What Happens When You Delete An Unopened Snapchat

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If you delete an unopened message or Snap on Snapchat, others will not see the Message, and the Message will be deleted from both ends.

To delete a message on Snapchat, manually open the Chats section, tap and hold messages, and see the “Delete” option there; click on it.

Snapchat also deletes snaps, meaning the snaps stay on the Chat for 30 days until viewed. Once viewed, it is deleted within 24 hours.

You can also auto-delete Snaps already read by using the “After Viewing” tool.

You must also know what a sent snap shows when Snapchat is uninstalled. Also, know what happens to snaps when blocked.

What Happens When You Delete An Unopened Snapchat:

There are a few things that happen when you delete an unopened snap:

1. The Person Would Not see the Message

If you delete a snap on Snapchat before the person has seen the message, it will be deleted from the chat screen, and the person can not see the Snap in the future.

After you delete the message, there will be a tag showing that you deleted the Message, meaning the person can not see the original Message or the Snap. They see the tag that you deleted a message.

2. Your Message is Deleted from both ends

If you delete the chats’ messages, they will be deleted from both ends, meaning you also can not see the messages or Snaps again.

After sending a snap tap, hold the Message and press “Delete”. It will be deleted from both ends. Even if the person cannot see the Snap within 30 days, it will also be deleted from the chats.

3. You’ll Get a Notification

The recipient may still get a notification that you sent them a snap, but when they try to open it, they’ll see a message saying that the snap has been deleted.

4. Removed from your Chat History

If the recipient hasn’t opened the snap yet, the snap will also be removed from your chat history with them, so you won’t be able to see it either.

💁🏽‍♂️ Note:

Once a snap has been opened, it can no longer be deleted by the sender, and it will remain in the recipient’s chat history until they choose to delete it.

Also, if you’ve saved a snap to your Memories before sending it, deleting the snap won’t remove it from your Memories. However, the snap will no longer be visible to the recipient.

How to Delete An Unopened Chat On Snapchat:

Follow the below steps:

Step 1: Open Chat and Tap & Hold Messages

You can easily delete your Chat manually on Snapchat. To delete the messages, manually first open your Snapchat app and log in with your credentials. Then swipe your screen right, or tap on the chat icon at the bottom of the screen to go to the chat section. Click on it. Now open any of your friends’ chats, then tap and hold on to the Message you want to delete.


Step 2: Tap on ‘Delete’

You can see the “Delete” option. Click this, then click “Delete Chat” to confirm the deletion.

But keep one thing in mind, if you delete a message, then there will be a tag showing that you deleted this Message, which means after deleting the Message for both sides, Snapchat will notify the other person that you have deleted it it it the Message.


Step 3: Do the Same for All Messages

Now you have to do the same thing for all messages, and you have to tap and hold every Message and delete it. One thing you can do is you can use the “Clear Conversation” feature. By clicking on the “Clear conversation” button, you can clear the conversation from your chats.

First, go to the chat section, then tap and hold on to the target person’s Chat whose conversations you want to clear. Click “More,” and you can see an option, “Clear Conversation.” Click on it and then press “Clear” again to confirm the deletion.

How to Auto-Delete Snaps that are Read:

You can easily delete messages from Snapchat for both sides. If you enable “After Viewing” and send any message to the person, then this Message will be deleted after the person views it.

Here are the steps for how to turn on auto delete instantly.

Step 1. Open Chat> Tap and hold on profile

First, log in to your Snapchat account, click on your profile picture, go to your profile, and go to the “My Friends” section. Then tap on your targeted friends’ names, and you will be redirected to the individual chat section, or you can swipe right on your Snapchat home screen. Now choose any of your friends’ names and tap and hold on to their profile.


Step 2: Tap ‘More’> Tap on ‘Delete Chats…’

After holding on to their profile, you can see a pop-up will come. There press the second last option, “More.” After clicking on it, you can see another window will open, which is filled with a lot of options, like “Block,” “Remove Friend,” “Clear Conversation,” etc. Tap on the “Delete Chats” option.

Tap on Delete Chat.....

Step 3: Choose the ‘After Viewing’ option

After clicking on the option “Delete Chats,” you can see three options will come: “After Viewing,” “24 Hours after Viewing,” and “Cancel.” Click on “After Viewing,” and the messages will be automatically deleted after you see them.

After Viewing

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