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  1. Instagram server stores all the data of users who post on Instagram even those who like and share.
  2. If you have a doubt about an Instagram profile for its picture on DP being a fake and wondered if you can know the IP address, most probably if you could be able to find the location of that person who is behind the profile.
  3. To know the IP address of that Instagram account you have to use any IP finder tool that is available easily over the internet.
  4. Even you can trace the IP if the person watches your content sent directly on chat and track his location through that link.

You have some other ways to tell whether an Instagram account is fake or not.

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Video on How to Track an Instagram Account Location:

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How to Track an Instagram Account Location?

Now if you want to know the IP address of an Instagram account that is currently active then the method you are going to follow is, by messaging a tracking link to the person.

Although, you will see certain things on someone’s Instagram profile that identifies it as real. You must know a few things to confirm if the Instagram account is real.

You have to send a link to the person which will track his location along with the other network details whenever the person clicks on that link.

To get a click from that person you have to send some amazing news articles or an interesting video clip that a normal person gets attracted to. This will increase the chance to get a click from that person.

Now follow these steps:

Step 1: Moreover, at first, you have to go to the Grabify IP Logger website. From there you have to create a tracking link.

create link 1 IP

Step 2: Now Put a link to an article that attracts people’s attention and click & create.

Step 3: Then send the link to the person via messages and remember the person has to open it in a new tab, send the link in text form.

create link 2 IP

Step 4: Now, once the person opens the link, with the tracking link you can see real IP. You can swipe bots IP to view only the real IP of that person and this 100% works.

bots ip

That’s all you’ve to do.

After you get the IP address, how would you handle that? You have to make sure that it’s a real Instagram before coming to any conclusion regarding the details.

Infographic_How to Track Instagram Account Location

Here you have the step-by-step guide below for tracking the IP address of an Instagram account:

1. Spy an Instagram account

If you want to identify an Instagram account, whether it is fake or real then check with the 4 main things that you have to verify with. 

The first thing you should see is that you have to check either is this account is old or new. If this account is fake then this might have fewer posts on it. 

The fake profile users are those that are not able to verify their identity of themselves. They are not able to post daily and maintain regularity & personal updates.

The best part is to identify a fake Instagram account by choosing a real Instagram account.

That is how you can mark that profile as a fake ID.

Another thing to check at the post that you should also consider, the comments on the posts person shared.

If you see random comments from people which are not related to the post exactly then you might understand this is the bot-effect that he created for his popularity and definitely a fake account does this kind of activities.

Checking the comments is the best way that you can apply for spotting out a fake Instagram account. 

Sometimes it is seen that a person who is having a huge follower base on his fake Instagram account changes that profile to the original name to promote his personal products through the Instagram account by building a fake authority on Instagram.

2. How to Track an Instagram Account?

Finding the IP address of an Instagram account by law enforcement has a process that has to maintain properly. Don’t think that police can track the Instagram server as per their wish. 

There are a few steps involved, in this, you have to take permission from the justice who will provide a search warrant to find the IP address from the Instagram server. Contacting Instagram which is a large company, they will not share the data of users with anybody else without the order from law enforcement and only when the case is severe.

How to Find out who is behind an Instagram Account?

So let’s understand the process:

  1. First of all, the police take the search warrant from the Law Enforcement when someone files a complaint against the duplicate Instagram ID.
  2. If the offence is severe then only you can find the IP address of that person from the Instagram server with the help of officials.
  3. Now once Instagram provides the IP address of the device the person was using the Instagram account on, next it goes to the ISP for tracking and finding out the details.
  4. Now the ISP confirms who is the owner of the IP address and finally, the fact gets revealed.

Remember: Finding an IP address is not sufficient to locate the person and if the person is more clever than he can use the third-party program that can change his original location while using the fake Instagram account. 
That is why it is always not helpful that anyone can track the person who is behind the Instagram account.

Note that the process is what you have learned here to track an IP address of an Instagram account by the use of law enforcement.

3. Is it Possible to Find a Deleted Instagram Account?

Directly you cannot access the Instagram profile by putting the username on or on your Instagram app.

The thing is possible by a crawler that searches every page on Instagram and checks for updates there then stores on its server. You have to take advantage of these records which are stored either on Google (best) or Yahoo search results.

The process that you have to follow: 

1. Go to the Google image search tab.

2. From there you have to type the Instagram username with the full profile link if possible. 

3. Now the result will be displayed in front of you and you can confirm the link that is under the search image results. 

4. That opens your target profile in cached version and it’s done, you have found the deleted Instagram account & its stuff online. 

This is the same process you can follow to find a deleted IG account on the Google search engine.

4. Is it possible to track the IP of a deleted Instagram?

You personally cannot track the disabled Instagram account’s IP address. But in the case of law enforcement orders, the authority can track the IP address from the data server of Instagram that is controlled by Facebook.

Once the tracking is done most probably of 92% chance that the person’s name gets revealed and only fewer cases are not traceable.

This tracking can show the email ID associated with the fake account on the first counter and this email id or mobile number can also be used to track the person as well.

The Bottom Lines:

This article explained many ways that can reveal the user’s IP address, as you already read in this article that the email ID can also be a clue for identifying the IP address of an Instagram user who is behind the Instagram fake account, you personally can do that with the technique by messaging a link to the person.

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