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How To Increase Hotspot Distance

By Pranab Sen

✎ Key Takes:

» You can increase hotspot distance by using a range extender or converting a device into a hotspot, but limitations exist in terms of speed and range with custom-created hotspot networks.
» You can use dedicated hotspot devices rather than devices, for improved speed and coverage for an enhanced hotspot experience.

How To Increase Hotspot Distance:

Try the following methods to increase Hotspot range distance:

1. Using a Signal Booster

You can try this method by using a signal booster.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Try the following steps below:

Step 1: First, search for signal boosters on Google. There are different types available depending on your specific needs.

Step 2: After that, follow the next things on the signal booster to install and set it up correctly. It usually involves connecting the booster to your existing hotspot device.

Step 3: Next, place the signal booster in a location where it can capture the hotspot signal effectively and amplify it for better coverage.

Step 4: Finally, enjoy an increased hotspot distance with the assistance of the signal booster.

2. Optimizing Hotspot Settings

You should use this method to optimize your hotspot settings.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Just try the steps below:

Step 1: First of all, access the settings of your hotspot device. Usually, you can do this by connecting to the hotspot’s Wi-Fi network and entering the device’s IP address in a web browser.

Step 2: Then, navigate to the advanced settings section and look for options related to signal strength or transmit power. Increase these values to boost the signal range.

Step 3: Next, consider changing the Wi-Fi channel used by your hotspot. Interference from other nearby networks can affect the distance.

Step 4: Now, save the settings and test the hotspot’s performance. Adjust the settings further if needed to achieve the desired increase in hotspot distance.

3. Extend Mobile Hotspot Range

If you are trying to increase the range of your existing hotspot network through the hotspot extender apps then you should end up creating a temporary hotspot network until the device is turned on. As soon as the device gets turned off your hotspot network will vanish and this is a great flaw in creating a virtual network through a virtual hotspot extender.


If you want to boost the coverage of your hotspot network you should go with a WiFi extender device that you will get online easily. Setting up such a device is easy and would significantly increase the range of your WiFi network.

Now, check the basic guide to control and set up a hotspot network booster device:

1. Just install the external booster near the original hotspot.

2. Then connect to the WiFi network from the external and create an additional hotspot that will have much higher coverage compared to the hotspot device.

3. Now find the virtually created WiFi network from your device and connect to it.

These are simple steps you have to take to boost your hotspot network with an external range extender.

Now if you want to boost the hotspot coverage throughout your office or home then a hotspot range extender device is best if you need the solution for a permanent option. Still, for your purposes, you can use the mobile or PC to create a hotspot for a temporary fix.

4. Use Router as Hotspot Range Extender

If you have a router, you can turn this router into a hotspot range extender. The worry about buying a hotspot booster device is gone.

Your router is having an option inside it as a WiFi repeater that extends the existing hotspot network to a larger extent.

Now the process to turn your router into a hotspot is very simple, just follow these steps:

  1. To boost the range of a WiFi network by using the existing network, you have to set up the configuration by logging into the router terminal.
  2. Now open the router Wireless settings from the above options and click on ‘Wireless Repeater’.
  3. Then scan for available networks; enter a password for the network (if any) and connect.
  4. Once the setup is completed, the router will take a reboot and you can now connect to the new network that was created on the extender-router.

That’s all you have to do to increase the hotspot range with the range of a router. One thing to add is, that shifting the router position in the middle between the hotspot and the device, works great.

But, make sure that your router is not placed more than 10-20 feet of distance from the hotspot to get the best speed.

How To Increase Mobile Hotspot Speed:

If you are trying to increase the range for the sake of your internet speed, you must do these DIYs before taking any action.

This method includes two simple hacks that you can do, let’s dive into:

1. Switch to 5G

If you’re on your slow network and facing issues with your speed for the low coverage the quick fix is here. We suggest you switch over to the better of your network. As you are already adjusting the router, it would not take any extra time to come over such situations. This is the quick and easiest fix for the range and speed issue of your hotspot network.

2. Replacing the position of Hotspot

On hotspots, it varies from place to place, which means if the hotspot is in the nearest position you will get the highest coverage. But, this fluctuates the internet speed as well.

You’ll notice inherently whenever you shift the hotspot the speed fluctuates, the longer the range better the speed can be distributed. So, it is advised to replace the hotspot network with a place from where you get the highest internet speed.

🏷 WiFi Booster Device vs WiFi Extender Apps:

Wi-Fi boosting devices are those devices that enable another hotspot network and extend the existing hotspot network throughout the space.

Now let’s look for Wi-Fi booster apps which are some third-party apps that convert a device into a hotspot network and share that network with other devices. This works when there are many devices connected to the hotspot network and very closely.

But if there are very few devices to connect with the hotspot network then you have to take the help of an extender device or Wi-Fi extender device that will create and extend the hotspot network wirelessly. These are portable hotspot network that needs an active hotspot connection to increase the range of that network.

The answer comes from the advantages and flaws of these devices. If the hotspot device is placed in a far place from the device you are using then you have to take the help of a Wi-Fi extender device rather than using any apps.

Now let’s take the advantages and cons of these two ways into some points:

i) WiFi boosting apps can handle any incoming network by creating a hotspot from the connected existing devices, but the range extender device would create a hotspot network from the source of the network and the range of the devices is higher compared to the mobile or PC hotspots.

ii) A WiFi booster device would not affect your battery backup while if you’re creating a hotspot network for sharing your internet connection with someone else then this is going to hurt your battery backup on a huge.

iii) Your hotspot network could be extended if the device and the network are placed close but if you need a solution for the range from your hotspot to your single device then a range extender device is the only way.

This comparison shows that the hotspot extender is the best fit for your daily solution but if you need a temporary solution, just go and create a hotspot from your device.

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