audio’ option from the bottom.

Step 3: That you can use the audio for your reels, now just tap on the ‘Reels’ icon in order to use that audio music.

Instagram Music feature reels

Now you can see a few pieces of music on your Instagram to play on reels with the play icon on right.

This is the quickest solution to your Instagram music feature if that is not available for your account.

How to Add music to Instagram stories using Stickers:

Instagram provides the feature of introducing music stickers to your stories just as you add gifs, locations, etc.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Let’s check out:

Step 1: Firstly, get the latest version of the app and log in to the app.

Step 2: Once you sign up, select your profile picture from the right corner.

Step 3: Then add a video to it and choose music stickers by swiping.

Step 4: Search for Instagram music stickers and select them.

Step 5: Choose your favorite song and select it.

Step 6: Once you are done with this, tap on the option and enjoy your favorite music in the story or reels.

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