How To Use Signal Without Phone Number

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To use Signal without a phone number, use a virtual phone number app like TextNow or Fongo.

You can use your landline number to create a Signal account.

You can use Signal without giving out your actual phone number.

You should not use your real name on the Signal Messenger app if your privacy concerns.

Signal shows your number at the time of the call, and you can remove your phone number from Signal, either deleting your account or using a virtual number.

How to Use Signal Without Phone Number:

You have the following methods:

1. Using Virtual Number App

🔯 TextNow

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download and Install the Signal app

For Android users, open your Google Play Store app and download the Signal app and launch it; for iOS users, open the App Store app and install it. If you have an active antivirus plan on your device, then you can use it to scan for viruses.

Install the Signal app

Step 2: Download and Install the TextNow app

Using the TextNow app, you can generate a new number which you can use to register for a Signal account. So, install the app from Google Play Store or App Store based on your device, and launch it.

 Install the TextNow app

Step 3: Sign Up for a TextNow account

After launching the TextNow app, you must sign up for an account; you get many Sign Up options like Facebook, Google, or Gmail. Choose any of these and Sign Up for an account.

Sign Up
many Sign Up

Step 4: Choose the area code and number

After signing up, they will ask you to choose a US base area code; if you do not know any US base area code, then search for it on Google and enter an area code.

 area code
Then based on that area code

Then based on that area code, the app will suggest some numbers and choose any of them. Then it will ask for permissions, so give it the Notification and Microphone permission and allow it to make phone calls.

give it the Notification

Step 5: Enter Phone number on Signal

Click on the Three lines from the top left corner of the TextNow app screen and note down the number. Now open the Signal app and enter the TextNow number.

Click on the Three lines
enter the TextNow number

Step 6: Verify your Signal account

After entering the number, it will send you a code via SMS, but as you are using the TextNow number, you will not get it. So, wait for 60 seconds and tap “I didn’t get a code” a pop-up will appear, selecting “Call Me Instead”.

selecting Call Me Instead

After that, you will receive a phone call from Signal, and if you don’t get it, open the TextNow app; here, it will show the call. Pick up the call, note down the side digit code and verify your Signal account.

 down the side digit code

🔯 Fongo

Follow the steps:

Step 1: Install the Signal and Fongo apps

To create a Signal account without your real number, you can use the Fongo app; for that, install both Signal and Fongo apps on your device from Google Play Store (Android users) or App Store (iOS users).

Step 2: Sign Up for a Fongo account

Launch the Fongo app, allow the microphone but don’t allow the contacts, and tap “Register”. Now on the new screen, enter a new email address and generate a password for your Fongo account.

contacts, and tap Register

Step 3: Provide the details they want

After that, they will ask for your Province and city name. Select your suitable one and then choose a phone number from the list. Note that number, and on the next screen, it will ask for your address; it will be better if you put the wrong address.

then select Continue

Enter any name, pin code, and other address, then select “Continue”. After that, agree to their terms and conditions, and they will send you a verification email. Open your Gmail account, verify it, and log in to your Fongo account.

agree to their terms and conditions
Gmail account, verify
your Fongo account

Step 4: Enter the phone number on Signal and verify your account

Open the Signal app, enter the Fongo number and wait for 60 seconds until they give the option “I didn’t get a code” because you didn’t get a code via the Fongo number. When they give the options, click on it, select “Call Me Instead”, receive the code via call, and type it on the Signal app.

2. Use Landline Number

If you do not want to use your phone number as your login credentials for Signal Messenger, then you can use your landline number. You can register for your Signal account using a landline number and get a code. To log in using the landline number on Signal

Step 1: Download and install the Signal app from the Google Play Store (for Android users) or App store (for iOS users) and launch it.

Install the Signal app

Step 2: On the next screen, enter the country name and the landline number and tap “Next”.

enter the country name
On the next screen

Step 3: A pop-up will appear there; select “Call Me Instead”, pick up the automated call and note down the six-digit code.

selecting Call Me Instead

Step 4: They will send a code, wait for it for 60 seconds and tap “I didn’t get a code”.

 down the side digit code

Now enter the code to verify your landline number, and when verification is done, you can use this app.

🔯 Can I Use Signal Without Giving Out Your Phone Number?

Yes, you can use Signal without giving out your phone number with any virtual number. Virtual numbers help you hide your contact details and use different numbers.

To get a virtual number visit the virtual phone number provider’s website.

You must sign up for an account with your business or individual details. Then purchase a virtual phone number.

After purchasing it, a product expert from a virtual phone service provider will contact you, help you set up the number, and answer your questions.

🔯 Should I Use My Real Name on Signal?

If you do not wish to share your real name, you should not use your real name if you are concerned with your privacy. Instead of using your real name and phone number, use a virtual number. Buy any virtual number, register your account on Signal, and use it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Does Signal show your phone number?

Yes, just like a normal phone call, it will show your phone number when you call on Signal. But they do not share your phone number with anyone to maintain their privacy policy. They do not use mobile charges, data, or WiFi; they do all the processes.

2. Can I Remove the Phone Number from the Signal?

Yes, you can remove your phone number from Signal by deleting your account permanently. You can also use a virtual number to remove your phone number from Signal.

3. Can you use Signal anonymously?

Yes, using a virtual number, you can use Signal anonymously. Go to any virtual number website, pay, and get any virtual number online or VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol) to make and receive calls without being connected to a sim card or any physical network.

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