Why is the Google Review not Showing Publicly? – [Fix]

I just posted a few reviews for those services I’ve received but after a few weeks, those got disappeared from the Google. Yes, I just posted on those Google My Business page, the service review was genuine still I was wondering why Google does this.

I found some facts that might be helpful if your Google reviews are not showing to fix those and post your reviews in such a way that Google doesn’t detect as spam.

So, further to explain if your Google reviews are not showing up either you’re that person who posted it or a business that lost some reviews, here is the must-read for you:

💡 For the Person: If your posted Google reviews are not showing up on Google My Business then might be this is due to verification is under process or it has been detected as spam.
💡 For Business Owners: If your Google My Business has lost some of the Google reviews from the list this is due to the exact reason for deleting the reviews for fake, spam or misleading information.

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The reason is not declared or notified by Google and this is how the algorithm works to prevent fake reviews on Google.

Let’s understand how it works and the actions that you can take if your reviews are invisible on Google My Business.

Can I see if a Customer wrote a review today on Google?

If you are having a Google My Business account and not getting any updates on reviews on daily basis then you should know that Google takes 7 working days to show up the reviews on Google My Business. In the same way, if you have just got a few reviews appeared on your business today, these are actually posted a few days ago.

Why Google Reviews are not Working?

If your Google Reviews are not working means not showing up whenever you post it there are chances you are making a few mistakes that need to be fixed. Either you have multiple listings or else, I will discuss those facts in details, first how this detects your reviews and decide to show up or not.

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⦿ Listing Cause for GMB:

Make sure you are adding your reviews to a valid GMB page that has an active base and explain the service you have received and if the review does not match the listing information or the business is no longer in service or move to a new business, you probably would not be able to see the reviews.

To make it sure you can run an experiment on some businesses by posting some reviews and soon will find out that the reviews are rejected for those which businesses does not have any previous reviews yet. This may be as Google decided to not show up reviews before 5 completed.

These case gets fixated if the GMB owner makes any changes or update the businesses your pending reviews might get show up in future. Note this may be a temporary issue that soon gets to fixed automatically.

The listing will show up on Google Map as well along with Google search results.

⦿ Google reviews are not counting:

If you see the reviews posted vs the counting is mismatched then be sure that some of the reviews are removed or on hold. This happens due to some internal reason including spam & abuse. To note that if you have posted any links on the reviews these are detected as spam and most probably irrelevant reviews are wiped out of Google My Business page.

Many people reported that it’s noted whenever they posted any reviews that took a link inside it, has never gone public. The reviews may be visible to you only but if you check it from the incognito window there you might notice the missing one.

Before posting any Google Business reviews make sure it is relevant and not consuming any links in it. In addition, if you have just added a review and it’s showing 6 to you but publicly this is just 5 just wait a few days to get it updated upon verification by Google My Business spam detection team.

⦿ Google public Review: IF DELETED

All of the reviews posted on Google My Business are generally public and recently there is no option that one can hide it. Either you have to delete the review or just keep it public. If your posted reviews are not visible then this might be due to either it is pending approval or if you have a business page where a few reviews got deleted this may be due to the user has deleted that manually.

I had my Google My Business where I notice a few reviews just got disappeared. There may be two reasons either the review has been deleted by the user or just Google removed those automatically, even the deletion of user’s Gmail account can result in all Google My Business reviews removal.

⦿ Hold for COVID-19 pandemic: 😷

If you have noticed previously Google Turned off review posting on 20th March 2020 but the same has resumed on April 9th, Google just turned on the feature. Now, you can post the reviews on Google My Business. By that time all services including Google My Business had put on hold for unavailability of staff due to COVID-19 😷.

Many people including me who have Google My Business account or users have noticed that the review option was not present there. No issue, now the system is restored back and you can post any reviews and the same will be getting updated to the page after a few days.

The issue was temporary and this is not any bug that people were thinking about or Google never going to close the option as this differs business quality from those reviews and genuine services. Let’s check this again and post the reviews that you have experienced on the GMB page.

⦿ My Google reviews are disappearing:

A bulk of reviews can be disappeared if those are detected as spam. If you brought any reviews from Google may be Google just detected those account and took action on those.

In personal cases, if you’re that person whose posted reviews are gone disappeared this is due to the spam detection or if you just updated your reviews adding bad words or links then this is the reason for the action taken by Google.

Now, if you want to get the review restored then just update the default back to normal if you have made any changes before and you’ll see the reviews restored within 5 working days. Also, if you’ve just updated the review with additional details most probably that is pending for approval and soon that will be shown up to the public.

How to Fix if Google Reviews are not Showing up?

You are just going to fix the issues that are interrupting the Google reviews to show up on the listing. There are some tips for you to follow if you want to fix the Google reviews not showing up problems when you post a review on a business page on Google. Let’s start the guide tips:

⦿ Avoid Offensive words or Grammatical Mistakes:

Bad words or the grammatical mistakes in review comments can really even change the meaning of a comment. In case you have a tendency of grammatical issues on writing make sure to recheck the review before posting and make sure no such offensive words in that post that Google detects and rejects from showing up.

From the reports, it’s proved that adding bad words on reviews can result in deletion of that review permanently and the same has been confirmed on Google terms & conditions page with more additional info. Not just that limited to, so be specific before posting stuff that is abusive or wrongly spelt.

In addition to that, I would suggest using the Grammarly for your work or any other tools that detect your grammar and writing mistakes for free to avoid mistakes in writing. This is going to help in all fields of writing as an additional benefit.

⦿ Wait to 7 Business days to appear:

Google would not show up your reviews instantly even if you post it on working days & working hours. This might take time to appear on Google My Business page up to 3-7 working days. But recently, this can take more than a week and this delay is temporary.

I have noticed when I reviewed a business page of May 1st week the same has appeared in mid of May and this is how long it takes time. But, some people over a forum just mentioned it can take up to even a month to show up on listing is rare cases.

So, let’s wait for up to 7 business working days to show up your reviews on that page. If you see this is taking more than a few weeks check if your review is terminated for violating any Google policy on Google My Business.

⦿ Don’t Put URL in Review:

If you put any URL on your Review, you are more likely going to get hit by Google Team by pretending your review is spam. As per Google’s policy adding links on reviews are determined as spam. That means avoid posting links on your review to get it approved in 7 days and show up publicly.

I tried adding links that might be helpful for others to define the business or services but those reviews just ended up staying invisible to the public. This is why it is recommended that you can add additional info but not links should be included in that review.

Whenever you want to post a review to any GMB page just keep it generic, simple and descriptive for other users to understand.

⦿ You should not be an employee:

This thing people should be aware of, someone who is an employee of that particular business or just someone from the team trying to identify the business to users as interest, this is not allowed on Google My Business. You are not eligible to post your own review comments and this is needed to stay any business page unbiased.

Ever done that? Well, let’s remove it. You can post to other businesses where you are the actual customer but it is advisable to avoid reviewing your own business or if you’re an employee there.

⦿ Update Google My Business page: [For Owner]

Google My Business needs proper management to stay listed on Google search. If you are the owner of the business and lost access, you can claim the business and make any improvements or changes needed on the pages.

Also, if you see ‘Permanently closed’ tag by mistake, your can claim and fix this by changing the status to ‘Open’.

The page owner might not get any reviews if the business is detected inactive for a long time and that can be easily fixed by claiming the business that I had done for my case and the same listing was restored and opened for taking further reviews.

The Bottom Lines:

This article shows if your Google Reviews are not showing up or just disappeared from Google My Business, this may be due to Google detected spam and removed those or the user has deleted his account that caused the removals. Whatever the reasons are, to protect your reviews from not getting penalized is to check the guidelines in the above and follow those accordingly while posing any reviews on Google My Business. Also, Google My Business owners are advised to update the page regularly to stay with the listing.

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