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How Does Facebook Decide Which Friends To Show On Profile Page

By Pranab Sen

✎ Key Takes:

» You can check the top 6 or more friends on a Facebook profile page, indicating recent connections or interactions, while the rest remain hidden below.
» You can try using your friend list as a synchronized display of mutual connections, challenging the assumption of an alphabetical arrangement, and understanding that the top friends are commonly shared connections.

How Does Facebook Decide Which Friends To Show On Profile Page:

These are the following things below that decide which friends to show on the profile page:

1. More Interactions on Facebook

Interactions on Facebook

Facebook friends lists are not arranged alphabetically or chronologically. But the list ranks and places people based on the interaction of the user. The most interactive friends are placed at the top of the list and as you go down you’ll find the less interactive ones on the list.

2. Added Most Recent Friends

Added Most Recent Friends

Facebook follows a certain algorithm when it comes to ranking the friends list. The users whom you’ve added recently are shown at the top of the friend list as it’s the new algorithm.

The older friends are placed at the bottom of the list. Therefore, the first one in the list of friends is the newest of all friends whom you’ve recently added and the last one is the oldest of all friends on your profile.

3. Profile Views

Profile Views

On Facebook, there are certain friends whom you barely know or interact with. But at the same time, you’ll always find that you like the posts or photos of someone or some users very much. You’re always more likely to visit and stalk the profiles of the users whom you admire or find interesting.

As Facebook keeps track of your activity, it will arrange the friends list based on how many times you’ve viewed a profile. You need to know that the one profile that you frequently visit would be at the top of the friend list.

4. Tagged Photos

Tagged Photos

On Facebook, you’ll always find some users on your friend list who tag you in their pictures. Even if you’re in the photos, the user may tag your profile while posting it. This makes the user more interactive on Facebook as compared to other friends which is why his name would be placed at the top of the list before the name of other or less interactive friends.

5. Wall Posts

Wall Posts

Facebook keeps track of all your activities on your profile. The stuff you post on your timeline or Facebook wall equally determines the order of the friend list on Facebook.

It tracks what you post on your Facebook wall and if someone has been on your posts, they’re ranked at the top of others on the list.

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