How Does Instagram Rank Story Viewers – Why Same Person

There are many theories that are out in order to explain the stories on Instagram. Well, there are some myths and facts that can clear your doubt on this fact of knowing how Instagram ranks the story viewers.

Got a reference where Julian Gutman, product lead for Instagram, says that ”The people that show up on that list are not the people that stalk you the most. It’s actually based on your activity and people that you’re closest to.

This quote really changes the meaning of what it is in the Instagram algorithm rather than guessing from a wrong concept.

☛ There are a few facts that you must know, an algorithm that is called Instagram story viewer order.

The people you talk or interact the most with will show up on your top of the Instagram story viewers list. It was noticed that every time you refresh the list you get to see a random new name on the top and this is because Instagram wants to show up new experiences every time to keep the engagement ongoing, this is an algorithm.

☛ If you see a list of people on the followers’ list, then you can confirm with a few steps if they are stalking you.

The time of interaction that is taken on the algorithm depends on the priority or more frequent to the chat order. Although it is seen that Instagram takes more than 1 year of interaction activity with people for determining the algorithm in order to show the list in priority.

Instagram Ranking Facts: Chronological or Algorithmic?

Instagram started gaining a user base far more rapidly than others just after they launched a story section for their users.

The ranking of viewers became algorithmic:

Instagram took the system from chronological order to algorithmic by 2016 and it depends on many factors now.

You see a series of your friend stories on the top of your Instagram page but how do they get ranked! Well, how much you interact with the person or the number of times you search for a particular profile, the number of times you watch their stories, these things are considered while ranking the stories.

Depends on reactions to a person:

The person you react more to their post or stories is more likely to appear on your story viewers’ list on the top.

Based on your interest and reactions to a particular person makes Instagram ranks the stories in your profile. Earlier it was based on chronology but now they rank stories section or viewers based on complex algorithms.

How Does Instagram Rank Story Viewers?

How often you find your best friend on the top of your story viewers list?

instagram story viewers order

Well, the answer is, most of the time. But if your best friend is the first person to watch your story, well here is a list of factors that are taken into count:

1. Interest: Based on the number of times your friend visits your profile, comment or likes your photos, watches your feed, all-action combine to rank you on their story viewers list.

2. Integration: How frequently you have interacted with your friend on Instagram, makes it highly possible to rank them higher on story viewers on your list.

3. Search appearance: The total number of times your profile has appeared in their search option or they have intentionally searched for your profile, lets you be on the topmost position of viewers list.

4. Time spent: The amount of time any of your Instagram followers spend on your profile even without liking or completing on any of the feeds helps rank higher. Well, it not always the stalkers but sometimes.

Why is always the same person on top viewers on my Instagram story?

When it’s about the ranking of viewers on your story list, one person is always at the top only because of his or her interactions with you. For the first fifty viewers, the list goes on chronologically but as the viewers increase some factors push a particular user to be on the top of the list. Here are some to alter the list:

  • Interaction with a user either on Facebook or on Instagram, if both of your accounts are linked together.
  • Several times they search for your account.
  • Comments or likes.
  • Duration of viewing your story.
  • Time spend on your profile either feeds or stories with or without making any comment.

Instagram Story Viewers Order not External

The order of the viewer’s list is based on the calculations and complex algorithms of Instagram. It’s all a machine-learned operating process, if you continue to behave in a particular order, the machine learns and tries to rank your viewers according to your activities.

It depends on you behave with others on Instagram:

The more you get in touch with are more likely to be seen on the top. This algorithm counts the interactions based on more than 12 months of activity. So, it does not mean that if you stop talking to someone he will not be on top.

The ones you regularly interact with rank higher. But if the viewers are few they may rank based on their names chronology. You can easily notice that some of your class friends always rank higher than those with whom you hardly interact with.

Why do the Instagram story viewers change order?

The order might change base don the following reasons:

  • Initially, the order of viewers was chronologically arranged but now algorithmic.
  • If the number of viewers increases the algorithm changes the order of viewers depending upon the instructions and likeness between the two profiles.
  • If you try to change your interaction over some time then the friend who was always on the top might slip some steps and the one you are recently interacting with will move on top. Although, changes take time counting over a few months of activities.

Also, based on your other activities on Instagram, the order of viewers might change.

Instagram Story Viewers: Order of people Viewed Your Stories

Well, there are a lot of myths that prove that the order of IG viewers might differ based on many factors:

These are not the Stalkers:

If you think these are the stalkers then Instagram guided that it is not. Some people think that if a person stalks someone’s profile they might be on the top of the viewer’s list but it was finally proved as a myth.

Instagram changes the viewers list name Randomly:

Even from the people, you interact with the most, Instagram plays with them with a new algorithm that actually randomly changes the top viewers list and this confirmed that it is just because Instagram wants you to experience something new every time.

If you think you check the list a lot of times and the person on too will remain there then you are mistaken. If you check the list randomly then the Instagram algorithm tries to show you a new set of people to let you know more about them.

The Bottom Lines:

Your story-viewers order is always the same if you keep on interacting with the frequency. But as you change your daily instructions it can take a few months to affect the top viewers of your story.

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