Why Can’t I See Someone’s WhatsApp Status

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If you can’t see a person’s status on WhatsApp it must have got a reason behind it. Normally if a user blocks you, you won’t be able to see his upcoming or new statuses on WhatsApp anymore till the person unblocks you.

Even if you’ve muted someone’s status on WhatsApp, it would not appear in the Recent updates section like it normally does. Instead, you’ll find it in the Muted updates section.

A WhatsApp status remains active for twenty-four hours and then expires. You won’t be able to see the status after it expires.

When either of you has deleted the person’s WhatsApp number, you won’t be able to view each other’s status anymore. It’s necessary that both parties save each other’s WhatsApp numbers to see statuses, also you can find it out if the number is saved.

You can try the status viewers apps that can help you see someone’s WhatsApp status.

However, it can also mean that the person is inactive on WhatsApp and hasn’t posted any new status. You must confirm if you’re blocked on WhatsApp and learn to view his status if you’re blocked.

Why Can’t I See Someone’s WhatsApp Status:

Following are the possible reasons that can cause issues for which you can’t see someone’s status on WhatsApp:

1. The Person has Blocked You:

When someone from your contact blocks your number, you won’t be able to see the user’s upcoming WhatsApp status.

WhatsApp allows users to block unwanted contacts to prevent them from seeing status, displaying pictures, about information, last seen, etc.

Even if the user has reported your contact for some reason, it will automatically get you blocked and you won’t be able to see any of the upcoming statuses posted by the user.

If you’re blocked by someone on WhatsApp, there’s no way you can contact the person via messages, voice calls, or video calls on WhatsApp. Unless the user unblocks you, you will not be able to see his new status anymore. You can be sure if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp if his DP appears blank, messages don’t get delivered, etc.

Moreover: You won’t be able to see the status of any contact on WhatsApp if you’ve mistakenly blocked the user. Sometimes, unknowingly or mistakenly you may block other contacts on WhatsApp after which their status is no longer shown to you. You can check if that is the cause by trying to send the user a message on WhatsApp. If it asks you to Unblock the user, you’ll be able to know the cause.

2. You Muted the Status:

On WhatsApp, users can mute anyone’s status that he or she doesn’t like. After you mute someone, the status of that user appears under the Muted updates section which is at the bottom of the page.

You muted the status

When you’ve muted someone’s status on WhatsApp, you won’t be able to see his or her status in the Recent updates section.

You can still see the user’s muted status, you’ll need to scroll down the status page to reach the bottom and then click on the Muted updates, it will show you the statuses of the users whom you’ve muted on WhatsApp.

Although some of the users may have the misconception that muting someone’s status would notify the user, it doesn’t. When you mute the status of someone, WhatsApp doesn’t notify the user about it but simply puts it under the Muted updates section instead of the Recent updates section. As the Muted updates section is at the bottom of the page, some may not get it at first, but scrolling down the page will help you see all the muted statuses under the Muted updates section.

3. The Status Expired:

Every status that you upload on WhatsApp expires after 24 hours. You won’t be able to find the status under the Recent updates section after it expires.

Therefore, if you can’t find or see someone’s status on WhatsApp, it’s probably because the status has been completed twenty-four hours and has expired.

Like other social media platforms, WhatsApp has this policy where the statuses posted by users stay live for twenty-four hours. After twenty-four hours, it automatically gets deleted without any notification. Therefore, if you want to view someone’s status on WhatsApp, you need to view it before the status expires. The moment any status completes twenty-four hours it automatically vanishes even if your device isn’t connected to an internet or WiFi connection.

However, some users don’t keep their status live for twenty-four hours. Users can delete their posted status before the passing of twenty-four hours too. Hence, if you can’t see a contact’s status even if it has not been twenty-four hours yet, it’s probably because the user has taken down or deleted the status himself.

4. The Person has Deleted Your Number:

Another possible cause of not getting to see a contact’s status on WhatsApp is that the user has deleted your number from the contact book of this device. WhatsApp status appears when both parties save each other’s WhatsApp number. Even if one party deletes the number, the statuses of the users would stop appearing to each other.

Neither you would be able to see the statuses uploaded by the user nor the user would be able to see the statuses uploaded by you.

Sometimes when a user deletes your number, his or her profile picture stops appearing to you too. This is because the profile picture’s privacy is set as ‘My Contacts’. If you stop seeing a user’s display picture and statuses, this can probably be the cause.

It’s also possible that the user has not deleted your phone number but has instead excluded you from seeing the status. You can exclude some of your contacts from viewing the status you upload by selecting their names on the My Contacts except list from the privacy section. It needs to be selected before uploading a status to refrain the user from viewing it.

5. You are Restricted from Seeing His Status:

This is possible when the user restricted you from seeing his status. Now, to confirm this just look at the chat and send a few messages.

Restricted from Seeing His Status

✅ Now,

◘ If your messages are delivered and you got a reply.

◘ Other people can view the status of the person but you cannot.

◘ Your status is seen by the person, but no status is visible to you from the person.

In these conditions above, you are just restricted from the WhatsApp status privacy settings.

6. Person is inactive:

When any user is inactive on WhatsApp for a while, maybe he or she won’t post any status. Therefore, you won’t see any upcoming or new status from the user, as the previously uploaded statuses last for twenty-four hours and then expire.

If a user is inactive on WhatsApp for days or months, then there would be absolutely no new status uploaded by the person on the inactive period.

When you can’t see someone’s status it may be because the person doesn’t post status frequently. Unlike many, there are some users on WhatsApp who use the app just to message people.

Users who are active on WhatsApp can post or upload frequent and daily statuses. But the less active users may post statuses once in a while. Therefore, if you can’t find or see a user’s status for days, it can also mean that the user is not very active on WhatsApp.

The Bottom Lines:

This article explained all the reasons why you aren’t able to see someone’s status on WhatsApp. Mostly, it happens when the user has blocked or has deleted your number. Also, this can happen if the person intentionally restricts you from the status privacy settings to not show you.

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