You Can’t Log Out While You’re Uploading Something

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To fix the video uploading errors on Instagram, you’ll need to restart your device’s data connection or switch to a stable wifi connection. 

Make sure that the format of your video matches the standard requirements of Instagram or else it won’t get uploaded. If the video is not in H.246 format, you need to use a video converter to convert the format of the video and fix the issue. 

You can log out of your Instagram account and then log in to your account again. 

If the uploading is caused due to accumulated cache data, clear the Instagram cache from the Settings and then restart your device again. Try to upload the video on Instagram to see if the issue has been fixed or not. 

Video uploaded failure is often caused when the video is too long or it’s a very large file. To fix the issue, you’ll need to trim your video and then upload it. 

Reinstalling the application can also help in case of app glitches. 

If these methods don’t help, you can use a different account to upload the video on Instagram. 

Switch to a different device or you can also use the web Instagram to upload the video. 

Lastly, if the issue is from Instagram’s end it will be fixed automatically by Instagram. Therefore, wait for some hours to let the issue get fixed.

Why You Can’t Log Out While You’re Uploading Something:

There are the following reasons:

1. Poor Internet Connection

If you’re making errors while uploading videos, it might be because of using a poor and unstable internet connection. Network errors or unstable internet connection is not rare. Instagram can only upload your pictures or videos smoothly if you have a stable network connection. 

You can use an online tool to check the speed of your data connection. It’s less than 10 Mbps, you should know that it’s too low and you need a connection that’s at least 100 Mbps. If you’re uploading a video on Instagram, it needs a faster connection. Therefore, make sure the internet or wifi connection is stable and fast. 

2. Wrong Video Format

When it comes to uploading videos on Instagram, you should know that it has some specific standards that need to be met to upload a video successfully. If your video doesn’t have H.264 format, it won’t get uploaded.

Moreover, it has to be an MP4. If the size of the video is very high, it’s most likely stuck in the process of uploading. Therefore, try to upload videos of smaller MBs. The larger files take longer to get uploaded and often fail to upload totally. 

3. Account Has Been Restricted

Another possible reason why your videos are not getting uploaded on Instagram is that your account might have been blocked or restricted because of a violation of the terms and conditions of Instagram. 

In cases like this, it will only show you that your video couldn’t be uploaded but it won’t notify you of the exact reason. If it’s a temporary ban, then it would be fixed within twenty-four hours. 

You also need to know that you’re not allowed to post content that is spreading hate, adultery, etc. If you’re posting inappropriate content, it may fail to get loaded. You need to be careful of what you post on Instagram as inappropriate content can lead to the banning of your account. 

Activities like mass unfollowing, posting copyright content, and getting your account reported for inappropriate activities can also lead to account banning or account restriction. 

How to Fix if You Can’t Log Out While You’re Uploading Something:

There are the following methods that you can follow to fix this issue:

1. Restart your Network Connection

The most basic solution you can try is by restarting your network connection. Switch off the data connection of your device and then turn it on again after a few minutes. It’s a way to refresh the connection.

In case it’s too slow or weak, you need to connect your device to a wifi network so that the videos can get uploaded easily. 

2. Log out & Log in to Your Instagram Account

If your videos are failing to get uploaded to your account, you can log out of your account and then log in to your account again. Often when there’s a glitch or an Instagram bug,  this strategy can help you fix it.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open the Instagram application.

Step 2: Click on the profile picture icon to get into the profile page.


Step 3: Next, from your profile page click on the three lines icon.


Step 4: Then you’ll need to click on Settings.


Step 5: Scroll down the list and click on Log out.


Step 6: After logging out, you have to log in again by entering the username and password on the login page.

3. Convert the Video Format

Instagram only supports videos that have an H. 264 format. If the format of the videos is not supported by Instagram, you need to convert it to the said format before you upload the video on Instagram.

You can convert the video format using any formatting tool by downloading it from the web. 

4. Clear Instagram cache & Restart the device

The accumulated cache can affect the functioning of the Instagram application. Clearing the app cache can not fix the malfunctioning of the install application but it can free up some more space on your device. 

The cache data of the Instagram application doesn’t contain anything important but just the old and deleted miscellaneous data of Instagram. Therefore, clearing cache data won’t affect your actual Instagram data. It can be done from the Settings of your device.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open the Settings app of your device.

Step 2: Then you’ll need to click on Apps & notifications.


Step 3: Next, click on App info.


Step 4: Then click on Instagram from the app list.


Step 5: Click on Internal Storage and then click on Clear Cache.

Click on Internal Storage

Step 6: Restart your device and then open Instagram and log into your account.  

Step 7: Try to upload the video once again and see if the issue has been fixed. 

5. Decrease the size of Video by Trimming it

It’s always better to trim the video before you upload it on Instagram. Trimming decreases the size of the video hence making it easier to upload on Instagram. On Instagram, videos that are smaller in size and trimmed get uploaded easily.

Steps to upload videos by trimming it

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open Instagram and log in to your account.

Step 2: Next, you need to click the + icon and then click on Post.


Step 3: Then select the video you want to upload and click on the arrow icon. 

 click on the arrow icon

Step 4: Click on Trim. Trim it to shorten the video then click on Next.

Click on Trim
then click on Next

Step 5: Write a caption and then click on Share. 

click on Share on snapchat

6. Reinstallation of the Instagram Application

You can also reinstall the Instagram application after uninstalling it. This would fix the minor uploading issues that the Instagram application is experiencing. Reinstalling the application won’t affect your account’s data. But to reinstall the application you’ll have to uninstall it from your device first. 

Reinstalling the application can be done from Google Play Store.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Uninstall the Instagram application from the app menu.


Step 2: Next, you need to go to the Google Play Store. 


Step 3: Then, search for Instagram.

Step 4: Next, click on the Install button next to the Instagram application from the search results.


Step 5: The application will be downloaded and installed on your device. 

Step 6: Open it and try to upload the video once again. 

⭐️ Alternative Methods:

You can try the below ones as well:

1. Use a Different Device

You can try to log in to your account from a different device as the issue might stem from using an old device. If your device is not compatible enough to support the latest version of Instagram, it won’t operate properly and result in uploading errors. To avoid that, you can upload the videos to your account from a different device. 

Download and install the Instagram application on a second device and log into your account from there. Then upload the video to your account. 

You can also log into your Instagram account from your laptop or desktop. For that, you’ll need to use a web browser and go to and then log in to your account to upload the video. 

2. Use Second Account

If your primary account has been blocked or its features are restricted by Instagram for violating guidelines and policies, you can still upload the video from your second account.

Later, you can share the video post on the story of your primary account and ask your followers to check the video out from your second account. Using this method would also increase the number of followers of your second account too. 

3. Uninstall the third-party Apps

If you ever used a third-party application to log in to your Instagram account, you should uninstall the application after logging into your account from it. Instagram follows a strict policy when it comes to logging your account from a third-party app or using a third-party app on your account.

If it detects activities like that on your account, it will block your account or restrict some of your account’s features for a few days as a warning. 

4. Wait it out

Upload issues can also be caused when Instagram is down. In that case, there’s nothing much you can do but wait for Instagram to fix the problem. You can ask other Instagram users if they’re facing the same issue or not.

If others are facing the same issue, then it means that Instagram is down and would be fixed automatically within some hours. Wait and check from time to time if the issue has been fixed or not. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why can’t I upload long videos on Instagram?

Instagram allows videos that are not more than 15 seconds to be posted on Instagram stories. You cannot upload a video that’s more than 15 seconds on an Instagram story.

If you try to do that, your videos would be automatically cut into pieces and the part after the first 15 seconds would be posted as a second story. However, longer videos can be uploaded on IGTV or Instagram. 

2. How to Remove videos that can’t be posted on Instagram? 

If the videos are failing to get uploaded to your Instagram account, you can fix the issue by clearing the cache data of the Instagram application. App’s working gets interfered with when the cache data gets accumulated too much. You can clear the cache data and then restart the Instagram application to upload the video again. It would solve the issue of uploading.

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