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Facebook Profile Viewer: How To View Private Facebook Profiles & Posts

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To view private posts of a Facebook profile, simply go to the Facebook search bar and afterward search the URL of that profile, or else try some best viewer tools to see the private stuff of a user.

You can see all Facebook photos including the hidden photos if you unleash the private Facebook profiles.

Also, if you are looking for a way to see all private Facebook photos then firstly you must understand where the photos get saved.

How To View Private Facebook Profiles & Posts:

There are methods that you have to execute in order to view locked or private Facebook profiles and photos.

You can also try this Facebook profile viewer on your device. Enter the Facebook profile URL onto the tool.

This will reveal the private stuff (limited) if that is present on the database.

1. mSpy Private Viewer

mSpy is a spying tool that can be used for viewing private profile accounts on Facebook. As it’s a spying tool, it comes with several other spying features too. You need to have a mSpy account to use this tool for spying on other devices.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open the mSpy website.


Step 2: Next, you need to enter your email address and then order your account.

Click on TRY NOW

Step 3: You’ll receive an email from mSpy where you’ll get your account credentials.

Step 4: You need to select and buy a mSpy plan. Once you’ve paid for your subscription, your account is ready.

Step 5: Install the app on the target’s device and set it up.
Next, you’ll need to log in to your control panel and then view the user’s private Facebook activities.

2. Using Spyera Tool

Now, here is the premium app for you ‘Spyera‘. Spyera is the best app to view private Facebook photos also able to track cell phones, calls, and SMS.

If you want complete information regarding any Facebook account including private posts or photos then this app should be the most helpful choice. This tool is also available to your iOS (iPhone) devices without any restriction.

Click on get started

But, you have to purchase the app for at least 3 months and the cost is quite reasonable for its lots of features.

See price

Just you need to have the rooted Android devices but also available in a web-based dashboard. So, if you want to view those private Facebook photos then this software will really do the job for you.

3. Target Friends of that Person

The first common method to view private Facebook photos is just by adding friends of that person to your list. This feature unveils the photos which are limited under the ‘Friends of friends’ privacy setup. This feature helps to reveal the tagged photos which the user shared with friends.

target her friends

Once, you add his/her friends, the photos which are shared with that friend will be visible to you as you are now a friend of his close friend.

Just target 4 to 5 persons and go on as you can, to increase the chance of finding every piece photo in front of you even for future posts.

However, this basic method only works to a limited extent to reveal the tagged photos that are not public.

4. Become a Fake Friend: Anonymous Way

Even after getting some target people in a friend list, a feature is still untouched. That is photos shared with friends, not actually the tagged ones with others.

In that case, if the photos are not publicly shared or not tagged to anyone, the only way to see them is just by being a friend of that person.

You can view private profiles anonymously, if you feel unsafe revealing your real Facebook ID, then you can send friend requests using multiple fake IDs and wait to accept the request. Once it is accepted, all done. Now, you can see anything he or she has shared that is viewable to friends on his profile.

People have become so safety concerned that some of them don’t allow unknown people to come into their Facebook friend list. In those cases, some of the third-party apps might be helpful.

How To View Photos of A Private Facebook Profile:

There are several methods you can try:

1. Facebook Bug Trick: Tagged Photos

Facebook has a feature in the search bar which is another helpful method to see the private photos of any Facebook profile.

facebook photos

Facebook actually kept this bug open because it is the better method to identify a person whom you are searching for on Facebook.

To see the private photos of a Facebook account just,

Step 1: Search for ‘Photos of (Name)’ then Facebook will list all of the possible photos which is helpful to identify any person. Or just go to Facebook Photo search and put the name of the person whose photos you want to view.

find private-photos-fb

Step 2: Now once you’re done with the search, all photos will be visible. You can also use the filters to modify your choice.
Step 3: For posts, just use a filter to Posts, and for videos use a filter Videos particularly to speed up the process and get accurate results.

This method is also beneficial to view photos of a Facebook profile that is actually hidden in his or her timeline. By pictures, you can find out private profiles that are not visible in the search.

But, this method will also show up other photos if it matches the name with other profiles. In that case, you have to scroll down to the bottom and find the appropriate target.

🏷 Use Facebook Search: Photos of <Name>:

As the photos of the private profiles are not available to see on his profile, you’ll need to use certain tricks to find them. You can search for the person’s photo directly on Facebook by using the Facebook search. On the search bar, you need to enter the name Photos of (user’s name) and then search for it. You’ll get the available photos of the user directly.

2. Google Search Person’s Name

search photos on Google

You can also search for the person on Google and get to know more available information about the user.

To see the pictures of the user, you need to search for the person on the Google search bar, and then you’ll need to enter the Image section of the results to see the pictures of the user.

3. Find Other Social Media & Find his Photos

social media accounts

You can also take the help of other social media profiles of the user to see the photos of the private profile user. Search for the user on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and then find his profile on these platforms.

Check the pictures posted by the user on those profiles. If his Facebook account is private, it doesn’t necessarily mean that his Instagram has to be private. But if it’s private, you can check his Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts to see his pictures too.

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