Messenger Spam Recover – How To Recover Spam Messenger Messages

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To recover a message all you have to do is, go to Messenger and open the section labeled “New messages requests” then tap on “Spam”, and at the end, open the chat message you want to reply to.

After you reply to the chat message, it will automatically be added to your Messenger inbox chat list.

Sometimes, if someone sends a message on Facebook, it goes under the section “Message requests” & “Spam”. This is due to the advanced security by Facebook to prevent spam.

More often, everyone keeps their Facebook profile locked, and that is why when someone unknown or who is not a friend on Facebook sends you a message, the message directly goes to the spam folder on Messenger.

You can also delete Messenger messages from both sides with a few steps. There are steps you can take in order to recover permanently deleted Messenger messages.

Messenger Spam Recover:

🔴 How To Use:

Step 1: First, open the Messenger Spam Recover tool in your browser.

Step 2: Enter the Messenger ID of the account that received the spam messages in the provided text box.

Step 3: Click on the ‘View Spam’ button and then wait for the tool to process.

Step 4: Once the process is completed, the tool will display a link to see all the spam messages.

Step 5: Click on the link to view the spam messages.

How To Recover Spam Messages On Messenger:

Facebook Messenger is a space where all your new message requests, spam messages, and chats are listed.

Let’s go through the steps:

Step 1: Open Messenger & Login

You have to log in with the target profile on your Messenger on your device.


As soon as, Messenger gets downloaded to your device, open it and log in to it using your Facebook ID & password.

Step 2: Tap on the Profile icon

If you have Messenger, tap on the profile icon and if have downloaded it on PC, then log in on chrome.

After logging in on Messenger with your Facebook credentials, then on the left corner of the screen, you will see your current Facebook display picture (DP). Tap and open it.

Tap on the profile icon iOS

As you have installed Messenger on an Android device, after entering your Facebook id and password, all the chats will be displayed on the first interface itself. Tap on the profile icon.

Tap on the profile icon andriod


If you have opened on your PC, then after logging in there, you will see all the chats on the left side of the screen along with the first chat opened on the middle to the right side of the screen. Just tap on the three-dots icon.

messenger on pc

Step 3: Tap on Messenger requests

Once you have opened Messenger on your system, follow the instructions:


For iPhone users, once you have opened Messenger, look at the bottom middle of the screen and tap on the two people icon. Once you tap on the DP icon just go to the ‘Message requests‘ option from the list displayed on Messenger.

Messenger request on ios


For Android people, after opening the messenger, you have to look just below the active people section. There you can find it labeled as “Message Requests”. Tap to open, and all the Message requests will appear on the screen.

Messenger request Android


If operating all this on a PC, then after opening messenger, and tapping on the three-dots icon, you will see the ‘Message requests’ section on the left. Tap on that.

Step 4: Tap on the Spam Section

Now, on the screen along with all the request messages, you will find a section as “Spam”. The spam section is placed on the right side of the screen. Tap and open it. There, under the spam section, you will see the messages that some known and unknown people have sent you.


Open Message requests >> Spam (Right corner).

Under the Spam Section iOS


From the Message requests section, tap on the ‘See spam’ section.

spam request on messenger on pc

Step 5: Find & Open Chat

Next, scroll down and search for the message of the person you want to recover. After finding it, open the chat and type a reply.

Once you have replied to the message from the spam section, it will automatically appear on your usual chats list on Messenger.

Step 6: Reply Chat to Move it to Inbox

As soon as you reply to the message from the spam section it is added to the chat list.

Reply to chat to move it to Inbox
  • Go back to the first page of Messenger and refresh the page by sliding your finger on the screen and after a while, you will find those recovered chats under inbox. Or,
  • Close the Messenger and after a few seconds again open the Messenger, and the chat will appear in the inbox.

Why Do Messages Go To Spam On Messenger

This article explained the methods that you can use to recover any spam messages or ignored messages that are done automatically or by yourself, which can be found under the section described in the steps. You can perform these steps either from a PC or mobile.

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