Why Can’t I See My Follow Requests On TikTok

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To fix the TikTok not showing the ‘Follow Request’ issue, first of all, configure your internet connection. TikTok will not load new updates on a slow internet connection.

Hence, switch to a good speed network, like Wi-Fi, and then refresh your ‘Follow Request’ page.

Secondly, clear the cache and remove the junk files, and bugs from the app. To do so, open the phone’s “Settings” and go to the ‘General’ tab.

Over there select “iPhone Storage” and tap on “TikTok”. Now, tap on the “Offload” app and you are set to use the app like before, smoothly. Go and refresh the ‘Follow request’ tab. 

If nothing works, knock on the door of TikTok Support and the managing team. Report a problem to them and they will help you with the solution. On the TikTok settings and privacy, tab you will get the option to ‘Report a problem’.

There, select the options related to your problem and you will get the solution.

Why Can’t I See My Follow Requests On TikTok:

TikTok is a social media platform that runs over the internet and needs a robust server & database to work smoothly. Any technical glitch can affect its functioning and may create problems on the users’ end. 

The two primary reasons due to why new ‘follow requests’ are not showing are – the slow internet and the server issue. No doubt, there can be other reasons as well, such as junk files, an old version of the application, mobile storage, etc. 

Let’s discuss the two main reasons in detail:

1. Due to slow internet TikTok app can’t load data

The smooth functioning and operation of the TikTok application are solely dependent on the “Internet”. That too, is a good, strong internet. Without a good internet connection to your system, TikTok would not run properly, and you will face problems now and then. 

Due to slow internet TikTok

And because of a slow internet connection only, TikTok would not be loading and updating your ‘Follow Request’ list. Also, TikTok is all about high-quality videos and sounds, so definitely it will require a strong internet connection. Hence, to fix this, you need to configure your internet network. You can even switch to a Wi-Fi connection, for better speed and fine working.

2. TikTok server issue

An app server is a host that facilitates access and performance of the user. Whereas, the database server is a storehouse of the user’s data and manages the loading of the app. A minute glitch at the server end is capable of creating issues at the user’s end. That means any technical problem on the server can stop the loading of new updates on the application. 

Thus, the TikTok server issue can be the reason for ‘Follow requests’ not showing up or getting updated. 

Also, sometimes, the server is intentionally made slow to resolve the encountered issues or clear the harmful viruses, from the server line. 

To fix this issue, you have to wait a while, and the service will get restored automatically in some hours. 

How To Fix If I See My Follow Requests On TikTok:

After learning the reasons, let’s now learn the solution to fix it. Below are mentioned some of the methods to fix – can’t see the ‘Follow requests’

1. Clear Cache on TikTok

The first method is clear the cache of the TikTok app on your mobile device. Cache is basically the junk files and viruses or bugs, that create problems in the functioning of the app. This problem is quite normal, as it happens with every application after a particular period of time and with every internet user.

Also, it is not a major thing to deal with. You just have to visit your app settings and clear the cache. 

Here are the simple steps to clear the cache of the TikTok app from the mobile phone:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: First of all, go to your mobile phone’s “Settings” from the app menu. Tap and open it. 

Step 2: Next, on the ‘Settings’ option list, you have to go to the section that deals with ‘App’. For that, click on > “General”.

General tab on tiktok

Step 3: On the ‘General’ tab, scroll down the list and select > “iPhone Storage”.

iPhone Storage on tiktok

Step 4: Now, all the applications installed on your device will load on this page. From the list, tap on “TikTok and click on “Offload App”. 

Offload App on tiktok

Step 5: This will clear the junk files and remove the viruses and bugs from the TikTok app and your app will start working like new. Go to TikTok and check the ‘Follow Requests’ section. 

2. Report a Problem on TikTok

Reporting a problem to TikTok System means asking the TikTok support and managing team for an exact solution to your problem. Here, what you have to do is, go to ‘TikTok Support’ and describe the issue that you are facing and add the snapshots of the same.

Within 48 hours, the TikTok Support team will review your problem and revert you with a solution. This is the most direct way to get a fix for your problem in the app.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open the TikTok app on your device and log in to the account on which are facing the issue.

Step 2: After entering the app, tap on the “Me” option, in the bottom right corner of the home screen. 


Step 3: Tap on “Me” and you will reach your ‘Profile page’. Over there, tap on the ‘Three Dots’ and go to the ‘Settings and privacy’ page.

Over there, tap on the Three Dots on tiktok

Step 4: On the ‘settings and privacy page, you have to select > “Report a problem” under the ‘Support’ section. 

Report a problem on tiktok

Step 5: “Feedback and help” tab will open, there, tap on the> ‘Follow/Like/Comment’ option. Then, tap on “Follow” and select “Others”. 

Feedback and help on tiktok
Follow on tiktok
Others on tiktok

Step 6: Thereafter, tap on “Still have a problem”. This will give a space to describe your problem and also an option to add snapshots of the issue. 

Still have a problem on tiktok

Step 7: On the box given below, “Tell us your feedback”, describe your problem in detail and whatever you are facing. If possible, add the screenshots of the same, below and hit the  “Report” button. 

Tell us your feedback on tiktok

Step 8: Within 48 hours your request will be reviewed and the solution will be reverted to you. Follow the instructions properly. 

How To Stop Follow Requests On TikTok:

To stop ‘Follow Requests’ on the TikTok app, switch your account to ‘Public’ from ‘Private’. In a private account, to see your activity, people have to send you a ‘Follow request’ and if you accept, then you can follow you.

However, it is totally the opposite in the case of the ‘Public’ account. If someone likes your content and wishes to follow you, he just needs to tap on the ‘Follow; button and he can start following you. No stress to accept the ‘Follow request’ and other stuff.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

To switch from private to public, go through the steps given below:

Step 1: Open the TikTok app and click on “Me” in the bottom right corner of the screen.


Step 2: You will land on your ‘Profile page’. There click on the ‘Three dots’ in the top right corner and select > “Privacy and safety” on the “Privacy and Settings” tab.

Privacy and safety on tiktok

Step 3: Now, on the “Privacy and safety” page, you will see, the “Private Account” option. To switch it OFF, tap on the green toggle and turn it grey.

green toggle and turn it grey

 This will make your account “Public” and now tension of handling “Follow Requests”.

How to Know if Someone Declined Your Follow Request on TikTok:

If the “Requested” button is turned to the “Follow” button, this means, the person has declined your ‘Follow request’. 

This is in the way when you wish to follow someone, you go to his profile page and tap on the “Follow” button. This ‘Follow’ button, changes to ‘Requested’, indicating that you have requested that person to allow you to see his/her TikTok feeds and TikTok has sent him/her the request.

But, when you again come back to the same person’s account and see the “Follow” button, which was turned to ‘Requested’, this clearly states, that he has rejected your ‘Follow Request’.

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