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How to Tell if a Discord Account is an Alt Account

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✎ Key Takes:

» You can determine if a Discord account is an alt by checking for matching IP addresses, which can be revealed by shortening a link.
» You can then use this information to compare IP addresses between accounts and identify if both profiles originated from the same device, indicating a single user.

How to Tell if a Discord Account is an Alt Account:

You can try the following methods to tell if a Discord account is an alt account:

1. Check If Account IPs Match

To tell if a Discord account is alt or not, you’ll need to use a few methods and look for the indications to find it out yourself.

The most useful of all the methods when it comes to finding out an alt account is to send tracking links.

You’ll need to send short links of iplogger.org to both the Discord profiles which you think are alt accounts.

Follow the steps below to send the short link for checking alt accounts:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: You need to first copy the link to any YouTube video.

Step 2: You need to open the IPLogger tool from the link: www.iplogger.org.

Step 3: Next, paste the link in the input box.

Step 4: Click on Create a shortlink.

 Create a shortlink
You'll be given the shortlink

Step 5: You’ll be given the shortlink on the next page. Copy it and then go to your Discord account.

 Copy it and then go to

Step 6: Send the copied shortened link to both the accounts which you think are alt.

Send the copied shortened

Step 7: Then wait for them to get clicked.

wait for them to get clicked

Step 8: Once it’s clicked IPLogger will record the IP address of the devices.

clicked IPLogger will record

Step 9: You’ll need to access the tracking link to check the results.

If you see that the link has been clicked from the same IP address twice, you’ll be able to know that those are alt accounts on Discord.

2. Have Default Profile Badge

Another way to check whether an account on Discord is alt or not is by looking at the profile picture of both accounts. The accounts which are real have different kinds of profile badges on them.

Have Default Profile Badge

However, the alt accounts on Discord have the default badges which is a green badge. Once you open the profile page of a suspected alt account, you’ll find that the user doesn’t have any kind of information in the User Info section of the account.

There is also a good chance that if you send a friend request to these alt accounts the user may not accept it to avoid getting caught. You can check the mutual friend list and see whether you’ve any common friends with the suspected alt user or not.

3. Random Images on Profile

When you suspect that a profile on Discord might be an alt you’ll need to go through the user’s profile to check the kind of stuff he has posted on his account.

The alt accounts don’t have proper posts on their account. If the account is alt, you’ll find a few or some random photos on the profile which doesn’t make quite sense to the viewers.

Random Images on Profile

You’re most likely to not find any Mutual Servers with the alt accounts too.

However, if you see that the account has relatable and reasonable stuff on his account and is properly maintained by the user, then it’s possible that the account is not an alt.

4. No Hypesquad On Discord

You’ll have to check if a Discord account has Hypesquad on it or not. The Hypesquad on Discord makes profiles look real. When a user has Hypesquad on his account, you’ll find a purple icon below his profile photo which shows that the user uses Hypesquad on his account.

Hypesquad On Discord

If you suspect that a profile on Discord might be alt you’ll need to check his profile and see if he has Hypesquad or not. If you don’t find the Hypesquad icon on his profile it means that the account is fake. But if the account has a Hypesquad on it, then you can be sure that the account is not an alt.

5. No Activity and Less Active Time

The alt accounts are not used by their users for normal Discord activities so they only have a few activities on their account whereas other usual profiles on Discord have plenty of activities. You’ll never find the alt accounts to stay active for a long time. When an account on Discord is active, it shows the green active signal next to his profile photo.

You’ll need to check the active time of the Discord profile which you suspect is an alt account and see when he was last active from his account. If it’s long ago then there is a good chance that the profile is an alt. The alt accounts don’t have social media profile links attached to their Discord bio either.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to check linked accounts on Discord?

Discord allows users to link their different Discord accounts together. The users can keep it either private or make it public. Therefore, you’ll need to see if a profile’s connections are public or not. If it’s public, it can show you the linked accounts, but if it is private, you’ll not be able to see them.

2. How to stop alt accounts on Discord?

To stop alt accounts on Discord, you can use the Double Counter tool which is a Discord bot. It blocks all the Discord alts after comparing and checking their IP addresses, cookies, etc. It’s a free bot tool that you can use for getting rid of hundreds of alt profiles on Discord and to keep your account secure. It follows a super fast process too.

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