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How To View Snapchat Story Without Being Friends

By TechniqueHow Team

✎ Key Takes:

» You can view someone’s Snapchat story without being friends by locating it in the Discover section or using a fake account or a friend’s account.

» Just use the Discover section or employ a fake account or a friend’s profile to access someone’s story discreetly, keeping in mind the potential notification to the user.

How to view Snapchat Story without being friends:

Try the following methods:

1. Find On Discover Page

Snapchat has a section called Discover, where you can see many contents in the form of a story. It is the news feed page of Snapchat where you can see the contents of many news, sports, and entertainment channels, as well as some influencer and business channels.

You can also find many Snapchat users’ accounts, so search for the targeted person’s story there. To find stories in the Discover section:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open Snapchat and log in to your account with your credentials, and you will be landed on the Snapchat Homepage (Camera section). 

Step 2: Click on the Two People icon from the bottom bar, next to the Search icon. 

Click on the Two people icon
Click on search icon

Step 3: You will land on the Stories or Discover section here, you can see your Snapchat friend’s stories at the top, and below that, you can see the contents of the Discover section.

Click on story

2. Using a Friend’s Phone

If you want to view someone’s Snapchat story, you must add the person as your friend; otherwise, you can not see it. But you don’t need to add him as your friend in every case.

If you have any friend who has already added him as his friend and can see his stories, then you can use his account to view their Snapchat stories.

It would be best to have a common friend between you and the targeted person; then, you can use the common friend’s account to view others’ Snapchat stories.

3. Create a Fake Profile and Spy on It

Suppose you want to hide your identity and view others’ Snapchat stories; you need a fake account. Create an account on Snapchat with some basic details that should not be identical to your identity.

Create a Fake Profile

Then use this account and add the person as your friend on Snapchat to see his stories.

To add a person as your friend on Snapchat, tap the Add Friend icon from the upper right side of the screen, search for his name, and tap the “+Add” button next to their name. After that, you can see their stories when they post anything. 

How to Look at Someone’s Snap without Adding Them: 

Without adding someone to your Snapchat friend list, it is a little tricky to see their snaps. You can create a fake account, and by adding him through that account, you can track him.

If any of your friends added him on Snapchat, then using your friend’s account, you can see his snap. Lastly, use online tools to see their snaps and spy on their accounts.

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