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22 Best Ways to Increase Snapchat Streak

By Pranab Sen

✎ Key Takes:

» You can increase your Snapchat streak really fast by consistently sending snaps and receiving replies, as the streak is based on consecutive days of interaction between you and your friend.
» You should try making engaging and creative snaps to maintain interest and excitement in your streak. Use filters, stickers, and captions to make your snaps more entertaining.

Increase Snapchat Streak

The practice of having a higher streak also helps in increasing the Snapchat score as well.

Ways to Increase Snapchat Streak:

Let’s follow some direct ways to keep your streak and let it go up:

1. Snap Daily to Friends & Get Back

If you need to increase your Snapchat score fast then making the snap a daily habit is the perfect decision. Just take an image from your camera and send this to all of your friends at a time. Don’t skip anyone if your goal is to make the streak go higher. You can edit the snappable images as per the requirements.

2. Make a Deal to Snap Back and Forth

As you can earn points to gain a good Snapchat streak by sending, reading, and adding snaps to My Story. Just, make a deal with your friends to snap back and forth so that you can gain more streak records.

3. Key ways to increase snap streak

The first of the two different ways that can help you increase your snap streak is by sending a snap photo to a friend regularly and getting replies with a snap each day. The second is by sending snap videos to a friend and getting a snap or snap video in reply. You need to make sure that it’s a snap and not any picture from your Gallery. Only the snaps sent and received will be considered and help you count up your Snap streak.

4. Sending Snaps daily

Sending Snaps daily

The best way to increase the snap streak is by sending snaps every day to a friend. But just sending snaps wouldn’t increase your snap streak. You need to send as well as receive a snap from that friend within twenty-four hours, only then your Snap streak will go up. Each day after you trade snaps, your streak will increase by one. You need to keep on doing this to increase the rate to higher.

5. Exchange Snap streaks to find numbers

After exchanging snaps three days in a row with the same friend, you’ll find a number that starts to appear next to their name on the Snapchat application. By seeing it, you’ll be able to know that you have a streak that’s going on and you need to maintain and increase that. You’ll need to maintain that streak by your Snapchat activities every day so that the number counts up.

6. Get Replied Back within 24 Hours

Get replied back within twenty-four hours

To increase your Snap Streak you need to choose someone who is most likely to reply to your snap, as the number will only go up if you get snaps in response from the other side. But if you don’t get replied back, your streak count won’t increase.

Therefore you need to get a response within twenty-four hours of sending snaps. You can even message that particular user to reply with snaps so that the streak increases.

7. Maintain Consistency

You need to maintain consistency to count up your Snap streak. If you miss one day, your entire process will be ruined, you’ll need to start over again. If you ever break the snap streak, it will show you emojis next to the name so that you can know if your snap streak is at risk and you need to send snaps to count it up.

8. The first day is important

The first day of starting the process is really important. It matters the most and that will help you increase your Snapchat streak. You need to start on a day on which you’re most likely to be replied to by others. You can even choose any particular event or holiday like Christmas, New Year, etc, to start it. But you need to be clear about the drill that you and the other users need to send one another daily snaps.

9. The first week needs the most focus

The first few weeks are important and need the most focus to count up your snap streak. It is the time that you need to invest yourself in the process daily and make it kind of a habit, but once you and your partner get implanted in the process, the later weeks become easier and you can easily gain a higher snap streak.

10. Choose your Friend as a Partner

Choose your friend as a partner

Another trick that you can use is to choose someone as your partner with whom you interact more often and frequently. Therefore, if either of you forgets to send snaps to each other, the other can remind you about it and it wouldn’t feel like a task. If you send someone lots of snaps every day just for fun and get replies too, you should definitely go for him or her.

11. Know and Find the Right Person

You need to find the right person who’s willing to participate in an increasing snap streak. As it’s not something everybody would want to engage in, you need to approach them with a snap and ask them if they want to participate.

12. Take pride in increasing Snap streak

Snapchat streaks have become a matter of pride in the social media world although they can do nothing in the real world. You’ll be able to enjoy your live streak by seeing the emojis next to your friend’s name on Snapchat. Many users aren’t aware that snap streaks are indirect ways to increase your Snapchat score.

13. Activities to not engage in

You cannot maintain or increase your Snapchat streak by engaging in other Snapchat activities like posting stories, creating Snapchat groups, text chatting with people on Snapchat, etc. The only way you can increase your snap streaks is by sending and receiving snaps from someone every single day to increase the snap streak by one day.

14. Blank snaps are useful in gaining streaks

Using blank snaps is another way to maintain and increase your snap streak. You don’t need to send each other high-quality snaps every day as the quality doesn’t matter and no one’s going to judge you because of the quality. The only thing that has to be constant is that you’ll have to send and receive a snap every day, no matter if it’s blank, you can just send it by putting the caption as Streak if you want and it would be counted to increase the streak.

15. Sticking to a particular time

You’ve to stick to a particular time in the twenty-four hours to send snaps. If your only plan is to send a snap to your friend, you should send it at a particular time so that you don’t mess up or expire your twenty-four hours of sending snaps. Maintaining time is another key to increasing the snap streak.

16. Set Alarm for Sending Snaps

The most convenient time to send a snap is when you wake up in the morning. If you continue sending snaps in the morning you can even start it off by setting a reminder or an alarm. The alarms will remind you to set snaps in the morning daily, just as it wake you up in the morning.

17. Renaming your Partner Something Funny

The process will go much easier and smoother if you can consider and know about your Snapchat friend list. While some people can be the perfect partners for collecting Snapchat streaks, some might not be very interested in replying to you with a snap and playing a silly game. Therefore, after you find the perfect partner you need to rename the user on your contacts to make the process memorable and interesting.

18. Choose the right Person

You don’t need a lot of friends to keep the streak going. You just need one friend to whom you can send daily snaps or snap videos. Although, you need to get a reply back from the same person to increase the streak. No textback can help in this case, but only an actual snap can save your streak from getting broken.

19. Hourglass Emoji is Alerting you

When you see the hourglass emoji, it means that you’ve forgotten to send a snap within twenty-four hours. If you’re not getting replied to by your friend, you can either call or send a message that he or she needs to send you a snap, even a blank snap would do the job.

20. Getting back lost Snapchat Streak

If you’ve lost your hard-earned snap streak, you need to connect to the Snapchat support community to report the issue to them. You’ll be required to fill out the basic details and state the incident of losing your snap streaks all of a sudden. You need to state the most accurate and as many details as possible to point out how many days you could hold your streak. It will help you recover the lost snap streaks.

21. Content of Snaps doesn’t matter

Users are often terrified about what to send as their first snap to gain streaks. Many fail to start the process because of not know what to send as snaps. But all you have to know is that it doesn’t matter what kind of snap or whose picture you send as a snap, you just need to send one snap daily and your partner can send snaps of things like a pen, book, herself, or any other random item.

22. Snap Streak Filter

As sometimes you can forget the name of the user with whom you’re in a Snapchat Streak, you can still see the streaks without going to the friend list. You will be able to see it from the special Snapchat Streak filter. Whenever you swipe the filters of Snapchat, you’ll be able to see the Snapchat Streak filter. It will tell you the exact number of consecutive days you’ve sent snaps on Snapchat and have been keeping up with the snap streak.

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