Instagram Tagging Not Working – How To Fix

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To fix the Instagram tagging not working issue, first of all, check whether your Instagram app is up to date or not.

Go to Play Store/App Store and on the search bar, type Instagram and open it.

Find if there are any updates available or not, if yes, then tap on the ‘Update’ button and update the app. Then you will be able to tag. 

Make sure the person whom you are trying to tag has not blocked you from his/her Instagram account. And, he/she has not been disabled temporarily disabled from Instagram. 

Also, if he/she owns a private account, then has accepted your following request. Because you cannot only tag people who have not accepted your follow request and have not allowed you to involve in their Instagram world.

Even after checking and fixing everything, if you are still not able to tag, then go to Instagram Support Team and Report a problem.

For this, open the Instagram app and go to your profile page. Over there, tap on the “Three horizontal” lines in the top right corner. Then, select ‘Help’.

From the help tab, select “Report a problem” and choose “Report a problem’. With this, you will land on the ‘Report a Problem’ page, there, explain your problem and if possible, add a screenshot of the same.

And, hit “Submit” on the top right side. You will receive a solution from the Support team within 48 hours. Do as they say and your problem will be resolved. 

Why is Instagram Tagging Not Working:

The issue of not being able to tag someone on posts on Instagram is quite common and has been reported by thousands of users. If you are not able to tag your friend or other people on Instagram, then this means there is some problem with your Instagram app or the user, you are trying to tag. 

But nothing to worry about, every technical issue has a manual problem, which just needs to be learned and applied. So, here, let us first learn the reason and then will apply the solution, to the problem-

The following can be the primary reasons for not being able to tag someone from your Instagram account:

1. The Account has been Deleted

The very first and most prominent reason can be that the account has been deleted. This basically means the person you are trying to tag has deleted his/her Instagram account. If someone deletes his/her Instagram account, then you would not find him on Instagram. Not even his old posts, pictures, stories, or the name, nothing. 

That is why, when you are trying to tag that person, you didn’t find his username and hence found difficulty in tagging. 

You can cross whether that person has really deleted his/her Instagram account, or if there is something else. To cross-check, go to the ‘explore’ page tab, and on the search bar type the username of that person and see if his/her account appears in the result list or not. 

2. Instagram Account has been Temporarily Disabled

The second reason can be that the Instagram account of the person whom you are trying to tag has been temporarily disabled. Temporarily disabled means, that person’s Insta activity has been restricted by the Instagram management team.

The Instagram team restricts the activity of a user when he/she performs an inappropriate and invalid thing on Instagram. The main reason behind this is to warn the user not to do the same thing again or will be punished with a permanent ban from Instagram. 

So, if the account of the person you wish to tag on a post or any story is disabled, you would not be able to tag him/her. You can just wait for his account to get released, other than that you cannot do anything. 

3. You’re not his ‘Follower’ (those are private accounts)

On Instagram, in the case of a “Private Account”, you can only tag those users who have accepted your follow request and is your friend on Instagram. In simple words, if you have sent follow request to a private account user and he has not accepted your follow request, then you cannot tag him/her on your post or any random post.

If he accepts your follow request, you will become his followers, which basically means, that person is letting you enter his account and enjoy Instagram with him. 

The followers of a private account can tag them, share memes, watch stories, upload posts, etc, of that person. But, if not a follower (who hasn’t accepted the request) then you cannot perform all these activities with that person. 

In short, if the person you wish to tag has a private account and has not accepted the ‘Follow request’ yet, then you cannot tag him/her. 

4. They have blocked you on Instagram

Another root cause for not being able to tag someone can be that they have blocked you on Instagram. The person you are tagging on Instagram has blocked you from his/her account.

If someone blocks you, then you would not find any trace of him, no username, no previous likes/comments, nothing. That person will be like an invisible object, he is there, but you cannot find him/her, because he has blocked you.

However, if you want to cross-check, then, search his/her account from another Instagram ID. If he/she appears on another account, this means, you are blocked. 

Hence, if someone has blocked you from their account on Instagram, then you would not find his/her name while tagging. 

5. Typing the username Wrongly

If everything is fine, still you are not able to tag, then, this straight means you are typing his/her username wrongly.

The wrong username won’t tag the person you wish to tag. Hence, first, go and see what is the username of that person, learn the spelling, watch the special character and numbers and then come back and try, it will work.

Also, one more important thing, while tagging someone, it is a must to add the “@” symbol first and then type the username without space. For example, “@john_haven22”. Like this, you have to type and tag. 

Well, these were the most prominent reasons for not being able to tag someone on Instagram. Now, let’s move toward the solution-

How To Fix Instagram Tagging Not Working:

The following are the solutions to fix the Instagram tagging not working:

1. Update the Instagram app

Problems are caused with there is an update and you are still using the older version of the app. So, if this is the reason for not being able to tag someone on Instagram, then, first of all, you should check the update and if there is, update the app.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: On your device, go to the Google Play store or the App store

Step 2: Tap on the search bar and type “Instagram”.


Step 3: Open it and see whether the “Update” button is displayed or not. 


Step 4: If ‘Update’ is available, then update and go back and try tagging. 

2. Report the problem

Even after trying every possible measure, if you are still facing issues with tagging someone, then the last option left is to go to the Instagram Support team for requesting the solution. For this, there is an in-app option present, “Report a problem”.

There you have to briefly describe the issues you are facing while tagging someone and within 24 to 48 hours, the Instagram Support team will help you with the solution.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open your Instagram account and go to your ‘Profile page’.

Step 2: Click on the “Profile icon” on the bottom right corner of the home screen and you will reach the profile page.


Step 3: Over there, click on the ‘Three Horizontal” lines in the top right corner and select “Settings”.


Step 4: Now, from the ‘Settings’ menu list, tap on “Help” and then, select “Report a Problem”.


Step 5: Next, choose ‘Report a problem’.


Step 6: On the appeared page, briefly explain the issue and add the screenshot of the same. To add a screenshot, two options are given, select anyone and add.

Click-on submit

Step 7: At last, click on > “Submit”, given in the top right corner.

Wait for some time, and Instagram will reply to you. Follow the instruction and your problem will be fixed.

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