What is The Suggested list in Messenger?

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A suggested list on Messenger means that a list of people is shown to you when you click on the pencil icon to start a new conversation.

The suggested list on Messenger shows users who you’ve searched on Facebook, you may have previously had a chat with him, or you’ve many mutual friends with the user on Facebook.

These suggested users on Messenger are not always from your Facebook friend list. They can be someone from your uploaded contacts.

Messenger often suggests users with names of people whose message request he had accepted even though the person is not in his Facebook friend list.

The suggestions are also made based on your Facebook post interactions and profiles found in your nearby location.

If you want to remove people from the suggestions list, turn off the uploading of contacts on Messenger, block the users whose message request you’ve accepted, and deny location access to Messenger.

There are some steps you can follow to remove the suggested from Messenger.

What Is The Suggested List In Facebook Messenger:

You get the suggested list on Messenger when you try to start a new chat. On Messenger when you click on the pencil icon to find someone to have a new conversation with, you’ll see a list of people being suggested to you as a recommendation from Messenger.

These are the users with whom you’ve conversed the most in Messenger which is why they’re on the suggested list.

You’ll find that all the users with whom you chat daily are shown at the top of the list whereas the users with whom you chat less often are shown at the bottom.

Some of the recommendations can be from your uploaded contacts too.

What Does The Suggested Mean on Messenger:

These are the following things that you might see:

1. You Searched for The Person

You may wonder how the suggestions are shown to you on Messenger and on what basis are the recommendations made.

You Searched for The Person

The recommendations are made based on your Facebook activities. If you’ve searched for a person on Facebook a few times to stalk the person then there is a good chance that you’ll find the user on your suggestions list in Messenger.

Even if the person is not in your friend list but you’ve searched for him and visited his profile several times, Facebook will recommend you start a chat with the user by suggesting his name on the suggestions list of Messenger.

If you search for a person frequently to keep up with his latest post and stories, Facebook counts your activities as interaction and suggests the name of the user on the Messenger suggestions list.

2. Previous Chat With the Person

On the suggestions list of Messenger, you’ll find the names of the user with whom you’ve previously chatted on Messenger.

Previous Chat With the Person messenger

The user with whom you talk most often will appear at the top of the suggestion list and the user with whom you’ve chatted a few times or quite less will appear at the bottom of the list.

3. You Mutual Friends with Them

You may find a few of the recommendations on the suggestion list that are not from your friend list on Facebook. But they are recommended to you because you’ve many mutual friends with them.

You Mutual Friends with Them

They may be from the same workplace as you, the same university, locality, or school which is why you have got a larger number of mutual friends in common.

Where From Does The Messenger Get Suggested Contacts:

These are the below options from where the Messenger gets the suggested contacts:

1. Contacts On Phone or Chats

Messenger often suggests recommendations based on the contacts that you’ve uploaded from your devices. Messenger allows you to upload and sync contacts on the app. After you upload your device’s contact, Facebook matches the contacts and finds the accounts associated with those uploaded contacts.

Contacts on Phone or Chats

After finding the associated profiles that are linked to your device’s contact, it is shown to you on the Messenger suggestions list which recommends that you start a chat with them. It is also recommended to you on Facebook’s People You May Know list to add them as friends. If you don’t want your contacts to be shown as suggestions on Messenger, you can turn off uploading of contacts too.

2. You Replied to Message Requests

On the suggestions list, you may see the names of the user’s from whose message requests you’ve accepted on Messenger but you’re not friends with the person on Facebook. If you’ve previously accepted the message request of any user on Messenger and have replied to the user, then Messenger will count your interaction with the user and will show the user on your suggestions list.

You Replied to Message Requests

If you don’t want the user who’s not in your friend list to be not shown on your suggestions list either, you should not accept the message request in the first place or you can block the user directly on Facebook and Messenger so that he gets removed from the list automatically.

3. Interactions on Posts (reactions or comments)

Based on your Facebook interactions, Messenger suggestions are shown. You’ll find that the users whose posts you react to the most, comment, or share their posts are shown on your suggestions list in Messenger. This is because of all the friends, these are the most interactive friends of yours. They get the rank for being your top Facebook friend which is why you see their names on the suggestions list.

Interactions on Posts

If you want to change the list of suggestions by bringing in a few new names, you can start to interact more with other people on Facebook by reacting to their posts often, leaving frequent comments, sharing their posts, tagging them on stories and posts, etc.

4. Nearest Location of Two People (you & the person)

Locational factors sometimes influence the suggestions that are shown to you on Messenger. If you find a few random names on the suggestions who are not from your Facebook friend list, or contact list nor you’ve accepted their messages request, it might be shown because those users are in the same or close location as you. If you’ve provided the Messenger application with GPS access, it can track down your GPS location to match with the users near you or in the same locality.

Nearest Location of Two People (you & the person)

If you don’t want suggestions based on location, you can deny locational access to the Messenger application so that it doesn’t show suggestions from users who are in the same location as yours.

How To Remove People From Messenger Suggested List:

You can remove the people shown in the Messenger suggestions list by following the steps jotted down below:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open the Messenger application on your mobile device.

Step 2: Next, click on your profile picture icon.

click on your profile picture icon

Step 3: Then click on the settings icon.

Step 4: Scroll down the list and then click on Phone contacts.

 click on Phone contacts

Step 5: Then click on Upload contacts.

 click on Upload contacts

Step 6: Click on TURN OFF.


This will stop uploading your device’s contacts on the Messenger app so Messenger won’t show you the suggestions based on your phone contacts.

After removing the suggestions based on phone contacts, you’ll need to block the users whose message request you’ve previously accepted so that they get removed from the Messenger suggestions list. Deny the GPS location to Messenger and then clear the cache data of the Messenger application to remove all people from the suggestion list.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why is the same person always at the top of my Messenger list?

You may see the same person appearing always at the top of your Messenger suggestion list because of your interaction with the user. If you chat with the user on Messenger frequently and every day, the person gets listed as your top friend on Messenger.

The users with whom you chat less or a few times will appear right below the top user. If you want to change this order, you need to stop your interaction with the particular user on Messenger.

2. Who are the top 5 friends on your Messenger chat list?

If you want to know who are your top 5 friends on Messenger you’ll need to go to your Facebook friend list and check the names of the users who are listed in the top five positions.

These top five users are the ones with whom you’re most connected on Facebook. These connections are based on your Messenger chats and Facebook interactions. If you stop your interactions with any of these 5 friends, the rank of these 5 friends will change.

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