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How To Freeze Last Seen On WhatsApp

✎ Key Takes:

» You can easily be seen online on WhatsApp through the last seen tracker, visible to your contacts when you’re active on the app.
» Using the option to hide your last seen status, but be aware that it also conceals your friends’ last seen times, potentially causing misunderstandings.
» However, If you want to freeze your last seen on WhatsApp without affecting your friends’ visibility, consider using the app’s settings to turn off your own last seen while still allowing others to see when you are online.

Note: Installing MODs of WhatsApp may increase risks of privacy and your account gets suspended. So, do it at your own convenience.

What Does Last Seen Freeze On WhatsApp Mean:

“Freeze last seen on WhatsApp” means to stop updating the “last seen” timestamp on the WhatsApp messaging app. The “last seen” timestamp shows when a user was last active on WhatsApp.

By freezing the last seen on WhatsApp, you prevent your contacts from knowing your current online status or when you were last active on the app.

How To Freeze Last Seen On WhatsApp:

Try the following methods below:

1. Using WhatsApp Plus App

WhatsApp Plus is a popular app that adds a lot more features in comparison to WhatsApp. Besides freezing the last seen time, WhatsApp Plus has useful features like Recording, Blue Ticks, Second Tick, etc.

To just freeze or hide the last seen on WhatsApp, follow the steps:

Step 1: Open your internet connection and install WhatsApp Plus app.

Step 2:  Give some time for the application to install. The main purpose of this application is to install and create a replacement for your existing WhatsApp application.

Step 3: Once the application is successfully installed, open the application and click on the menu.

Step 4: Now tap on the menu. A new bar would open stating various categories. Following the above steps successfully will generate an image something like this.


Step 5: Once you see this long list of options, be sure to click on the privacy tab.

Step 6: After you click on the privacy tab, an option will appear which will ask you to hide your WhatsApp status. This option will be known as the hiding online status option.

Step 7: As soon as you hit on the ‘Hide Online Status’ option. The application will automatically record this time and show this as your last seen to your contacts.


Note: For example consider you have tapped on the hide online status option at about 8 pm in the evening. Now the application will record this time and show this to your contacts, which means everybody will see that you have been online last at 8 pm even though you have checked messages the next morning.

2. Using WAMR App

You can download statuses and recover deleted messages, images, etc.

🔗 Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sonydroids.hiddenchat.unseenchat.directchat.unread.statussaver.nolastseen

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open your Google Play Store and download the app they will ask for your notification and storage access permission, give it to them and proceed.


Step 2: After that, choose WhatsApp; then, you can see your saved chats, media files, and statuses; from the chats section, you can hide your Last seen status.

choose WhatsApp
from the chats section

3. Using Hide Last Seen App

This app will help users to hide their Last seen and online status so no Blue ticks; Last seen statuses will be shown.

🔗 Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.codeplaylabs.hide

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Download the Last seen hiding app from the Play Store using this link and give them first notification permission and then storage access.

Hide - Blue Ticks or Last Seen

Step 2: After giving the permissions, open the app, and you can see a lot of sections for the social media platforms, open the WhatsApp section, and when you have any message, you can see it.

giving the permissions
 you can see a lot of

Step 3: Open their chats, and you can turn off managing their messages and your Last seen status.

4. For One Person

If you want to freeze the last seen on WhatsApp just for a single person this needs a trick and you can see his online status while the person only will not be able to see your last seen time details.

Just follow these steps to hide the last seen on WhatsApp,

Step 1: First of all, go to WhatsApp Settings >> Privacy.

WhatsApp Setting

Step 2: Now go to Last seen section and select ‘My contacts‘ for the last seen visibility.

Last seen

Step 3: Just delete the person from your contact list and the last-seen details will no longer appear for the person. Upon deleting that number from your phone contact list, your last seen details will not appear to that particular person.

That’s all you have to do.

How to show old Last seen on WhatsApp:

You have these things to go with:

1. Using GBWhatsApp or Other WhatsApp MOD

Using GB WhatsApp for other WhatsApp MOD, you can check any person’s old Last seen status. MOD WhatsApp comes with many extra and unique features that regular WhatsApp does not have so that you can check the correct Last seen status.

2. Not coming Online on WhatsApp

If the person is not coming online on WhatsApp for a long time, you can see his Last seen on WhatsApp; it will not update until the person comes online again.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can you Freeze the Last Seen on WhatsApp for One Contact?

No WhatsApp doesn’t allow users to freeze their last seen from specific contacts but you can hide it from your contacts by switching it to Nobody.

If you don’t want people who you’re not in your phone book to know your Last Seen time, you can simply switch to My Contacts. However, if you want to hide your Last Seen time from everyone, you should directly switch it to Nobody.

If you want to freeze your Last Seen so that it doesn’t get updated when you come online, you’ll need to open WhatsApp for reading the message after turning your wifi network or data connection off. Furthermore, you can’t connect your mobile to a data connection or wifi while you’re on WhatsApp.

Your Last Seen time won’t be updated when you don’t have a data or wifi connection turned on and it will stay the same.

2. Why Does Someone’s WhatsApp ‘Last Seen’ Not Update?

If someone’s Last Seen isn’t getting updated it’s possible that the person hasn’t appeared online since the last time.
However, it’s also possible that he or she has used the app after turning off the data connection or wifi which is why the WhatsApp server couldn’t update the last seen.

When you find that someone’s Last Seen isn’t getting updated for a long time, there’s also the possibility that the person is not using that particular WhatsApp account anymore or has uninstalled the application from his or her device. You can check it by sending a message to the user. If it shows double gray tick marks, then you can be sure that the message has reached the person, but if it shows just one gray mark and doesn’t get delivered, then it might be because the account isn’t used anymore.

If you can’t see someone’s Last Seen anymore, it is mainly because he or she has turned it off.

3. Why does Sender’s Last Seen Show Yesterday but Messaged You Today?

When you find someone’s Last Seen time is showing to be from yesterday but he or she has replied to your messages today, it’s because the user hasn’t actually opened the WhatsApp application to reply to your messages.

Users who allow receiving notifications for WhatsApp messages and calls can see the incoming WhatsApp messages from the notifications bar.

The message when received in the Notification Panel comes with two options Reply and Mark as read. By clicking Reply, the user can reply to the messages from the top notifications panel without opening WhatsApp.

Therefore, if the user has replied to you from the notification panel and hasn’t opened WhatsApp to reply, the Last Seen time doesn’t get updated.

Furthermore, if the user has opened WhatsApp and typed the messages after turning off the internet or wifi and then has closed the WhatsApp application and turned on the data connection to send the messages to the receiver, the Last Seen time doesn’t get updated and shows to be Yesterday.

As WhatsApp allows sending and receiving messages in the background, users can freeze their Last Seen time by turning off the data connection before opening WhatsApp and can again turn it on after closing WhatsApp. In the meantime, while he’s on the app, he can type the message he wants to send. The messages would automatically get sent after the user turns on the data connection.

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