How To See The Secret Chat On Viber

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To see the secret chat on Viber, open the app, log in to your account and search for the 4-digit predefined pin code.

You will get your search results, click on the hidden chat and see the messages.

You can find Viber secret chats using online tools like mSpy, Cocospy, and

You may not see hidden chats if you enter the wrong pin or if there is any network issue.

To remove hidden chats, unhide them and tap and hold on to the messages to delete them.

How to see the secret chat on Viber:

⭐️ On iPhone:

Viber has a feature where you can hide and unhide chats of someone. If you want to chat secretly with someone, hide it and increase your privacy.

To hide a chat on Viber, you need a 4-digit pin code applicable only to that person’s chat. You have to keep the pin code in mind; otherwise, you can not open this chat in the future. Now to see the hidden chats on Viber –

Step 1: Open the Viber app and log in to your account

The first thing you need to do is, open your Viber app and log in to your account using your credentials. After logging in to your account, you will be landed on the Chats page of the app. (NOTE: If you are using the app for the first time, sign up for a new account and follow the next steps.)

Install viber on iphone

Step 2: Tap on the Search bar from the top of the screen

You can see a bottom bar containing the options like Chats, Calls, Explore, and More. You can also see a Search bar at the top of your screen. Click on the bar to search for the hidden person’s chat.

Tap on the Search bar from the top of the screen

Step 3: Type the 4-digit pin code

Now on the Search bar, search for the 4-digit pin code you created for the particular person. (NOTE: You have to remember the 4-digit code that you have created at the time of hiding the person’s chat.)

Click on chat
Enter the unique pin code

Step 4: See the secret chats on Viber

After typing the 4-digit pin code on the Search bar, your search results will appear. In the result, you can see the secret chats on Viber; click on them and see the messages.

⭐️On Android:

On Android phones also, you can see the secret chats of Viber using the same pin code that you have used to hide the chat. The steps are elementary, you have to search for the person’s chat, and you will get your results. To do that –

Step 1: Log in to your Viber account

Log in to your Viber account using your credentials; those who do not have a Viber account, create an account here, and for those who don’t have the app, install it.

Log in to your Viber account

Step 2: Check the interface and search for him

After logging in to your account, you will be landed on the Chats page, and you can also see the other three sections at the bottom: Calls, Explore, and More. Each section has its different work, and at the top right corner, you can see the Search icon, click on it to search for the person.

Click on search icon

Step 3: Enter the unique pin code

In the Search box, search for the person’s chat using the 4-digit pin code you generated earlier while hiding the app. You have to use the same 4-digit pin generated for the particular chat.

Click on person
Enter the unique pin code

Step 4: Check your secret chat with that code

After searching with the code, you will get your search results there, and you can easily find the chat that you have hidden. Click on the chat and see the messages. Also, you can unhide the chat from that section.

Viber Secret Chat Viewer:

Try the following tools:

1. mSpy

⭐️ Features of mSpy:

◘ You can track private social media profiles (like Tik Tok, Facebook, etc.) and extract details from there.

◘ You will not be notified if you track someone’s location, calls, contacts, etc.

◘ You can monitor your child’s social media and Viber accounts, especially for parenting control.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Go to the official webpage of mSpy using this link:; click on the “GET IT NOW” option and log in to your account.

click on the GET IT NOW option
 log in to your account.

Step 2: After creating an account, choose the 1-month / 3 months / 12 months subscription plan and do the following steps.

After creating an account
choose the 1-month

Step 3: Turn off the Play Protect feature from the Play Store app and download the mSpy installer from the Chrome browser.

Step 4: Start tracking your secret Viber chats after completing the installation.

2. Cocospy

⭐️ Features of Cocospy:

◘ It will help you track someone’s location; social media accounts details, web browser activity, sim card location, Viber private chats, etc.

◘ It has high accuracy and is easy to handle.

◘ Dashboard features are available so that you will be updated with your work.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Go to the official page using this link, sign up for a free account on Cocospy on the targeted device.


Step 2: Now download the apk file from the browser and finish the setup.

Step 3: View the instructions for setting up the app and other things and install the app and start monitoring Viber accounts.


⭐️ Features of

◘ You can log in to unlimited devices on the web or app and do excellent message screening.

◘ It can monitor more than 24 social media platforms and offers customizable alert settings,

◘ It will give reports on screen time, app usage, and alerts for parenting controls.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open your browser, go to the website, and set up your Bark Parent/Guardian account.


Step 2: Enable the Parental Controls feature means to block and filter the content you never want them to access.


Step 3: Using the customizable schedule, set healthy screen time limits.

Step 4: You will get alerts from potential problems and connect devices for monitoring and connect the accounts you want to monitor and finish the account settings.

Step 5: After finishing the settings, start monitoring Viber secret chats.

🔯 Can’t Find Hidden Chat on Viber – Why:

There could be many reasons why you can not find hidden chats on Viber. If you use the wrong pin code or have no hidden chats, you may not see any hidden chats there. Also, if you are having network issues or the app has server problems, you can face this kind of situation.

🔯 How to Remove hidden chat in Viber:

To remove hidden chat in Viber, first, you have to unhide the hidden chat. So, in the Search box, search for the pin code, open the hidden chat, and unhide it. Now, tap and hold on to any chat and select the Delete option to delete the message. You can delete the message for yourself as well as for both sides.

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