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What Will Happen If You Deactivate Your Twitter Account

By Pranab Sen

✎ Key Takes:

» You can deactivate your Twitter account, and after 30 days of inactivity, it will be permanently deleted.
» Deactivation may lead to the removal of your account and tweets, with the username and registered email becoming available for reuse.
» If you wish to keep your Twitter account active, make sure to do any activity within the 30-day deactivation window, preventing permanent deletion and allowing continued use of your username and email.

What Will Happen If You Deactivate Your Twitter Account:

Deactivating your account means closing your social media account. From your side, you have disabled the account, so no one has reached out to you. However, you get 30 days for re-activating time to again activate your account.

Here, let’s discuss the aftereffects if you deactivate your Twitter account:

1. After 30 Days Account Gets Deleted

The day you deactivate your account, the identity of your account is removed temporarily from the platform for the first 30 days but is not permanently deleted. Twitter offers the user 30 days of the re-activation period to activate his/her account.

If your plans have changed and you have decided not to delete the account, then you have 30 days to re-activate the account. However, in those 30 days if you do not appear active, then on the 31st day, your account will be permanently deleted from the site. And then, you no longer will have a Twitter account or the identity of Twitter.

Your connections on Twitter won’t be able to see you on Twitter, they cannot send you messages or tweets. Basically, your account will be deleted, no one can find you, then. 

2. Your Tweets will be deleted

Twitter gives its users 30 days of the re-activation period. After 30 days of deactivating the account, it permanently removes your account from the site as well as deletes your tweets. The tweets that you have made in the past before deactivating the account, will be deleted after 30 days of disabling the account. No one on Twitter can then see your tweets, not even the ones you made when you were using Twitter.

It is because, after 30 days, Twitter permanently deletes/removes your account from the platform. With your account, everything related to it such as your information, contact details, and tweets, will also be deleted. And you can never see them again. 

3. You Can Reuse Account Username

Everyone likes to keep a unique username on their social media account. But unfortunately, one cannot. Often, one does not get the username he wants to keep and it shows that ‘this username is not available.’

If someone wishes to have the username that you have and that you deactivate the account, then they can use your username. Because, when the account is deleted, that account’s username becomes available to use. If anyone wants to change the username to this then they can easily do it. 

Once the Twitter account is deleted after 30 days of deactivation, all the stuff related to the account goes away.

Hence, if you are planning to create a new Twitter account but wish to use the same username, then you can reuse your username. However, you have to be quick. Along with the username you can use all the information and email address, contact number, etc.

4. Reusing Twitter Email (that you tried registering before)

Creating a Twitter account mainly requires an email address and phone number for verification purposes. And, the email address used for one Twitter account cannot be used for another account, unless and until the first account is deleted.

Once the Twitter account created using that email gets deleted permanently, after a few months of its deletion, you can reuse the email. 

You can use that same email to register for a new Twitter account. Since your account has been deleted, you can use the username, contact number along email address for your new account.

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