Instagram Following List Order – How Is It Ordered?

If you want to know about the Instagram following list and how it is ordered then there are some algorithms that work based on some activities on Instagram.

The following list on someone’s profile can even change depending on the changes in your Instagram account.

If you see the following lists change every time you refresh (normally does not) then you should know that there are some certain things that are changing either on posts or following rate, this happens only for most popular accounts on Instagram where the algorithms take its job well.

To know the Instagram following list order, you must know that this is based on the number of followers or posts someone is having on their profile will be on the top of the following list. There you might see the most common people who are in your following list as well, will appear on the person’s following list and this is the algorithm of mutual friends works alike.

Although, there are many more algorithms that can change the following list on the Instagram profile and these can be a bit tricky.

In this article, I will explain all the factors that play a role to order the following list on someone’s Instagram profile and these are the same applies to all Instagram accounts.

How is the Instagram Following List Ordered?

Basically, there are many more factors or algorithms that make the following in a certain order and these are the most important ones below:

1. The Common Followers are Displayed on Top

If you are spying at someone’s following list then you might notice that some profiles are common from your following list as well. These are the people whom you are following as well.

As these people are known to you, that is why will be visible on someone else’s Instagram profile’s following list.

The steps for or an open Instagram account and those users who follow you back are the same.

You can simply go to their profile by searching the name on the search for and then tapping on the following button which will automatically display the list of people who are following you on the top of their list who are actually the mutual friends that you both share.

instagram following list order_common people you're following

2. Based on Interaction

The Instagram following list is sometimes ordered based on your interactions with the people you follow.

The point that should be taken into consideration here is that your Instagram account displays your following list of users based on interactions only under a condition that the following list of your Instagram account should have at least a minimum of 200 Instagram users whose Instagram account is followed by you.

It is only then your following list will be displayed based on your interactions. The users with whom you have frequent interaction are displayed on the top of the following list of your Instagram account.

3. Geo-Location is on Priority

The following and the follower’s list of your Instagram account are not ordered in the same way. Earlier it used to be presented in chronological order. However, this chronological order is no longer seen.

Instagram has now been modified and the algorithm is designed in such a way the following list is no longer displayed in the same chronological way, rather it is displayed in a way that the most recent Instagram account you have interacted with will appear at the top of the list.

If you want to check someone who is a specialist in his own field, would have followed someone from the same background or workplace as well.

Here, irrespective of the number of posts or followers he had the people on the following list would appear depending on from which country you’re viewing it, the person from your country would be on top mostly, you can verify this using a VPN.

instagram following list geolocation target

4. The Inactive People are at the Bottom

The following list of your Instagram account is sometimes ordered in a way in which the people or accounts which are not as active as the others are present at the bottom of the list. White people regularly post stories and force will be present on the top of the list.

But this algorithm of Instagram only takes place when your following list has a huge number of people whom you follow which is more than 200.

This algorithm is such that the people who do not post anything in the last few weeks or months we’ll automatically be displayed at the bottom of the list.

So if you have your following list with more than 200 people, then you can expect that the algorithm for your Instagram account for the Instagram following list order will be such that inactive people live at the bottom of the list while those who are frequent users are at the top.

5. People having More Posts

People having more posts on their Instagram profile up at the top of your following list. This is because of the special algorithm of the app which interprets the activity of the people in your following list.

And hence the following list is ordered with people who have more posts published in their Instagram account will be on top of the list of other Instagram users.

You can cross verify this simply by going to your profile clicking on the following option. There you see the list of people or accounts followed by you. Simply click on any user and then you can see that they have published posts on their account, which you can compare with others from the list, the reason why they are at the top will be the number of their posts.

But that is counted the posts and followers vs the following of the person on the list, the lesser following the person would have, the more chances to be on the top irrespective of the posts and followers he had.

instagram following list order posts vs following vs followers

6. People having more Followers and Following

The order of the following list of Instagram follows different algorithms for different accounts based on their activities on the app. And one search algorithm based on the number of people in the followers and the following list.

Your following list can be ordered with participants having more followers and following added to their profile, appearing at the top of the list.

However, an important point that should be taken into consideration with this algorithm is that it does not take into account the users who have more number of published to the profile. It means that the respective having a comparatively more number of posts than other users, if you have more followers you will be shown that the top off the list.

7. People who Followed you Recently

The Instagram app will display people who have recently started following at the top of your list. The following list of your Instagram profile follows this algorithm just to make sure that you are aware of the people and the accounts that you have recently started following.

It means that you can simply have a look at your following list which displays people who have followed recently will be on the top of your following list rather than the old ones who will be seen below them.

The order of the following list has multiple deciding factors and algorithms and this is one such factor in which whom you followed recently will be at the top.

The Bottom Lines:

This article explained the algorithms and factors that Instagram uses in order to list the following lists on someone’s profile and that changes depending on those factors over time.

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