Why TikTok Couldn’t Load Drafts – Fix

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To fix the uploading of TikTok videos that are saved to drafts, it means either your internet connection is slow or due to the violation, TikTok blocked you for some days.

You can do only one thing just wait till the ban is lifted automatically, just find the date after which the TikTok team will let you upload the videos.

For that, go to your “TikTok” account, select “Inbox” and tap on “All activity” at the top of the screen.

Next, tap on the drop-down arrow and click on “From TikTok” and then select Account Updates. Over there you will find the date when you have to wait and retry uploading.

You must know what clearing the cache does to your TikTok.

🔯 Something Went Wrong, and Your Draft Wasn’t Saved TikTok:

Network error is one of the prevalent possibilities of not uploading videos from the TikTok Draft, and it is the most irritating problem a user faces. TikTok also consumes data like the other social media platforms, so it is better to use WiFi because, in this case, you may not face this networking issue.

But mobile data packs can create these kinds of issues because they have weak signals, even if you have a complete data pack. So, try to switch to a better place; otherwise, the video uploading will be blocked.

TikTok Couldn’t Load Drafts – WHY:

There can be several reasons, such as slow internet connection, violation of terms of service of TikTok, inappropriate content, etc, due to which you are not able to upload a video saved in a draft folder on TikTok.

Let’s discuss the most reported reasons for this:

1. Due to Violations of Account

Every platform, whether online or offline has a set of rules and terms of service, which every user and visitor have to follow when using it.

And, when you violate those rules, for the first, and the second time you will be given a warning and let go. However, if you continue to do the same mistake again, you have to face certain consequences.

In the case of TikTok, when a user violates the rules, TikTok warns at first to next time, snatch or disable some of the features.

A similar would have happened, here. Due to a violation or some inappropriate activity, TikTok might not be allowing you to upload a video from the draft.

2. You’re Blocked from Posting till a Certain Date

As discussed above, because of a violation or inappropriate activity on TikTok, you have lost the option to upload a video from the draft section.

Don’t worry, TikTok will release the feature after some days as it might have blocked you from posting till a certain date only.

Well, if you will ask, how many days? Then, only TikTok would be having the answer to it.

Actually, you might find it strange, but the working mechanisms of TikTok are not too open and not known by many. TikTok has kept all his details a secret.

TikTok Drafts Issue Finder:

TikTok Drafts crashing – How To Fix:

Many cache files will be stored if you have been using TikTok for a long time, which may cause the TikTok drafts to crash. To fix it, the first thing you can do is clear the cache files from your phone, and if it’s not working, then clear the data of the TikTok app. To do that:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Tap and hold on to the TikTok app for a few seconds; tap the “i” icon from the pop-up, and you will go to the App info section.

Step 2: You can also go to Android settings, open the Apps section, and search for TikTok.

open the Apps section
 search for TikTok

Step 3: After entering the App info section, you can see the options Storage & cache, open it and tap on the Clear cache option to clear all the cache files from your app.

 options Storage & cache
clear all the cache

Step 4: If your issue is not solved, tap Clear Data, which will delete your account data and the cache files.

tap Clear Data

TikTok Drafts Not Working – Why Couldn’t Load:

These are might be the reasons:

1. It’s Your New Phone

TikTok drafts are not saved like a standard post on the TikTok cloud server, so if you want to get the draft videos on the new phone, you have to transfer them manually. You cannot get it if it was saved on the old phone, but you uninstalled TikTok and installed it on the new phone.

2. TikTok Draft Glitches

If your TikTok drafts show glitches during uploading, then it could happen for server issues that every server faces. You are not allowed to access the app’s features during this time.

TikTok Draft Glitches

You can face this problem when the server is in maintenance. Refreshing the page may solve your problem, but if that doesn’t work, it takes some time to fix the bug. You can check what the bug is and how much time it takes to repair it on the Twitter page TikTok.

3. Your Internet Issue

If your internet is not working well, you can face this issue. If you are using WIFI, you rarely face it, but for mobile data packs, you face it more often. Sometimes switching data can give you results, but if it is not working, wait until you get a stable internet connection.

Your Internet Issue

4. It was Not Saved

If you forget to save the draft or mistakenly delete it from your old phone, you can not find it on the new phone. TikTok drafts are not saved in the cloud, so if you did not save it on your phone, you would not find it on the new phone.

How to Fix if TikTok Couldn’t Upload Video Saved to Drafts:

Since you do not know the exact reason for not being able to upload, you cannot go for an accurate fix-out method for it. Although you can predict, that, since all your features and options are working absolutely fine and only you are facing issues with uploading a video from the draft section, this means the issue is not major.

Whatever, it is will surely get resolved in some days.

Now, the tasks to find, for how long you have blocked, and the date. Date after how many days it will be fine again and, the date after which you have to try again. Well, here is a way to find out the date after which the problem will be resolved, and one can retry the video upload.

1. Open “TikTok Inbox” and click on “All activity”.

First, check your internet connection and log in to your TikTok account. After entering TikTok, come to the options given at the bottom of the home screen.

Over there, select > “Inbox”. On the screen, you will see all the notifications and related stuff. Now, roll your eyes toward the top of the inbox page screen.

TikTok Inbox

There you will see in the middle, an option, stating > “All Activity”. Alongside the ‘all activity’ option is a ‘drop down arrow’ icon, which on clicking will show a list of options.

Click on that ‘drop-down arrow’.

2. Select ‘From TikTok’

From the drop-down menu list, you have to select > “From TikTok”. The reason behind selecting the “From TikTok” option, is that, now, you will see all the notification data and majorly your activity only and only of TikTok.

'From TikTok

If there is any warning or account-related notifications, you will find that under this section only.

3. Tap on ‘Account updates’

Next, click on “Account Updates”, for account-related notifications and information. In this section, you will find the messages from the TikTok team, if any, regarding the temporary blocking or disabling of the feature, along with the date from when they will release the feature or will remove the block.

Account updates

Scroll the page, and search for any such notification. In the case where you can’t upload the video from the draft, definitely, there will be some information.

4. Find the Date There

Once you will find the message from the TikTok team, correspondingly, you will find the resume date. In the message, they clearly state the reason for blocking the features and also mention the date of unblocking those features. Read the messages carefully and find the date.

Find Date There

5. The date after that you should try posting the video on Draft

After learning the date from when you can again start uploading videos and also the videos from the draft, you have to wait. The only option left is to wait till the date comes and thereafter you can start uploading again, like before. Also, try not to do anything that violates the terms and conditions of TikTok, so you don’t have to face the problem again.

🔯 Couldn’t Upload Video. The Video was Saved to Your Drafts:

This means that you cannot post a video due to some reasons. The reason can be anything. It can be either an account violation, inappropriate content, or a server issue. If there is a server issue, that is, a slow internet connection or a low TikTok server, then you don’t have to worry. It will be fine in some hours.

However, if the reason is related to a violation of TikTok terms, then you have to worry. More than worry, you have to wait. Because, when any user violates the rule, TikTok blocks some of the features for certain days. After completion of the punishment days, you will be able to upload the video from the draft or from anywhere. Till then you have to wait.

The Bottom Lines:

When any user violates the term and conditions set by TikTok, the team block some of the features on the user’s account for certain days. Similarly, this would have happened, because of which you cannot upload the video saved to draft. You can retry uploading the video after the ban is lifted after that time.

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