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Best Apps to Change Phone Numbers When Calling Someone

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There you have many best apps to change phone numbers when calling someone i.e. Hushed, Sideline, Burner, Line2, and Talkatone.

You can try using these apps to hide your identity while calling someone and go with alternative numbers without revealing your actual one.

Also, there are some direct ways if you want to call someone from a different number.

Best Apps to Change Phone Numbers When Calling Someone:

If you want to call someone and don’t want to display your real number then you can use a few apps that provide virtual numbers for calling.

There is the list of apps below:

1. Hushed

Hushed is your go-to app for changing phone numbers while calling someone, and that lets you create a new one for calls and texts, thus hiding your real number.

You can call anyone with Hushed but have to get a package for international calls. Also, you can stay incognito with a separate number unlinked to your mobile.


  • Access numbers in over 40 countries
  • Set up auto-reply text messages
  • Call forwarding and routing features
  • Manage multiple numbers
  • 300 Local numbers in the US & UK Zones


  • No binding contracts
  • User-friendly interface
  • Risk-Free Experience
  • No complicated procedures


  • Need verification
  • Cannot be dialed for 911 emergencies
  • Issues with verification through texts

Price List:

  • Prepaid plans: $2.99 (starting price)
  • Unlimited Subscriptions: $4.99/Month
  • International Plans: $6.99 ($1 in credits) 

Pricing Comparison:

Hushed:Other Apps:
Starting Price: $2.99Sideline: Starting Price: $14.49
Burner: Starting Price: $4.99/month

2. Sideline

Sideline is another best option to call someone without showing your number to them. You can easily create a separate number and enjoy cool features like turning voice messages into text. Along with that, you can also activate “Do Not Disturb” on weekends or holidays to let calls go directly to voicemail.


  • Business texting, autoreply, and custom voicemail
  • Team collaboration with a dedicated team number
  • Convert voicemails to text, and have a separate Caller ID
  • Seamless group messaging, easy number porting
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS messaging


  • Quick and easy to Set up
  • Advantage of a free trial
  • Blocks spam calls
  • Detailed call history tracking


  • Cannot sign up if outside the US
  • Deducts calls & texts from your existing carrier’s plan
  • Delays in customer support response times

Price List:

  • Standard: $14.49/month (Offers 6 M & 1 Y Plan)
  • Enterprise: $14.49/Month

Pricing Comparison:

Sideline:Other Apps:
Starting Price: $14.49/MonthBurner: Starting Price: $4.99/m
Hushed: Starting Price: $2.99

3. Burner

You can just get the Burner app for your hidden phone number. With Burner, you can keep your details (real number) hidden while calling someone. Also, there are no contracts and no ads, and it won’t mess with your primary number.

Whether you’re on Android or iOS, you can use the Burner on your phone. This Burner app has some features i.e. spam blocking, muting, voicemails, and do-not-disturb settings.


  • Unlimited calls and texts for non-stop connectivity
  • Muting, blocking, and spam-blocking features
  • No ads & an entirely ad-free platform
  • You can delete or switch between numbers


  • user-friendly interface
  • Manage all numbers, with an easy delete option
  • Price flexibility to suit your budget and needs.


  • No details upon deletion
  • Can’t reuse numbers in some cases
  • Users face issues receiving incoming calls

Price List:

  • From Web: $4.99/month
  • On App Store: $9.99/month

Pricing Comparison:

Burner:Other Apps:
Starting Price: $4.99Hushed: Starting Price: $2.99
Line2: Starting Price: $15.99/m

4. Line2

With the Line2 app, you can get a number for your calls and even send texts from there. Whether it’s for personal or business, Line2 lets you set up a separate phone number, keeping your worlds apart.

So, if you want a number that hides your identity Line2 can be the best suitable option for this.


  • Enjoy call recordings, voicemail, and auto-answering option
  • Engage in group calls
  • Forward calls and port your number for flexible accessibility
  • Transcriptions, and call screening features


  • It has an easy-to-use interface
  • Excellent call quality
  • Easy Number porting
  • Answering machine


  • Encounter difficulties with update errors
  • Complications in resolving app-related issues
  • Call Reliability Issues

Price List:

  • Monthly Plan: $15.99/month
  • Yearly Plan: $13.75/month

Pricing Comparison:

Line2:Other Apps:
Starting Price: $15.99/mHushed: Starting Price: $2.99
Burner: Starting Price: $4.99/m

5. Talkatone

Talkatone lets you chat and message without using your real number. You can use this Talkatone to get an extra number for calling someone by hiding your actual number. You can get this free number from the U.S. or Canada. This Talkatone also provides you with a disposable number.

You can also get it downloaded free on both Android and iOS.


  • Get a phone number for free with no hidden charges
  • Make calls using Wi-Fi or mobile data
  • Send texts without any cost


  • Free texting and calling features at no charge.
  • US-based phone number for a local connection.
  • High-quality voice communication.


  • Lack of comprehensive customer support.
  • Calls to non-Talkatone users, lag.
  • Banner ads and bad user experience

Price List:

  • Premium: $1.99/month
  • Plus: $3.99/month
  • Subscription: $12.99 per month.

Pricing Comparison:

Talkatone:Other Apps:
Starting Price: $1.99Line2: Starting Price: $15.99/m
Burner: Starting Price: $4.99/m

Why would I want to change my phone number while calling?

Changing your phone number during calls can protect privacy and hide your real identity. It’s best for maintaining anonymity, separating personal and professional communications, or protecting your primary number from unwanted calls.

Some direct ways are also helpful in hiding your number too while calling.

How does the Phone Number Changer App work?

The Phone Number Changer App works by assigning you a temporary phone number. This number can be used for calls and texts, allowing you to communicate without revealing your actual phone number. The app allows you to switch between numbers easily, ensuring anonymity and control over your calling experience.

The Final Closing:

This article analyzes top-notch free apps for calling someone with a hidden identity. With Hushed and Burner, you can get your phone number at the lowest rate and maintain the highest privacy when making calls.

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