How To Fix If TikTok Removed Sound

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If you want to just ignore such issues or fix if TikTok removed the sound from videos, then just go and first upload the music and add it to your favorites on TikTok making it private, and then try shooting a video using that sound from the sound section and the issue might be gone.

If that happened to you and if you see that TikTok muted your videos then you can restore those videos by contacting TikTok help support and if you’ve not violated anything then your videos will be back to normal.

Sometimes even if you upload a video from your own sound, TikTok could detect that as copyright, and on that basis, they just mute the video, which can be restored by describing to the support team about the fact.

If you think that your music may be deleted then you have ways to use commercial sounds on TikTok.

πŸ”― TikTok Muted My Video: Community Guidelines

TikTok has the power to mute your video if you use copyright music on your videos. If you don’t have the authority to use someone’s audio, then you’ll get copyright strikes after uploading your content on TikTok.

 Community Guidelines

As soon as TikTok will find that you’ve used copyright content, your video will be muted. You have to provide sufficient proof of having permission from the owner of the music to unmute the video.

If you get multiple copyright strikes, then your account may be suspended temporarily as a warning. Even after getting warnings, if you use any kind of copyright sounds, your account may be banned too.

While creating content, you should be aware of TikTok’s guidelines regarding the content violation and copyright policies. If you post content that’s harassing or insulting someone or a community, spreading hate or fake news, nudity, etc, your video will be taken down permanently by TikTok too.

🏷 Your video has been muted because it contains music that exceeds the allowed maximum duration:

 Your video has been muted

If you’re getting the error message: Your video has been muted because it contains music that exceeds the allowed maximum duration, you should know that it occurs when you use music that exceeds the maximum duration limit.

To keep the videos short, you can use the music for 30 seconds on your video. But you’re allowed to add music for up to 180 seconds which is the maximum limit.

Don’t exceed the maximum limit or else your video will get muted by TikTok.

How to Fix if TikTok Muted your Video:

The owner of the media has not made it available in your country or for free use.

You have some ways to try if that is a bug or can be fixed with these tricks.

Here are two methods: (i) The Direct method, and (ii) using a third-party tool.

1. Upload Sound without Copyright issues:

Step 1: Start by re-uploading your video on TikTok.

Step 2: The first thing you need to do is open your TikTok app and tap on the ‘Add‘ option.

TikTok app and tap on the 'Add' option

Step 3: Next tap on the ‘Upload‘ button.

Step 4: After this step, there is an option of cropping the video, if you wish to cut it short then for your video you can do it here.

Step 5: You should make it first ‘Private‘.

Step 6: Tap on the ‘Add to Favorites‘ option to add it to sound.

added to favorites

Step 7: Your video will be in the ‘Sound‘ section. Tap in the ‘Sound‘ option to add sound to your video.

Step 8: Tap on the ‘Shoot with this sound‘ option to use that music.

shoot with sound tiktok

After selecting the volume of your video to zero just upload the video. Your video will be uploaded without any copyright error.

2. Using a Third-party tool:

β—˜ Make a note of the audio that has been used in the video details of which are given next to the music ‘🎡’ icon on the video.

β—˜ Search this audio either from Google or YouTube or another third-party tool that allows you to add music to videos like InShot. Just download it and save it to your device.

β—˜ Open your TikTok app and tap on the add option ‘+’ and tap on ‘upload’ and select the file you have downloaded.

β—˜ If you want to crop the sound according to the video, tap on ‘Next’ and select the volume to a full sound.

β—˜ Tap on ‘Next’ and upload your video and your video is uploaded without any copyright error.

That’s all you’ve to follow.

Why did TikTok remove your sound?

There might be many reasons that could mute TikTok videos like community guidelines and other things, many are described below:

tiktok guidelines

1. Exceeds Maximum Duration Allowed

TikTok only muted videos for legit reasons. One of the most common causes is that the music of the video exceeds the maximum duration of 180 seconds.

Maximum Duration

You cannot use a sound that is more than 180 seconds as it’s not allowed. Even using copyright sounds can get your video muted.

2. Don’t Use for Commercial Purposes (i.e. Ads)

If you’re using commercial songs on your TikTok videos, it might get muted if you don’t have a personal account. On business accounts of TikTok, it’s not allowed to use commercial sounds.

Some sounds are restricted to be used which shows you the error message This song isn’t licensed for commercial use. Personal accounts are allowed to use any kind of song from the music library of TikTok but when you’re handling a commercial or business account, you can’t use certain sounds to promote your business or use for your content.

If you want to use a few commercial sounds, you can change your business account to a personal account if possible.

3. Due to Copyright Content

The reason why TikTok muted your video is that it has copyright content. The app takes this copyright content as a serious issue.

Content that is copyrighted, cannot be posted on TikTok because the owner has possibly not made it available for your country or region.

TikTok automatically detects copyright content. If auto-detected, your video will be muted or will be prevented from posting by TikTok.

If your TikTok account is related to a business, the app will not allow you to use commercially available songs and sounds.

This may also be one of the reasons that TikTok has muted your video.

To use commercial audio in your video content you need to change the settings of your account from business account to personal account.

4. Not available in Region

Another reason that might mute your TikTok videos would be the countryside unavailability of that video and this is because the uploader of the video has not made it available in your region.

not in region

5. Could be a Technical Error

A possible reason could also be because of a technical issue with the TikTok app which may be temporary and may be resolved in some time. You can just restart your device or uninstall and then reinstall the app to solve this technical problem.

Another reason could be that the TikTok app that you are using is not an updated version. Visit your App Store and update your TikTok app.

πŸ”― Tips to Avoid getting Muted on TikTok:

β—˜ Apart from following these steps make sure you are using the latest and updated version of the TikTok app.

β—˜ You can also keep the content of your video as short as possible to avoid copyright issues.

β—˜ You can take permission from the content holder in order to avoid getting muted. You can also try and modify the original audio content like remix or mashup.

β—˜ You can also avoid getting muted by attributing the owner of the music that you are using in your video.

πŸ”― What Does it Mean to be Muted on TikTok Live?

Firstly the reason is the copyright issue – This is the most probable reason.

If the owner of the audio has not made it available in your country or region, it’s blocked.

This is the reason the app TikTok automatically mutes you to protect copyright law. TikTok faces this music copyright issue, which is why you are unable to link sound to your video.

β—˜ Also, this could be that your device’s volume may be on mute, which is why you appear to be muted when you are live on TikTok.

β—˜ Another reason is that maybe your device is connected to a Bluetooth device. Someone has muted you by blocking you. Though you will not be notified of it, you will be muted for the people who block you.

β—˜ The reason could be a technical issue with the TikTok app which may be temporary and may be resolved in some time. You can just restart your device or uninstall and then reinstall the app to solve this technical problem.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to keep video sound on TikTok?

If you want to keep the video sound on TikTok, you need to be sure that you’ve checked the Keep original sound box. When you record a video, the sound of the video becomes your original sound. If you want to cancel the original sound, you can add music and uncheck the Keep original sound box.

Even if you want to add your voice to the video, you can use the voiceover feature of TikTok to record your voice for the video.

You should also know that when you’re using the original sound on your video, others can click on the original sound and use it on their videos after you post it.

2. Why & How long Am I muted on TikTok live?

If you’ve got muted on TikTok live, it can be either for a few seconds or a few minutes. But it can also be for the whole live duration too. Only the unkind viewers get muted on TikTok live because of their harassing comments on the live.

The host can mute you temporarily on the live so that you can’t comment on anything during the live session. When the host of the live session mutes you, all your comments are removed from the live session.

This option has been helpful to the live hosts to stop the unkind or harassing users from posting bad or harsh comments.

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