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To find the Instagram account location, you can send the Grabify and once the user clicks on it the location & IP will get recorded.

You can also use Techniquehow’s Instagram Location Tracker tool, where you just have to enter the Instagram username and find the user’s location.

You have some other ways to tell whether an Instagram account is fake or not.

There are some steps you can try to track location by link.

Instagram Location Tracker:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: First, open Techniquehow’s Instagram location tracker tool.

Step 2: Then, copy the profile username of the person and paste it into the field & click on ‘Track’.

Then the tool will show you the result where you can see the particular person’s location.

How To Track An Instagram Account:

Now if you want to know the IP address of an Instagram account that is currently active then the method you are going to follow is, messaging a tracking link to the person.

However, you will see certain things on someone’s Instagram profile that identify it as real. You must know a few things to confirm if the Instagram account is real.

1. Using Grabify Location Tracker

You have to send a link to the person which will track his location along with the other network details whenever the person clicks on that link.

To get a click from that person you have to send some amazing news articles or an interesting video clip that a normal person gets attracted to. This will increase the chance to get a click from that person.

🔴 Follow These Steps:

Step 1: Moreover, first, you have to go to the website. From there you have to create a tracking link.

create link

Step 2: Now Put a link to an article that attracts people’s attention and click & create.

Step 3: Then send the link to the person via messages and remember the person has to open it in a new tab, send the link in text form.

copy link

Step 4: Now, once the person opens the link, with the tracking link you can see the real IP. You can swipe the bots IP to view only the real IP of that person and this 100% works.

bots ip

That’s all you’ve to do.

After you get the IP address, how would you handle that? You have to make sure that it’s a real Instagram before coming to any conclusion regarding the details.

2. Iplogger Location Tracker

From the IP address of the user, you can track the Instagram account’s location online. The IP address of a device is unique and different. You need to first get the IP address of the user whose location you want to track.

This can be done by sending a shortened link IP Logger to the user and as the user clicks on the link, the IP logger will record the IP address and the location of the user.

🔴 Steps To Use IP Logger:

1. Open the IP Logger tool from the link below:

2. Next, enter a valid link to any video or article. Then click on the Create a short link.

create short link

3. After getting the link, send it to the user whose location you want to track.

copy link iplogger

4. Wait for the user to click on it. As soon as he clicks on it the IP gets recorded. Enter the tracking code in the input box and then click on the It’s a tracking code button.

tracking code instagram

5. Next, you’ll be able to see the IP address and the location of the user.

location details

You can also put the IP address on any IP tracker to get detailed information about the user’s location.

How to Know Someone’s Instagram Location from Profile:

Know the following things below:

1. Find Location on Profile

If you’re trying to find the location of someone’s Instagram profile, you can search for it in his profile bio section. On the bio section of their Instagram profile, users mostly add their information to inform other users about themselves.

Find Mentioned Location on Profile

Even, check the username of the profile to find if the name of the location is mentioned in the username or not.

Often when it’s a business profile or company profile, it adds the location name by combining it with the username to inform the other users about its location. If you don’t find the location in the username or the bio section, you apply the next method.

2. Instagram account activity

On Instagram, you can post different pictures and videos by tagging the location on it. If you’re trying to find the location of some user, you can stalk the profile of the person to view his post and pictures.

Check the location tagged in the pictures which is probably the location of his homeplace. You need to check all the recent posts to find his location.

Instagram account activity

However, the user may not always tag location on pictures but you can still read the caption and find out if the user has mentioned the location name in the caption of the post.

Live locations are mentioned in posts and stories on Instagram, which can help you to find the city or place where he belongs. If you can’t find it by stalking, ask the user directly if possible.

🏷 Apps For Instagram Activity Tracking of Private Accounts:

The private profiles on Instagram can only be viewed by following the users. However, if you don’t want to follow the user on Instagram you can also spy on the profile using some spying apps.

The best of all the apps that you can use is Glassagram. You need to install this app and subscribe to a plan to make an account. Next, install the Glassagram app on the target’s device and then set it up.


After the target’s device gets linked to your Glassagram account, you’ll be able to spy on the target’s device to check his Instagram profile too.

You can also use the mSpy app. It is a top spying tool that you can use to spy on others’ Instagram profiles without following them. It works on both Android and iPhones.

You can even use the Instalooker app to spy on private Instagram accounts anonymously. You just need to enter the username of the profile you want to spy on and then click on the Start Viewer button to check the post of the private profile anonymously.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Does Instagram show live locations?

Instagram doesn’t show the live location of any user but it allows you to tag your location in your post so that you can inform the viewers about your location or the location of the place whose pictures you’re posting.

If you want to know the live location of any Instagram user, you need to ask the person to share his location with you if possible.

2. Can I see someone’s Instagram activity without being friends?

If you don’t follow a user on Instagram, you can still see his posts and videos on Instagram only if the profile is public. The public profile allows both followers and non-followers to view their stories and posts.

But if the account is private, then you can’t view the Instagram activity of the user unless you follow it.

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