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iPhone: How To Put Multiple Pictures On Lock Screen

By TechniqueHow Team

✎ Key Takes:

» You can create a personalized Lock screen on your iPhone by putting multiple pictures using the Shortcuts app.

» You can use internal pictures or convert a video into a live wallpaper with these tools, ensuring a custom and dynamic Lock screen experience.

How To Put Multiple Pictures On Lock Screen:

There are some steps to add multiple pictures on the Lock Screen of your iPhone, some are explained below:

🔯 Using Shortcuts on iPhone

This is going to be the most interesting part of this content, follow the steps to create your custom wallpaper for your iPhone.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: At first, from your iPhone menu just select the ‘Shortcuts‘ app and open a shortcut on that app.

live wallpaper

Step 2: Now, from the shortcut just search and add the ‘Photos’ app where you have to make set up your custom wallpaper.

Step 3: Next from the setup tap on ‘+Add filter’ and choose an album to set photos as wallpaper.

add filter

Note: As this custom wallpaper is created from the album, make sure you have already created an album with photos to make. Otherwise, you can choose the ‘Recents’ album to create.

Step 4: In the next step, you again have to add another Shortcut that would be your ‘Wallpaper’ and the process is near to complete.

set custom wallpaper

Step 5: Now, just choose whether you want just the Home screen to change or both from the setup. Once selected just tap on the Next button on the top and name the shortcut to any.

ready wallpaper custom iphone

Tap on the shortcut and the wallpaper will be changed as per the album selection.

That’s all simple to create your Wallpaper from your gallery photos.

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