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Instagram DM is another best feature provided t its users to send images, videos, and text messages mainly. If you don’t know how to make this happened this step by step guide will help you in this.
If you’re not on your mobile all the time then there are some ways that let you message someone or read other’s DM directly from your PC.

Yes, you can now send DM on Instagram directly to any users either you’re following him or not and Instagram also provides you to download data in case if you want to recover the deleted Instagram messages.

But the issue is, the feature comes only with the mobile app.

There are multiple ways you can send a direct message on Instagram from your computer or PC.

The method is really easy.

You don’t need any web version trick, this is possible by using third-party software on your Windows PC.

Adding Bluestacks software on the desktop is the easiest thing anyone can do to send or view his/her DMs, but in case it’s your official desktop and you’re not allowed to do so, you can just open your Instagram from chrome and most latest if you have Windows OS 10 PC, you can get the Instagram app from Microsoft Store for free.
Now, let’s start the methods to check or send Instagram direct messages from the computer and even how you can do this without being seen.

How to View Direct Messages on Instagram without being seen?

If you want to see the Instagram messages and want to hide that read receipt at the same time then you have to follow the simple & effective ways that will be 100% helpful in this case.
So let me describe the scenario in one line: first of all, you have to turn off the mobile data connection and then read the direct message directly from the Instagram direct message section. If you just do this and then turned on the internet then the read receipt will be visible even you switch back to the home screen.
Now to fix this issue just follow the simple steps that I am described below:
1. If you have any direct messages left to read on your Instagram app just open the direct message section and turn off the mobile data or Wi-Fi connection so that no online action can happen while reading the messages on Instagram.
2. After that just read all of the messages including the texts, photos, etc. Once complete, swipe back to the home screen and open the app settings.
3. Now from the app settings just find Instagram and clear cache and data both for the Instagram app or tap on ‘Delete App’ in case of iPhone.
View Direct Messages on Instagram without being seen
4. Finally, to see the change, log in again to your Instagram app and you will see the direct messages are still available marked as unread.
This is the simplest and most effective way that you can take. Remember that until the second login on Instagram your data connection will be turned off and make sure no online action is done during that period.

How to Send Direct Message on Instagram:

Instagram Direct lets you send or receive messages from other users. You can send videos, photos, texts, etc through this direct message button on your Instagram app. If you need to read or check DM from your Instagram, you can do it from your app as well from your desktop.
If you want to hide the read receipt after viewing any direct message from the app, the method I also added in this content.
Let’s dive into it.

1. Send Instagram DM From Computer on Chrome

Instagram goes by a very strict policy, it won’t let users upload their profile picture from the desktop web.

But, Instagram allows users to direct photos, conversations, videos with the help of Windows 10 applications. For mobile devices, you can easily download and send messages to people directly using four different methods.

So let’s get down straight on how to do it:

Step 1:
Open the on your PC.

Step 2:
Go to the top right corner of the application where see the ‘Arrow‘ icon.

Step 3:
Once you have clicked, this will open an Instagram Direct window. Just tap on the ‘Send Message’ button.

Send Direct Message on Instagram app

Step 4:
Now the New message window will pop. Just type the letters for the name of your friends then select the person from the list to send messages.

Send Direct Message on Instagram app on PC

Now you can type the texts to send to your friend. You can also send images or sign in to the messages.

Another feature that Instagram is planning to implement is, replying to direct messages with pictures and videos that you have saved as your story, now there have been many talks but there has been no actual confirmation.

Maybe Instagram is working on a plan that will enable people to do this using the desktop app.

But, the process to use the Instagram app for Desktop?

Here you go…

2. Adding Bluestacks to Install Instagram App on your PC

You can use the Instagram app on your PC by using a third party software called BlueStacks.
Just follow the guide below:

Step #1: First, Download BlueStacks application.

Step #2: After that download, install BlueStacks on your PC.


Step #3: Once successfully completed the installation log in with Google.

Step #4: Now search for Instagram on play store from your Blue Stacks account.

Step #5: Finally, Download and install Instagram and send messages to anybody you want.

That’s all for now.

3. How to Install Instagram App on Windows 10?

If you’re on your Windows 10 PC then you can download the Instagram app in your PC from the Microsoft store and use it to send DM. Just follow the steps:
1. First of all, click on the Windows icon and click on the Microsoft Store option.
2. Once you see the search bar, type Instagram, and find the app there on the store.
instagram for windows 10
3. After getting it, just click on ‘Get it Free’ and the app will be installed.
3. Now, login with your credentials on that Instagram desktop app and send or read direct messages.
4. Just click on the arrow icon there to open the direct message section to see all messages or send a new one.
That’s all you’ve to follow for getting the Instagram app installed on your desktop to send or check Instagram direct message.
The Bottom Lines:

You can send the DM to anyone either from your PC or using any third-party tool. But, it is easier to check all old messages and send new ones through the Windows 10 Instagram apps.

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