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What Does The Blue Dot Mean On Instagram

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Instagram contains numerous features & symbols, some of which are visible to us, but there are some that are unseen even in front of our eyes.

If you’re scrolling through Instagram, luckily you’ll see a list of users who are scrolling at the same time, all thanks to the green dot. When you go to share a post with other users, the Dot will appear in the direct messaging of the app, but will also appear in your friend list.

What Does The Blue Dot Mean On Instagram:

When you’re on an Instagram or DM, you might see a blue dot.

1. New Messages / Posts

A Blue dot usually appears when a new message comes in DM. This dot shows that the message is new and you haven’t seen it. This dot will disappear as soon as you open the message and reply or just open it.

2. Connection Status of User

Whenever you chat with someone on Instagram, the user’s connection status can be shown through a blue dot. The person isn’t connected to an app if the blue dot disappears. That way, you’ll know he/she won’t be available to answer right away.

In some other cases, a blue dot will also be shown, excluding Instagram Direct:

Connection Status of the User

You may have seen a blue dot many times when you open the Instagram search. Whenever you are searching for the ID of an actor, artist, or influencer, a blue dot with a tick appears.

The blue dot in the check form indicates that the user is verified as an Instagram creator. These dots are given right next to the user’s name.

DotsWhere it ShowsMeaning
GreenFriend list, DM inboxOnline / Active
YellowDM inboxIdle / Away
RedDM inboxUnavailable / Offline
BlueDM inbox, Instagram searchNew Message / Post, Connection Status, Verified Creator
PurpleDM inboxVideo / Camera
GrayDM inboxRecently Opened Message, Chat in Vanish Mode
No DotDM inboxUser turned off activity status

What Do Symbols of Dots Mean on Instagram Direct?

The direct messaging system, known as DM on Instagram, is admirable for maintaining privacy with someone else. Also to see if someone is ignoring your message, you can look for the little green dot that appears next to some users, similar to Facebook. The DMs option indicates a paper plane symbol that works as a send button.

You can use it to deliver the story or post to another user via Instagram message or add the post to your story.

On the other hand, Blue Dot is also added after the update of Instagram, which indicates that you haven’t seen the message sent by someone. Some other dot symbols including three dots on the posts allow the user to share apart from Instagram, turn on post notifications, Unfollow, Hide, and much more.

blue dots

Instagram also offers a symbol like a red dot if you have noticed, which means one of the other accounts that will be added to your profile (if any) has unread notifications.

red dots

A red dot will also be shown at the bottom of any of the five tabs, indicating you have a notification, a picture you posted, or an image you’ve liked by double-tapping on the post, either you or one of your friends or tagging by a relative, you have a new DM inbox, someone has followed you, etc. Hence, every symbol of Dots on Instagram has its purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What Do Green Dots Mean on Instagram Direct?

On Instagram, the small green dot is used to check the online status of any user. It is thoughtfully designed so that you can connect with your friends and know whether someone is online or not.

Some users are always shown online; in fact, they are offline because the app is not refreshed. Also, it takes a while for the app to know when someone is active. For the green dot to appear, you must meet certain conditions set by Instagram itself.

green dots

🏷 These include:

Both users must have to follow each other:

◘ Activity status must be turned on to see when someone was last active or currently active on the Instagram app.

◘ When it is turned off, you will no longer be able to see the activity status of other users’ accounts in the form of a green dot.

Note: You can see the active status from Green Dot not only in the direct message but also while sharing a post with someone.

2. What did Grey Dots mean on Instagram Direct?

Generally, the grey dots on Instagram Direct means that you recently opened a new message. As soon as you come out of that chat or come in DM, the grey dot will appear outside that particular chat with timing. If still not visible then refresh the DM once.

Another means of Grey dot in a bunch of dots once the chat with a specific one turned into vanish mode. Many grey dots in a collective manner appear with the name of the person with whom you have chatted in vanish mode.

vanish mode
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