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What Does Friends Mean On TikTok | Friends Vs Followers

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TikTok friends are those connections that you can interact with, while followers are people who see your content.

However, the concept is straightforward, with you both following each other’s profile then you are labeled as “Friends” and if one of you does not follow the other, TikTok shows the respected symbol.

your friend on TikTok

TikTok Friends Vs Followers:

▸ TikTok friends are mutual connections you can interact with, while followers are people who view and enjoy your content.

▸ Friends can send you direct messages, whereas followers can only communicate through comments on your videos.

What Does The Friends Mean On TikTok:

On TikTok, “friends” refers to users who have a mutual connection, meaning both users follow each other.

Friends can interact more closely, such as through direct messaging, sharing content, and collaborating on videos.

What Does The Friends Only Mean On TikTok:

“Friends only” on TikTok is a privacy setup that allows users to limit content visibility and interactions to mutual connections.

With this setting enabled, only users who follow you and are followed back can view your videos, duet with you, or send direct messages.

Choosing “friends only” provides more controlled states, ensuring a user’s TikTok experience remains within a trusted circle.

The first way is to see all the people you follow when you open your follower list. You will also notice a Label in front of every name as “Friends”.

Difference Between Friends and Followers on TikTok:

This label ‘Friends’ will appear in front of only those names who follow you back and ultimately means you both are friends on TikTok.

The second way is to go to your inbox and look at the label displayed in front of the name of your friends.

If it is labeled as “friends”, then they come under your friend list, if not then they do not follow you back & you are the only follower of that person.

tiktok followers
Follower on TikTok
tiktok friends
Friend on TikTok

1. Friends Automatically Are Your Followers

On TikTok, if you have friends, that means he is your follower, and you follow them. Because to have a friend on TikTok, you need to follow a user, and he has to follow you back.

You can find out who your friend is on TikTok by checking the TikTok friends section from the bottom of your screen and also checking your followers and seeing the difference between the number of friends and followers.

2. Followers To Be Added As Friends By Following Back

TikTok followers are less exact than friends; followers mean users follow your account so that they will get your posts on their feeds.

Followers To Be Added

But the followers become his friend only when he follows him back. Because, in that case, both will get their posts on their feeds. It is the reason why public figures/famous personalities have more followers than the number of friends.

3. Becomes Friends When Follow Each Other

The TikTok algorithm is structured so that two users considered friends become friends only when they follow each other.

Becomes Friends When Follow Each Other

If users do not follow the other user, they will not be regarded as friends.

How to See Your Friends Only on TikTok:

There are few ways to find out your friends only people on TikTok, let’s explore the following ways:

1. From Following Section

In the following section, you will see the people who follow you on TikTok and if you also follow back that person then you are each other’s friends only.

Now, let’s follow the steps to check:

Step 1: Open your TikTok “account page”.

The account page displays the options such as Post, Following & Followers.

Step 2: Tap on > “Followers”

tiktok followers

To check, you have to open the Followers lists. Tap & open it.

Step 3: Notice the labels, “follow back” and “Friends”.

follow back Friends

Now, in front of the name of your followings, you will see two labels, one saying “Friends” and another saying “Follow Back”. The people with “Friends” labels are the one who rests in your friends only and is your friends, whereas the people with “Follow back” labels are the ones you’re not following.

2. Find Friends from their Profile

On every person’s profile page on TikTok, you will see two icons beside the message {Inbox} option.

One icon will come with a tick on the head & shoulder icon which states – that person does not follow you back, only you follow him/her on TikTok and you both aren’t friends.

And the other icon you will see is a double arrow on the head & shoulder icon which states – you both follow each other and are friends.

Let’s follow the steps to find this icon on your friend’s profile:

Step 1: Open your TikTok.

Step 2: Tap on > Search bar.

Search bar

Step 3: Type any username and open his/her profile.

Step 4: Roll your eyes to the middle of the page around the message {inbox} option. It will show a both-side arrow symbol that means you’re friends with the person.

tiktok friends

3. From Inbox

To find it in the inbox, follow the steps instructed below:

Step 1: Open your Tiktok account.

Step 2: Tap & open > “Inbox” Option, lie on the bottom of the home page.

inbox icon

Step 3: Now, under the “All activity” section, see the lists of friends listed there.

All activity section

The people with the label “Friends” are your friends on TikTok. This way is the most simple and quick way to find out.

4. From DM

To see your friends only from the DM section, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open your TikTok account.

Step 2: On the home page itself at the bottom, you will find the “Inbox” icon. Tap and open it.

Step 3: On your Inbox, tap on the DM icon [a paper plane]. Tap to open it.

DM icon

Step 4: Check the names from whom you have received messages.

received messages

Because in TikTok, you will only receive messages from your friends, therefore all the people listed under the DM section are considered your friends.

Tools To Add TikTok Friends:

You can try the following apps:

1. Tik Tok+ (iOS)

⭐️ Features of Tik Tok+:

◘ The TikTok mod helps users to bring unlimited Followers and unlimited likes to their posts; it brings engagement to your account.

◘ Using mod, you will get a lot of virtual coins, which you can use to purchase products available on TikTok.

◘ It is free and safe to download. You do not need to root or jailbreak your device, and it has an easy installing process.

◘ Along with the other features, it provides downloading and auto-update features so that you will be updated every single time.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: To get the TikTok+ file, search for it on the browser for iOS, as it is available on Android.

Step 2: Next, click on the Download option to download the file, go to the file location, open it, and tap Install.

 open it, and tap Install

Step 3: Give it all the necessary permissions to install, and provide your credentials to log in to your account.

Click on add button

Now you can use the TikTok MOD ipa, and when you follow someone, he will be added to your friend list.

2. TikTok MOD APK (Android)

⭐️ Features of TikTok MOD APK:

◘ This app has an easy pause and resume option and can also use interesting visual effects.

◘ It is easy to handle, and you can easily install it on your device.

◘ You will get free access to thousands of pieces of music you can use to create your content.

🔗 Link: https://apkdone.com/tiktok/

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Search for the TikTok mod apk file for Android or use this link: to download the apk file.


Step 2: After downloading the apk file, install it on your device, log in to your account, and use the Mod features like automatically adding followed as your friend.

Click on add button

How to Add People to Friends:

Adding people as your friends on Tiktok is very easy.

Follow to steps to add friends:

Step 1: Open your TikTok account and go to your profile page.

Step 2: Now, tap on the following lists.

Step 3: In front of some usernames, you will see the option to Follow back or follow. Hence to add those people as your friends tap on “Follow back” button.

tiktok follow back
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