How To Record Video And Play Music At The Same Time

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To record videos while playing music over the phone, either you first start the music then start recording videos, and after that, resume the music from the top bar.

For iPhone, just open the camera app and then come to the photos section, tap & hold, and swipe to the right to lock and start recording video.

In that way, the video recording would start and music will be still played in the background at once.

You can install the app ‘WhileYouRec’ on your iPhone, the start the app to record the video by tapping the ‘Rec’ button while playing music.

You can also do this: open this Video Recorder app on your device either Android or iOS. Now, let the music play and start recording the video by tapping the ‘Rec’ button on the app.

πŸ’πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ The video recording would start without stopping the music.

A quick solution that you can try if you want to record a video while you can still listen to your favorite track is by resuming your music from the notification panel on the mobile while the video is being recorded.

πŸ”― Can You Record a Video without Playing Music At Once?

Those who don’t know the tricks and tips to record a video while playing music can still do it.

Although Android and iOS have the feature which rejects users from recording a video while listening to music, some technical tips, and tricks as well as some third-party apps have emerged as the solution to this problem.

How To Record Video And Play Music At The Same Time:

Recording a video while playing music requires us to do a little trick of resuming the music from the notification bar.

The steps mentioned here, are the ways that you can follow to do it:

1. Start playing any music on your device.

2. Now head on to the camera application on your device and open it to record a video.

3. With the music playing in the background you’ll notice that when you’re pressing the shutter button to record the music pauses.

4. So for the next one, after clicking the shutter button, when the video starts getting recorded, resume the music from the notification bar.

on mobile record and play music

Now you’ll find yourself listening to music while recording a video, although the music also gets recorded as the background noise of your footage.

By performing this trick you can listen to music when you’re recording footage on your phone.

How To Record Video And Play Music At The Same Time – iOS:

If you’re an iPhone user and are facing issues with recording a video while listening to music, don’t you worry as this article would get you covered too over here. A little trick and tip in method one that is about to mention will help you with the issue and you can then try a third-party app that you need to install on your device for smooth recording of your video and playing music.

1. From Camera App

If you’re on your iPhone then follow the steps:

β—˜ On your iPhone play music. Then while the music is playing in the background, open the camera application on that device.

β—˜ Don’t head on to the video mode but stay in the photo mode.

β—˜ Tap the shutter butter and hold it and drag it right to the lock and then it’s done.
swipe right to record

β—˜ You’ll find your iPhone recording video with the music still playing in the background.

β—˜ If you’re using this basic method then you may have issues in order to switch the camera while recording.

β—˜ If you want to use an app to record the video while playing the music then you can try the next method.

2. Using WhileYouRec App for iPhone

You can install the WhileYouRec application. This is a third-party application that helps and allows iPhone users to record videos while they can listen to music. We are jotting down the steps for you to make it a simpler method.

β—˜ First of all, install the WhileYouRec app on your iPhone for recording.
whileyourec app iphone

β—˜ Now first start any music on your iPhone.

β—˜ Open the WhileYouRec application on your device.

β—˜ You’ll see three options. Tap on the shutter button which you’ll find right in the middle to record video and you’re good to go.

β—˜ You’ll find your device will record the video while the music is still on and playing.

whileyourec setup

Note: The best part you can switch between the camera options on this WhileYouRec app.

How To Record Video while Playing Music with Moovideo App:

This is another third-party application that permits the user to play or listen to music while you’re capturing or recording a video. You just need to install the application and try it yourself and see the amazing result.

To record video and play music at the same time,

β—˜ First of all, install the Moovideo app from the play store on your android device.
moovideo app android

β—˜ You’ll find various options flashing on your screen about which song you want to choose. You need to choose from the list that appears on your screen.

β—˜ Now you’ll see they are providing the camera feature inside their application only. So to record the video and play the music at the same time, click on the resume button and the red record button at the same time.

β—˜ That’s it, your work is done, you can record the video and listen to the music at the same time now.

moovideo settings

πŸ›‘ Disadvantages of Moovideo:

Honestly, there are some disadvantages of this app too. Although it is a good solution to this issue, there are certain problems that the users of this application have faced and reported.

Here let’s have discussions about its flaws and shortcomings of it:

β—˜ The first one is they provide the option of switching the camera from front to back camera or vice versa while recording the video.

β—˜ The format is too small and they do not support full-screen video when opened with other apps.

β—˜ The video quality is also not great.

These are a few flaws that the customers have pointed out and the issues that they are facing.

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