Thanks for Providing Your Info on Instagram – Why Does It Show

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You’ll get the message ‘Thanks for Providing Your Info’ after filling up the form when you’re locked out of your Instagram for some reason.

Often Instagram issues temporary blockage on accounts due to minor or no concrete reasons.

It only gets fixed when you fill-up the My Instagram account has been deactivated form. After you submit it, Instagram officials will review your account to see if your account can be reactivated or not.

This is mostly shown by users when you use an automation tool on your Instagram account. As the speed of these tools to perform actions is way more than it’s done manually, you get logged out of your account.

Even if you use third-party apps to log in to your Instagram account to get more features, Instagram would be able to detect it, and then your account will get suspended.

Therefore, after filling up the form, if your reactivation gets approved you’ll receive a mail about it, and then approximately after 24 hours, you might be able to access your account.

When you’re filling up the My Instagram account has been deactivated form, you need to make sure that all the information you’re providing in it is correct and related to your account so that the review process can be done smoothly. If you provide the wrong information, they won’t be able to review your account and then disapprove of your reactivation.

πŸ”― How Long Does it Take for Instagram to Review Your Account?

If you’re getting a message that says Thanks for Providing Your Info you should know that Instagram will take some time to review your account before you can access it again. In most cases, Instagram takes more or less 24 hours to review the form so in that case, after twenty-four hours, the user can access their account.

However, sometimes Instagram can take up to three days to review your account so until three days, you won’t be able to access it or log in to it. But in very few cases, the review period was stretched longer up to one month, but those are pretty rare.

As all the forms are manually reviewed by Instagram officers, it often gets delayed by a day or two. Instagram receives thousands of reports each day that need to be reviewed to determine whether the users’ accounts would be reactivated or stay locked.

Why did Instagram kick you out of your account:

If Instagram has blocked your account temporarily and you’ve got logged out of it, it’s most probably because you’ve used any third-party application to login into your Instagram account.

Even if you’ve used some kind of automation tool, you’ll most probably get this error message and won’t be able to access your account for at least 24 hours.

But if you haven’t used any kind of third-party app or an automation tool for logging into your Instagram account, this might be a mistake and it will get fixed once Instagram reviews the form filled up by you. Unfortunately, even if it’s a mistake you’ll still need to go through the same process to get your account back.

πŸ”― What happens after 24 hours of filling out the deactivated Instagram form?

If you’re logged out of your account and have the full Instagram deactivation form, you need to know that, after twenty-four hours, you’re most likely to get your account back. The most annoying thing about this process is that the 24 hours often stretch longer than that and often Instagram support becomes impossible to reach for help.

This happens if you’ve used any third-party apps with extra features to log in to your Instagram account. As these apps provide many extra features that Instagram doesn’t allow or have, it locks you out of your account. You need to make sure that you’ve logged out of your Instagram account from those third-party apps to avoid any further complications in the review process.

But as this is not a permanent ban, you can be sure that you’ll be able to access your account after approximately 24 hours.

πŸ”― How long does it take for Instagram to give your account back?

Instagram will respond after 24 hours of filling up the deactivation form. It can sometimes take all the way up to three weeks or sometimes a month. If you don’t get an email response from Instagram by the end of 3rd week, you’ll need to resubmit the form after filling it up again.

You’ll also need to check the spam folder of your Gmail inbox to see whether you have got the mail from Instagram or not because often the mail response from Instagram gets redirected to the spam box of the mail.

Moreover, after the submission of the form, you need to restart your device. You also need to keep in mind that when your account gets disabled, there’s no way other than to go through the appeal process to get it back.

πŸ”― How long does it take for Instagram to confirm my identity?

The review process of Instagram usually takes up to 24 hours. After your account gets locked, you’ll probably get annoyed and have the urge to fill up the form multiple times with the hope that it can help you get your account back but that is not how it works here.

After you submit your form for review, it will be checked and reviewed by the ranked Instagram officials who’ll determine whether you can have your account back or not.

If you fill up the form multiple times in a day and think that Instagram would hear your appeal sooner than others, it’s not going to work that way, instead, your IP will get blocked and you will not be able to get your account back.

Furthermore, when you’re filling out the form for identity verification, be sure to make it as simple as possible to make the review process quicker for you.

πŸ”― Why does it say error when you try to log in to an Instagram account?

Often many users face errors while you try to log in to their Instagram account. It might be because of the following reasons:

Instagram has temporarily blocked your account for violations of guidelines and policies.

It’s also possible that you’ve used a third-party app to login into your account which is why they’ve logged you out. You need to confirm your identity to get into your account.

But sometimes, the error is not caused due to blockage but by a weak or unstable network connection. Therefore, you’ll need to check your switch to a more stable connection.

Sometimes, if you perform the actions of liking, and commenting on pictures too quickly, Instagram will restrict some of your actions thinking of you as a bot.

Β However, if the issue is with the Instagram server you’ll not be able to log into your Instagram account unless it’s fixed by Instagram.

Check for errors in your login credentials too. If you use the wrong password, phone number, or email address, you won’t be able to log into your account.

Update your Instagram application if you’re using an outdated version to fix this issue.

How to confirm an Instagram account when disabled:

You can only confirm your Instagram account when it’s disabled by filling up the My Instagram account has been deactivated form. This form needs to be filled out carefully so that your identity can be confirmed and your appeal to get back your account can be approved by Instagram.

After you submit the My Instagram account has been deactivated form, they’ll review your account and will respond to you via mail. After that, you’ll need to respond to it with a photograph of yourself holding a handwritten unique code given to you by them. If it gets approved, you’ll receive the reactivation mail.

πŸ”΄ Steps to Follow:

Step 1: You’ll need to head on to the Instagram Help Center.

Step 2: Fill up the My Instagram account has been deactivated form by entering your Full name, your Instagram username, your email address, and your mobile number.

Step 3: In the next column, describe your issue in very clear sentences.

Step 4: This is the only legitimate way to get back your Instagram account. Do not fill out the form more than once to avoid your IP getting blocked.

Stay away and do not fall for scammers asking for money to get your account back.

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