How Long Does Airbnb ID Verification Take

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Your Airbnb ID verification takes  24 hours mostly. However most of the time, the verification gets approved within a few hours far sooner.

In case of delay, it will take longer to approve your ID. However, if you’ve uploaded an inappropriate identity, your identity will not be verified or approved by Airbnb which will need you to contact the customer service helpline of Airbnb.

Go to Profile and then click on Profile information. Next, you need to click on Add next to Government ID.

Then you need to click on Next and select the ID type, click on Add an ID.

Click on the capture button and then add the front picture. Next, you need to add the back of the identity proof by capturing it.

Then to verify your face, take a selfie on the Airbnb app and then submit it for verification.

If your verification isn’t approved, try cleaning the cache data of the app.

There is also the possibility that the ID proof you’ve uploaded is wrong. Use a passport or driver’s license as identity proof.

Airbnb hosts can ask for your email and phone number for verification reasons.

How long does Airbnb ID verification take:

Your Airbnb ID verification can take not much longer than 24 hours. However, you’ll find that when you’ll place it for approval, it will get approval far sooner than 24 hours in most cases. In cases of delay, little longer than 24 hours for the ID to get approved.

If you see after waiting much longer than 24 hours your Airbnb ID is not getting approved, you need to understand that there is something wrong with the ID that you’ve provided which is why they have not accepted or verified it. Check the verification status from your Airbnb profile tab and then you can contact that customer helpline service.

What is the Airbnb host verification process:

Here is the process:

Step 1: Download, Open and Login

You need to download the Airbnb app from Google Play Store or App Store on your device by searching for it.

Download and then open

Once it is installed, click on the Open button and you’ll be able to open the app. After you’ve entered the app, log in to your Airbnb profile by entering the login credentials correctly.

Step 2: Click on Profile >  Personal information

After logging into your Airbnb profile, you’ll need to click on the PROFILE option from the bottom right corner of the screen.

Personal information

Then you’ll be taken to the Account Settings page. On the Account Settings page, you’ll need to on Personal information. It will show you a list of options on your page.

Step 3: Click on Add next to Government ID

Once you click on Personal information, you’ll be taken to the Edit personal info page. You’ll be able to edit your profile details on this page.

Click on Add next

You need to scroll down the page and you’ll find the Government ID header. You’ll see an Add button next to it. Click on it then click on Next when it says Let’s add your ID.

Click on it then click on Next

Step 4: Select the type and Add an ID

You’ll see a header that says Select an ID type to add. Under it, you’ll find different ID options from which you’ll need to choose which one you want to upload for your verification.

Select an ID type to add.

You’ll be given the option of a Driver’s license, passport, and Identity card. Then you need to click on the green Add an ID button.

Step 5: Click on the capture

You’ll be taken to the next page that says Take your first photo- front of your ID. You need to click on the capture button that looks like a camera sign to take the picture.

Take your first photo- front of your

Then click on the Yes, looks good button to finalize it as the front of your ID proof.

click on the Yes, looks good

Click on the capture button to take the second picture, the back of the ID.

You need to turn the ID card or the ID proof backward for the next picture as it will ask you to click the picture on the back of your ID proof.

 click on the Capture button

You’ll need to click on the Capture button that looks like a camera sign to take the picture and then finalize it.

Step 6: Face verification and submit 

After you’ve submitted your ID proof, you’ll be asked to take a selfie of your face using the camera of the Airbnb app. The owner of the account will need to take the selfie and upload it.

If the face of the ID doesn’t match the selfie, your account will be blocked. Once you upload the selfie submit it and wait for your ID to get verified.

Airbnb ID verification not working – Why:

There are might be the reasons:

1. Can’t verify your ID

If your Airbnb ID verification is not getting approved, it means that they are not able to verify your identity with the details that you’ve provided. However, it’s also possible it’s a system glitch that is resulting from accumulated cached data.

Once you clear the cache data from the previous session, your account may get verified. You need to clear the Airbnb app’s cache data and then see if the verification process gets completed or not.

2. Provided IDs that are Inappropriate

For ID verification by Airbnb, it only accepts three kinds of identity proof. Those three are Driver’s license, passport, or identity card. If you’ve uploaded a non-governmental ID as identity proof to verify your account, it won’t be accepted as appropriate proof and they’ll not approve it. Your verification status will either stay pending or will decline.

🔯 How To Fix:

1. Use a Driving License

You need to keep in mind you can easily fix the Airbnb verification issue by uploading a proper ID.

You need to upload your driver’s license and make sure that it’s not the expired one. The one that you’re uploading should be your updated driver’s license make sure that you take the pictures of the driver’s license properly so that it’s visible clearly during the verification.

2. Use Passport as ID

If you don’t have a driver’s license or an updated driver’s license, you can also upload your passport. But when you’re uploading the passport, make sure you check the details on it to be sure that you’re uploading the correct one.

Don’t blur the picture while clicking it or it will get difficult for the verification to be properly carried out.

3. Airbnb host asking for email and phone number

Airbnb hosts can ask for an email address and phone number to confirm the reservation or a booking that you’ve made. According to that law in some countries, you’ll need to provide your valid ID information as well as phone number and email address to the hosts before staying so that your identity is confirmed to them.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: You need to download and install the Airbnb app.

Step 2: Log in to your Airbnb profile.

Step 3: Click on Profile.

Click on Profile

Step 4: Then click on Personal information.

 click on Personal Information

Step 5: You’ll be taken to the next page where you’ll find your account information.

Step 6: You need to click on EDIT next to the Phone number.

click on EDIT next to the Phone number

Step 7: Add your phone number by changing the old one. Click on Verify and verify it by entering the OTP.

Add your phone number
Click on Verify and

Step 8: Then click on Edit next to the Email address and change the email ID.

click on Edit next to the Email address

Step 9: Next click on Save.

Next click on Save

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Does Airbnb require ID for all guests?

Yes, all guests are required to verify their identity before they make a reservation or to have a booking. This ensures the safety of the other customers as well as the company. This is a security process that every guest goes through before their reservation is confirmed. This policy helps them to prevent or fight fraud.

2. How does Airbnb verify properties?

Airbnb verifies properties by asking for legal information such as the date of birth, registered name, and any government ID for verification.

Once this information is provided, they’ll try to match it with your given customer’s details to complete the KYC or Know Your Customer process. If information is found incorrect, they’ll cancel the account or hold it pending.

3. Is it safe to give Airbnb my ID?

Yes, it is safe to provide the ID for verification to Airbnb and according to the company’s policies, it doesn’t share the customer’s details with any host or anyone who asks for it. Therefore, you can be sure that your ID will not be used for any kind of illegal purpose. Moreover, it’s kind of mandatory for you to verify your ID to confirm a reservation.

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