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You might not see a few things and that you use as indicators while looking for someone who blocked you on Signal as the app itself would not tell you. You have to find it out by looking at the DP, messages, etc.

But, actually, there are very few indicators to find out if someone blocks you on the Signal app. That’s not that much complicated as you have a few things and which are enough to tell whether someone blocked your number on Signal or not, just make sure you have two Signal accounts (different apps) ready on your devices.

To know if someone blocked you on Signal, just send a message to the person on Signal and if the message gets only one single tick just move to another Signal account and send a message from that account to the same person and if the message gets double-tick (either filled on not, does not matter) then this means you’re blocked.

You will be able to create different dual messenger apps on your mobile using the basic dual app settings or you can use any cloning app that will let you create another app where you can use the alternative Signal account.

Look for Double-checkmark using another Signal account

You can surely check if you have been blocked using another signal account.

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To find out if you’re blocked on Signal:

signal app
  • Step 1: First step is either you can re-install the Signal app and then register using a new number or toggle off the ‘Signal messages and calls’ option. By doing this you will be logged out of your account & create a new account using another number.
  • Step 2: After you are done with either of these options, Tap on the pencil icon to get into your contact list and then select the person you want to check that whether they have blocked you.
  • Step 3: Open the chat window of that person and then send a message.

If you get a double checkmark using another Signal account while your previous account gets only a single checkmark, it means your other signal account is blocked by this person.

Enabling Dual-Messenger Signal:

To enable the Signal dual messenger on your android device, just go to dual messenger settings and create a cloned version for Signal, and for the iPhone device, you can use the Dual Space app that will help you clone the Signal app on your iPhone or iPad.

Does Signal Notify if Someone Blocks You?

No, Signal does not notify its users if their account is blocked by other users. This app is a highly secured platform with its only goal of maintaining your privacy. Hence it does notify any of its users if they get blocked by someone. If you are blocked by someone, you can neither send messages nor call that person through the signal app.

How to Know if Someone Blocked your number on Signal app?

To find out if someone blocked you on Signal just look at the below points and you will definitely get an idea of this:

1. The DP is not visible:

If someone blocked your number on the Signal app, you will not receive any notification saying that your account is blocked by any of your contacts. Though you do not receive any such notification, there are ways where you can guess that your number has been blocked and one of those is the visibility of their display picture (DP). If someone has blocked you, the signal app will prevent you from viewing their DP.

The DP is not being visible is one of the indicators for you that you have been blocked. But this can only be taken into account only when the person has put up a DP to their account.

You can check this by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Open your Signal account.
  • Step 2: Open the chat window of the person you suspect have blocked you and then tap on their name to view their profile photo.

If you do not see any DP, it means that you have been blocked by that person.

2. Your messages are not sent:

A filled double checkmark indicates that your message has been read by the recipient. If you do not see such, then your number is blocked, however, this should be applied only when your read recipient is on.

3. You Won’t See Typing:

Although, if someone blocks you, he would not ever type you again, if you’re wondering what happens after this, then this point is little important as a piece of knowledge.

The third possible indicator to know if you have been blocked on the signal app is the typing indicator. Usually while chatting with an online person, you can see this typing indicator whenever the person types any text or message on his keyboard with your chat window open.

no typing signal app

So if you are blocked by someone, you will surely not be able to see the typing indicator on your screen.

But to finally conclude on this point, make sure your typing indicator is toggled on from your ‘Settings’ under ‘Privacy’.

To confirm you can follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Open your Signal account and then open the chat window of the person you want to know that has blocked you.
  • Step 2: Making sure your typing indicator is on from your settings, type a message. Now, wait for the person to type and reply to your message.
  • Step 3: If you can’t see the typing indicator, you can conclude that you have been blocked.

4. You will get one checkmark: On Sent Messages

You can also know by the type of checkmark on your sent messages that you have been blocked or not on the signal App. If your number has been blocked by someone on the signal app, the messages you send to that person will show just one single checkmark. The checkmarks show you the status of your sent messages.

one checkmark signal

A single checkmark indicates that your message has been sent to the service center of the signal app. If this does not turn into a double checkmark, it means that your sent message is still not delivered to the desired person.

If you see a single checkmark, you need not worry about your data connectivity. You are probably seeing this only because you have been blocked by the person you have sent the message to.

If your data connectivity is proper and still you see this single checkmark, you can believe that your number has been blocked by someone on the Signal app.

Will they Receive Previous Messages if Unblocked on Signal?

If you’re blocked by a contact in your Signal app and you send messages to a person, surely these messages won’t be delivered even if he unblocks after some time. You should keep in mind that the messages you send them while they are blocked will not be received by them even if they are unblocked by you.

The person who was blocked earlier, whom you have unblocked, won’t receive the previous messages on the Signal App. The reason is the inbuilt feature of the app, that prevents resending of the messages post unblocking. You can send new messages if you wish to type and resend the same message, but the previous messages will not be delivered.

The Bottom Lines:

Even though there are heavy privacy concerns for Signal and they are not providing enough features on their settings that could actually tell you if someone has blocked you. But, this article clearly explains the loopholes by using a secondary account and checking & comparing the checkmark on sent messages, can tell if someone blocked you on Signal.

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