Trace a Fake Facebook Account and Find it Out

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  1. To identify/trace a fake Facebook account, you just go to the Facebook profile of that person and look for the three most important things: profile picture, timeline stuff, and personal info.
  2. If you see anything suspicious there you can spot the fake profile.
  3. If you have found a person that does not have a DP on their profile nor has any mutual person who comments on his/her pictures as a friend, then that could be the fake one.

Implementing this with a Fakebook profile is not that easy. But, if you want to know how to determine these, read this guide till the end that you’ll get in this article.

Although, if you want you can track someone’s location on Messenger.

In this article, you have a few ways that you can track a Facebook user and find out whether the person is a fake Facebook user or else this will help you spot the fake people on Facebook.

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Signs that it is a Fake Facebook Account:

Spotting out a fake Facebook account is not a hard thing especially when you know how to implement the facts with the profile.

The ways discussed here to spot a Facebook account do not mean always that this method can mark it as fake, you have the ways to tell confidently whether it is a real profile or not.

You have to look for the profile link and check if anything that tells the reality of that account. Usually, the fake account holder behind tries to increase the followers and if the account belonged to someone else previously, you will see the name in that profile link (if not changed).

Sometimes the name looks like any cool name on Facebook that does not disclose the real name behind it, so by looking at the profile link you have a chance to find his name or surname.


If the person made any changes to his profile link while making that fake account, you can catch from there, as you know Facebook does not allow multiple times to change your profile link username and that is the advantage you can take to catch a profile if this is a fake account on Facebook by looking at the profile link.

2. Look at Uploaded Profile Picture:

Another thing that you have to check, is the profile picture. The fake account holder uploads different types of pictures of different people in that profile.

If he uploads different types of images on his profile and tries to attract more followers, it’s a sign. The main intention, you have to look if it’s for getting more followers on Facebook. The person who is behind the fake account always tries to attract the followers count to use that fall into his own personal use.

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How to Know who Created the Facebook Account?

If you are confused about whether someone created a fake profile on your name, finding that is very easy. If you are wondering whether it is possible to trace an IP address of a fake Facebook account or not, yes you can do it.

You have to do a reverse image search on Google to find all of your fake accounts registered on different social media platforms either on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platforms.

For this, you have to go to and from there click on the image-search icon.

Google images search with img

Before doing that: just keep a few of your images ready that you have posted online on your Facebook or any other social media platforms.

Now perform the image search on Google using those pictures one by one and look at the results shown to you.

This will show your original images as you are using those for your search and also the other links if available with these similar images if on any other profile.

If the person or anyone has made an account on Facebook then images will reflect on the search with a link at the start.

This reverse search works in search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google, and this method is helpful in finding the fake profiles if were present a long ago also.

2. Use Facebook Login:

While you are trying to log in, sometimes you will need your profile image to help Facebook identify the profile that you want to log into.

If you see multiple accounts present in the search results while you made the image search, you will get all of the lists of fake accounts that were added with your original account in that search result list.

This is the easiest option that you can use for checking if any fake profile is made on your name.

Alternative to Trace a Fake Facebook Account:

You can also try this:

  • Open a fake Facebook account checker on your device.
  • Enter the Facebook profile link onto that tool.
  • This will expose if that is a fake account depending on a few factors on the account.

Steps for fake Facebook Account Deletion:

If you have found a fake account, you can take action on that profile either legally or technically.

Celebrities or famous persons, they can take action by complaining to the local authority by informing the fake account details registered in their name.

But, this is recommended only when the case is severe and goes to such an extent where complaining becomes a must-do thing rather it may work as a promotional fan page.

2. Help from Facebook:

But if you want to go for a technical approach then you can just inform the host of the platform (like if it is on Facebook), then you have to inform this Facebook. This process takes time that definitely makes your goals succeed by closing all of the fake accounts by the Facebook team itself.

When you contact the Facebook team for my account verification, they will reply within 72 hours and ask for the legal document proofs (i.e. driving license, Green Card) and once they verified the original one, all of the fake accounts on your name with personal images will be deactivated on request.

If you want to prevent someone from stealing here Facebook posts or images then you can set privacy to prevent such people to make a fake account in the future with your images.


If you want to use your Facebook account with your friends you can set your privacy to only ‘Friends’ or to ‘Specific friends’. This secures your profile more in a standard way by stopping your posts from appearing on the ‘friends of friends’ timeline.

1. How Can You Trace Who is Behind the Fake Facebook Account?

Definitely, Facebook will not tell you the IP address of such a person who is using a fake profile on your name. You have many ways to do to identify and catch that person with the flaws but this does not reveal the IP address of such a person.

2. Can Police Track Fake Facebook Accounts?

The only way you can get the IP address of such a person who is using your fake Facebook account now or before is just from the local authority.

Facebook shares the details with the local law authority where they are doing the business.

Once you get the IP address of the person, by taking help from the ISP the authority will be able to find out the person who was behind that fake Facebook account, and then you can take your actions accordingly, but this needs permission letter from the Law Enforcement and then only Facebook will provide the details to the police.

Note: If the person was using a third-party server or the local authority cannot reach and even in case the third-party service does not share the data, no person is able to find him out. But, remember, there is nothing impossible when the case is extreme.

The Bottom Lines:

This article explained that if you are looking for ways to track a fake account or tips to identify whether it is a fake account or not then this guide has shown all of the steps and measures that you have to take to find out the person behind the fake Facebook ID.

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