What does it mean by Content not Available on Facebook?

You might see the error like ‘This content isn’t available right now’ while you click on a Facebook line that someone sends you or just from the old notifications.

You can see this error message that is due to many reasons i.e. the post has been deleted by the uploader or Facebook itself or you’ve mistakenly typed the URL if you just copied the link from somewhere. Additionally, if you just copied a post link that is not public and you’re not a friend with the uploader of the post (that Facebook user) then you will also face this kind of error.

content isn't available

In my own experience, it has been seen that while trying to open a mobile link on desktop it has that error like ‘content not found’ but the same link can be opened on the mobile version. Maybe this is due to the link: m.facebook.com/* that is for mobile users only.

You can open that link and browse stuff on desktop but when it comes to the post or media, the link may not work and displays the error ‘This content isn’t available right now’ and so on.

Terms Mean
Facebook: Content isn’t available Meanwhile the content is deleted on Facebook or URL changed.
Facebook: Content not found The link you’re trying to open is wrong or invalid or the media is deleted.
Facebook: This page isn’t available The someone has deleted/deactivated his profile or maybe from internet connectivity issue.

If you are seeing the ‘content isn’t available’ on Facebook this may be due to the person has blocked you to see his stuff on Facebook or meanwhile, the post has been deleted from Facebook.

In this article, I have a few points to discuss more in details. So, let’s dive in.

What does it mean by Content not found?

For the term content not found, there are many reasons that can occur such a situation on your Facebook:

1. That could mean that you’re Blocked:

That could mean content not found if you are blocked on Facebook. When someone blocks you on Facebook and you try to browse their content or post you will see the error like the content is not available or it is not found. This is the most common reason that you will face such an error. But that doesn’t all that the only reason, there are many.

2. Content is deleted:

You will see such an error message even when the content is deleted either it is by the uploader of the post or Facebook itself depending upon a few reports. Either you are trying to open content or post from the notification tab or using a link and if this shows the error message like the content was not found or this is not available right now, the reason that the content is deleted from the meanwhile.

To confirm that the person has blocked but did not delete the post, you have to open that link in the incognito window and this will show you the same error message then this is what has happened.

3. The post content has changed privacy:

This is the most clever game that played by someone, is changing the post’s privacy settings to ‘Friends’ or ‘Only Me’ and this prevents the post to appear from all other people and this can be done anytime on that post just by editing the audience settings.

Does content not available on Facebook mean you’re blocked?

In some conditions, you can say yes. If you get the ‘content isn’t available’ error on Facebook, this may be due to the person who blocked you from seeing his profile or posts. Because when someone blocks you lose a lot more actions to that profile. Also, You can check what happens when someone blocks you on Facebook.

But still if you are seeing this error content isn’t available right now then there might be several reasons like:

  1. The post link someone sends you is not a public post or not shared with you.
  2. The URL you’re trying to open is no longer valid.
  3. The post or video URL is deleted by the uploader.
  4. The post is reported on Facebook and Facebook has removed the content.

Above these are the reasons for getting this error including the upload or the Facebook user has blocked you.

I have seen when I just blocked someone on Facebook and then trying to open his profile it shows like ‘The page isn’t available’ but that does not mean the content is missing from Facebook.

In order to view that just copy the post URL and open the incognito window and open the link there while not logged in. If that content is deleted in meanwhile it will show as content isn’t available.

Why is Facebook Showing Content not Available?

You can face this error for many reasons from below:

1. The content is removed:

You will see content not available if the post is removed from Facebook. For example, if you’ve got the link to a story or post that is expired or deleted from Facebook then the link will show as content isn’t available. Also, if you just tap into an old notification and that leads to the error message then you can say that is deleted from Facebook. Also, if Facebook removes that content you will see the same error message.

2. The link to a group that no longer exists:

If you’re opening the link from a group that someone shared or the group link that you want to join is no longer exists then you will see the error content isn’t available.

The group link that you are trying to join if just removed in meanwhile then you might see the error that content isn’t available. Although, for that link to the post that someone has sent you if deleted then also you will get this error.

3. Privacy for that post has been changed:

If the post that you had previously opened was public then you can see content on Facebook but if the person just changed the privacy of that post sharing but not deleted the same then you also get this error that content isn’t available.

Privacy means the person can make the post-privacy ‘Friends’ or ‘Only Me’ that hides the post from other person and if you’re are allowed then you see this error that ‘The content isn’t available right now’.

How to Solve Content is not Available Error?

If you want to solve the issue of this error like: This content is not available, then you have two ways to do that:

The control may be or not in your Hand:

If you get an error and this is your post then only you have the control to have that post restored for someone or for yourself. If you have unknowingly just changed the privacy settings then you will only see the post but someone will not see that post appeared on the screen when they get it from their older version. So once you change the post audience settings to public, the post will appear again for the other people.

But if you know who has posted that either by a page or someone else, directly request them informing the issue and most probably that could be solved by them and if that happens you will able to see the post again.

In case your content is removed, you can restore:

Now if your post just removed by Facebook and you cannot open that for even yourself. You have the only choice to request Facebook to restore that post on your timeline and if that request is approved then only you get your post restored, this completely depends on Facebook. So try to explain the issue more briefly and descriptively to Facebook team.

The Bottom Lines:

If you see the content isn’t available on Facebook that could be due to someone has blocked you but that is not the only case as this can happen because the content is deleted or changed privacy settings. Although to fix this issue if you know the uploader just inform them or if the post is of your and deleted by Facebook then you can just request Facebook to restore, that’s all to do.

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