How To Check Last Seen On Instagram If Hidden

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To check someone’s last seen on Instagram, you need to open Instagram, find the people in chat by going into the DM section, and find their last active time or green dot.

Instagram allows its users to check the activity status, whether the other user is online or when was Last seen on Instagram.

By turning off your activity status from Privacy settings, neither you can check your friends’ last active time, nor your friends can check yours.

For the hidden active status, you can try the last seen tracker apps that work best on Instagram.

Although, you have a few other ways that you can use to get notified when someone is online on Instagram.

Others will Show Active hour  ago

Instagram Last Seen Checker:

🔴 How To Use:

Step 1: First of all, open the Instagram Last Seen Checker tool.

Step 2: Then, enter the username of the Instagram account whose last seen activity you want to check.

Step 3: After that, click on the “Check Last Seen” button.

Step 4: Now, you will see the date and time of the last seen activity of the entered username.

How To Check Last Seen On Instagram If Hidden:

There are some methods that you have to follow in order to see the active status on Instagram:

1. Built-in Activity Status Feature

Instagram has an activity status feature that allows you to see when your followers were last active on Instagram.

To find this, go to your Instagram DM section, and you will see a green dot next to the users who are currently active on the app. If the user has disabled their activity status, you won’t see this.

2. Send Direct Message

Another method is when you send a direct message to a user, you can see if they are active or not based on the green dot that appears next to his DP. If the dot is green, it means the user is currently active on the app.

3. Third-Party Apps

There are third-party apps available that might help you see the active status of Instagram users. You just have to install these apps and you can check someone’s online status.

4. Browser Extension

There are browser extensions available for Google Chrome and Firefox that claim to help you see the active status of Instagram users. However, be cautious as this extension could compromise your privacy and security.

5. Turn on Post notifications

If you turn on post notifications for a user, you will receive a notification every time he posts something on Instagram. This can help you determine if he is active on the app.

6. IG Analytics Tools

Instagram analytics tools, such as Iconosquare and Hootsuite, allow you to see when your followers are most active on the app. And like this, it can help you find when a user is likely to be active on the app.

7. Check Instagram story views

In another way when you view someone’s Instagram story, you can see who has viewed the story. So, if a user has viewed your story, it means they were active on the app at the time.

8. From a Fake account

You can create a fake Instagram account to follow the user and see if they are active on the app. But, this works if the active status is not turned off for all.

9. Ask the User Directly

You can send a direct message to the user and ask if he is currently active on the app. If he’s online, might see the message and reply to you.

10. Instagram’s Activity Feed

Another best way is through Instagram’s activity feed as it shows you the recent activity of the users you follow, such as their likes and comments on other posts.

If a user’s activity is showing up in your feed, it’s likely that they are currently active on the app.

How To Check online Status On Instagram:

There are some quick steps in order to check the last seen on Instagram:

Step 1: Open Instagram

If you want to check someone’s last Active status or last seen from your mobile device, you need to open the Instagram application.

After opening the Instagram application, log in to your account by entering the username and password in the given column. Then, tap on “Log in” to log into your account.

Log in to your Instagram

Step 2: Go to the DM section

After opening your Instagram account on the app, by default, the home icon screen is displayed where you can scroll your feed. However, it would be best if you opened your direct messages section to check the last active time of anybody.

 Go to the DM section

For doing that, tap on a paper airplane-type icon from the top right corner of your screen. Now, you can access your direct messages or inbox.

Step 3: Find People on Chat

In your inbox, you can access any person’s chat if you messaged them or they messaged you in the past.

In addition, if you scroll through your inbox, their name appears along with all other users, and so too the status, which we discussed further.

Find People on Chat

However, if you do not find any past conversations, don’t worry! You can see that person through the search feature even if you are not following them. Simultaneously, find the search bar in the middle of your username and the chats. Then, tap on it. Additionally, type the name or username of the person you want to find to know their last active status.

Furthermore, tap on their name to open the chat.

Step 4: Find Green Dot

When someone is active now, a small Green dot appears on the down corner of their profile picture.

With the new Instagram features, all of your following people who are online at that time appear on top of all the messages and just below the search bar.

In addition, a person’s profile picture with a small green dot on the side of the photograph can be found if that person is active at that time.

Find Green Dot

On the other hand, if you are on their direct messages or have searched for them in the search bar, you must first click on their name to open the chat.

You can find the green dot with their profile picture on the top of the screen, which means they are active right now.

But no green dot can be found if the person is not active.

1️⃣ Find Last Active Time:

If the person’s activity status is visible to others, you can simply check their last seen without even messaging them. Indeed, you need to follow the above steps, such as going to the direct messages after that and opening the person chat (someone whom you want to know the last active time) to find someone’s last seen on Instagram.

In their direct message at the upper-left corner of the screen, you can find the last active time besides the profile picture. In addition, the last active time is mentioned under the name of the person as something like ‘Active 3h ago’.

2️⃣ Others will Show: Active _h ago

‘Active _h ago’ is a timestamp that appears when someone is not online but was active some hours ago. Such as active 1h ago, active 5h ago, etc.

In addition, The green dot or ‘Active now’ represents the people who are online and using Instagram right now. Otherwise, Instagram shows ‘Active _h ago’ under the name to show the last active time of anybody.

Others will Show Active hour  ago

However, Active now or last active time can be visible only if their ‘Activity status’ is turned on.

🔯 Why Can’t You See Active Status of Someone on Instagram?

While scrolling in direct messages on your Instagram, you can check the “Last Active” status under any username or “Green dot”, meaning active now, on your smartphone device.

Meanwhile, many different statuses are used on Instagram, such as active now, active 4 hours ago, and active yesterday.

If you’re not able to see the Active Status of Someone Else on Instagram, make sure you are using the Instagram app because you can’t access your DM on a system natively.

Furthermore, if you want to see someone’s last active status, you need to turn on your ‘Activity status’. By turning on your Activity status, not only you can see someone else’s last active time, but they can also see yours.

🔴 Steps To Turn On Activity Status:

Step 1: Firstly, Open your Instagram account.

Step 2: Secondly, Tap on your Profile icon from the bottom right corner.

Tap on your Profile icon

Step 3: Then, open the “Menu” by three horizontal lines.

three horizontal lines

Step 4: Further, open the “Settings”.

Step 5: In the next screen, tap on “Privacy” from options.

tap on Privacy

Step 6: Then, scroll down and tap on “Activity Status”.

Activity Status

Step 7: Finally, toggle the “Show Activity Status” ON to see someone else’s activity status.

Show Activity Status

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