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How To Get Notification When Someone Is Online On Instagram

✎ Key Takes:

» You can get someone’s online status on Instagram just by using the Direct Message when you send a message and he replies to you back.
» It is also indicated by a green light signal, but make sure you are actively using the platform at that time for real-time notifications.

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How To Get Notification When Someone Is Online On Instagram:

You have to look out for these things to get a notification when someone is online on Instagram:

1. When He Sends You a DM

To get notifications when someone is online on Instagram, you can get them from the DM section.

When He Sends You a DM on Instagram

If you send him a message, he replies to your message when he becomes online again, and you will get the message notification.

2. If the person Likes Posts

If you turn on all notifications for Instagram, you will receive them when someone likes or comments on your posts.

 Likes your Instagram Posts

Make sure you turn on your internet; otherwise, you will not receive any notification.

3. Just Viewed your Status

You may get notifications on Instagram when someone views your status; you have to turn on all notification access to receive it.

If the person just Viewed

If they view and reply to your story, you will receive notifications.

4. Shared your Posts

When someone shares your posts from your Instagram profile, you may receive a notification that someone shared your post.

Instagram message notification not showing – Why & How to Fix:

🔯 Why:

If your internet is unable to connect, you may face this issue. But for WIFI, you rarely face it, but for mobile data packs, you face it more often. Otherwise, you also face these issues if the app shows any glitches.

🔯 Fix:

If the issue is happening for network problems, sometimes switching data can give you results, but if it is not working, wait until you get a stable internet connection. If the issue comes from the app’s end, you must wait until they solve it.

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