FIXED – ‘Instagram is not letting me like pictures’

Just liked a picture on Instagram and checked that the tap just bouched back to its position. I wondered and did this repeatedly by tapping on the Like icon, I turned off the internet, shifted to WiFi, nothing worked. What I get in return, is a pop-up saying ‘Action Blocked‘.
I soon understand that Instagram won’t let me like posts, maybe they detected some community violation on my account.
You would want to know what I did that blocked my account to match yourself with me and find out the solution. Well, don’t worry, I am here to explain why that actually happens to some users, not to all. Yes, some of the people who have an older Instagram profile or brand profile don’t get blocked with such same activities.
I looked upon many things and finally listed all of them in this article to find why Instagram won’t let me like any pictures of someone else on Instagram and how did I fix that issue.
When you’re blocked on Instagram for the repeated activities, you have a very few and limited ways to take action in such a critical situation. Instagram has an option where you can report any problem by tapping onto that button from your Instagram account settings. Also, I learnt that waiting for up to 1-2 days the issue gets resolved.
But, in case you still facing the problem after that time period or you want to get rid of the problem by knowing why this happened to you, in this guide I will give you multiple solutions to fix the block and like posts once again on Instagram.

Why won’t Instagram let you like pictures?

If you are seeing a message ‘Action Blocked’ when you are trying to like someone’s photos then this is maybe due to your action is blocked on Instagram due to some spam that Instagram found on your account. 
If you have violated any community standards that are considered abuse on Instagram then your Instagram will be temporarily blocked for a limited period of time where you can not do any type of things on your Instagram. This also happens when you use a third-party tool to do any specific activity that is illegal on Instagram and this will lead to a temporary block on your account that restricts you from liking and following anyone on Instagram.
When you are seeing the action blocked message on your Instagram account, such a problem will be fixed automatically after a certain period of time that Instagram adjusts for your account. Remember that the action is taken only to prevent the spam on the Instagram server to safeguard your account in the future from some other third-party bots.
Here in this article, I will entitle some of the best features to use to avoid such situations in the future to not face again on Instagram.

⦿ Why Instagram Won’t Let you Like any Posts?

Now here is the detailed guide starts to find out why this happens when you won’t be able to like someone’s pictures on Instagram. If you have already uploaded too many posts or liked lots of Instagram pictures, saved it on your archive then Instagram would block your actions where you would not be able to do anything on your Instagram account even it’s just liking someone’s post or following a person. No, don’t be worried about the problem, I will provide fixes to such a problem to get rid of such a situation in the future.

Too many Likes:

If you have just liked too many posts on Instagram then Instagram will take it as spam and will block you from further doing this. Now if you see an action blocked pop-up every as you tap on your device then confirmed that the action is blocked for all the cases like following for uploading stuff on Instagram.
If you can still Follow someone but you cannot like posts then this is a partial block placed on your Instagram account that will be automatically removed after a certain period of time and such block actually remains a maximum of 72 hours. So what you should do in this case is, just wait for the time when Instagram will automatically restore your access to like posts again.

Shared your Instagram Password with third-party software:

If you just shared your Instagram account details with a third-party tool to auto like any post of yourself then this activity will lead your account to a temporary block and you couldn’t like some posts on Instagram. 
You would like to know how this happens when you share your Instagram login details with third-party tools to auto like your Instagram posts, the same app will use your account on that work to like other users posts and this is how Instagram counts your account as a spam account or bot account and block by restricting your account from posting, liking any further posts on Instagram. Avoid sharing your account details with such a third-party tool and if you have done just change your Instagram password instantly to avoid such block again.

Violated community standard Guidelines:

You would not know how you have violated Instagram by posting videos or photos on Instagram. To find out this you have to know the community standard rules or the abuse on Instagram. Remember that the community standards for abuse rules are the same for all social media platforms, a lit bit different maybe. On the community standard rules, it is clearly mentioned that if your posts act on someone prestige or harm someone’s image then this goes against community standards even illegal posts to the particulars community that hurts their image on the social arena, your posts may be deleted and your account may be temporarily blocked for doing such activities. 
💡 Fix:
The simple fixes to this, you have to take a few precautions:
1. If you are new on Instagram don’t do excessive use of your Instagram account by liking or following someone because Instagram takes it as spam and will block you for a temporary period.
2. Don’t post anything that goes against the community standards guidelines and marks as abuse. If you have such existing posts just delete them and then tap ‘Report a problem’ to Instagram to fix this.
3. Don’t use any third-party tools and don’t share your login credentials with such apps to avoid blocking your Instagram account if you have done this previously just change your Instagram password and add a second layer of security.

⦿ Why Instagram Won’t let me do Anything?

If you can’t follow someone on Instagram, there are many reasons for what Instagram restricts your action to follow anyone on Instagram, and such a situation happens while Instagram suspects your activity and take it as a spam account. To you overcome this situation and I am going to tell you the exact reasons that you have to take care of and follow the guide properly to reverse the situation.  Either you have followed too many people recently, or you are excessively liking or sharing Instagram posts of someone else, will lead to a temporary block to your account. Now let’s find out what are these actually and the detailed description to this:

Followed Too Many People:

You can follow a certain amount of people on Instagram on a daily basis and if you misuse this authority then your Instagram account will be locked for a few hours maybe for a week. Now if you are following random people on Instagram then Instagram will take it as you are supposed to increase followers of others and you will be countered as a bot, not a person. In that case, Instagram will restrict your access by not letting you follow other people on Instagram. So, if you are excessively following Instagram people then just cut down the rate of doing this every day.

➼ Your account was suspected as Spam:

If your account is suspected of spam, Instagram will either block you temporarily or permanently block your account. In both cases, you are restricted from doing any activities on Instagram and when you’re trying to follow or like any photos of someone else, Instagram will show you a pop-up that ‘Action Blocked’. 
This situation happens when Instagram counter your account as spam or abuse and to understand this thing you have to know the community standard guidelines of Instagram where you will find out what to post on Instagram on what to not. In case it is an act of excessive use of your Instagram account then you might see pop-up on your account. Remember that the problem is for a limited period of time, after some days the restrictions will be removed and you will be able to follow and like other person’s post.

➼ Internet was disconnected:

This is a totally different indication that you will get if your internet connection is very slow. Whenever you like or follow someone on Instagram and you see that you successfully did and after some time whenever you check that following list, don’t see them on that list.  Now if you’ll see the request on the following button for some people then this may be due to the confirmation to receive from the person whom you’ve followed but if you see is ‘Following’ but after sometimes these get vanished then this is because of your internet connection that did not go well at that time.
💡 Fix:
The best fixes to such a problem are, first of all, check internet connection is working well. If you see any ‘Requested’ option on their profile whom you follow, the requested means you have to wait until the person grants you to enter into his followers-list. In case you are seeing the popup that your action blocked then you have to wait for a while or report the problem to Instagram to fix such issues.

⦿ How to Like Someone’s Post when Instagram won’t let you do it?

If you want to like someone’s post on Instagram when Instagram would let you do that then you have to take options that might be helpful in achieving that. While you are blocked remember that Instagram would not block anyone who is familiar with the guidelines, if you are blocked may be due to some restrictions, I have already described in this article and now read the fix to this instantly for your Instagram.

Report a Problem:

You will see the option ‘Report a Problem’ on Instagram settings, you have to tap on the option if you face any kind of problem on your Instagram account. This option is introduced in Instagram settings to report any bugs on their system and Instagram will definitely take action if this happens from their server by mistake once you request through the option. Now reporting to the problem may take a while to fix out this problem if you have not done anything wrong on your account.
report problem

➼ Wait for 48 hours:

If you have time just wait at least two to three days to restore your account back to its previous position. This is a recommended method if you see nothing works in your account. Because sometimes Instagram does not block account permanently rather it blocks for a temporary period of time and just by waiting for a few days you will see that your Instagram account access is restored and you will be able to do all of the stuff that you were doing previously. Now this time keep in mind that don’t excessively use the Instagram account to like the posts or following random people on Instagram.

➼ Change password or Disable third-party login:

If you have ever used any third-party tool to make any login or put something on Instagram then avoid this kind of action in the future. If you used Instagram login credentials in any third-party apps then just delete the login from there and don’t repeat such activity again, further to safeguard just change your Instagram password urgently.
The Bottom Lines:
If you see you cant like the post of others or cannot follow someone on Instagram this may happen due to the Instagram server bug or when you excessively do activities on Instagram, then you will be temporarily blocked and such problem will be automatically fixed after a few days.

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