What Happens When You Follow Someone On Instagram

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If you follow someone on Instagram, they will know regardless of whether their account is private or public. However, if they have a public account, they will receive a request that they may or may not accept.

If you do not follow someone, you will not be able to see their content if they are a private account. If they are public, you can see their poets but won’t be able to see stories meant for close friends.

If you do not follow them, your messages will not show up on their DMs and instead in the Message Request section. If you follow someone and then unfollow, they will know if they are manually tracking who follows and unfollows them daily.

Just because you followed someone doesn’t mean they will be able to see your account. Only if your account is public will they be able to view it. If it is private, they have to send a request to follow you, after which they can view your account.

If you want to see someone’s account without their knowledge, you have to create a fake account and follow them using it, or you have to request a mutual friend to let you borrow their Instagram account, and you can check their account.

🔯 If You Follow Someone on Instagram Will They Know

Yes, if you follow someone on Instagram, they will know. If it is a public account, as soon as you follow them, they will receive a notification saying “__ started following you” in their notification section of Instagram. If they have a private account, they will get a follow request notification saying “[username] sent you a follow request”.

The following request will be available with all the pending requests at the top of their notification section. As soon as they accept the friend request, the request will change into a notification saying “_username_ started following you”. 

What Happens When You Follow Someone On Instagram:

There are a few things that will happen:

1. You See his Private Stuff

If you do not follow someone on Instagram, you will not be able to view their private content. If their account is private, all their posts and follow lists will be kept hidden until your follow request is accepted. You will also not be able to see their stories. You can only see these posts and stories if you send them a follow request. But even so, you will have to accept it for you to be able to view the content.

2. Your DM is delivered

Another thing you will notice if you do not follow someone is that all the messages you are trying to send them will not appear in the direct messaging section. Instead, they will appear in the message requests. They can either accept these requests or reject them; this depends on their choice.

If you are wondering what message requests are, go to your Instagram app and the DM section. At the top right corner, you will see a button that says “Message Requests”. This is where they will see your messages. Another drawback to this is that you will not know if they read your message or not unless they accept the request.

Therefore, if you text someone you don’t follow, your message will not appear with everyone else’s messages in the DMs but separately in the message requests section.

3. You can See Posts

You can still see their public posts if you do not follow someone. This applies to accounts that are not private (Public Accounts). All their posts will be on their profile, and you can view them without any problem.

However, you will not be able to see stories and other things that are only for followers or close friends. To be able to view more than that, read till the last section, where you will be given tips to see people’s posts without their knowing you follow them.

How to Follow on Instagram Without Them Knowing:

There are some methods that you need to follow:

1. Try a Fake Account to Follow

If you want to follow someone on Instagram but at the same time you don’t want them to know that you are following them, you can create a fake account using the phone number or email id not attached to your original account.

Using this fake account, you can follow them. This way, not only will you not be following them, but you will also be able to see their account.

2. Find his stuff from Mutual follower’s Phone

Another method you can use if you are trying to avoid being their follower is to get a friend whom you know in real life to lend their phone to you. Make sure they follow this person whose account you want to see follows and also that you have their permission to use their account. Using their account, you can see the person’s profile without your name appearing in their follower list.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. If you follow someone on Instagram and then unfollow, will they know?

If you follow someone and unfollow them, technically, they will know, but they won’t be receiving any notification giving them that information. In simple words, if they don’t actively want to know if you unfollowed them, they will not know.

Therefore, a user tracking just the number of followers will know that a follower decreased, but they won’t know who this may be. If a user is tracking not only the number of followers but also the names of the followers, manually or via a third-party app, they will know that you have unfollowed them.

2. If I follow someone on Instagram can they see my posts?

If you follow someone on Instagram, the person you followed can click on your username from the following notification that they will get. They can look at your account details and posts to understand what kind of a person you are before following you. This applies only to public accounts. 

If your account is private, as soon as they get a notification with your username on it and click on it, they will only be able to see your username and bio. They won’t be able to see the posts and follow lists because your account is private.

3. If I follow someone on Instagram can they see my private account? 

No, if you follow someone on Instagram, they will not be able to see your private account. Instagram takes privacy concerns very seriously, which is why if you choose to maintain a private account, Instagram will ensure they adhere to all the guidelines so that no one can see your account against your will. 

If they need to see your account, they will have to send you a follow request from their profile. This request will appear in the notification section. Only if you accept the following request will they be able to see your account.

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