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How To Get Unblocked On Telegram

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✎ Key Answer:

1. To unblock yourself you just have to either you can request the person to unblock by sending a message from another Telegram account or ask your mutual friend to do so.

2. To unblock yourself on Telegram, you can without deleting the account, just by creating another Telegram account.

3. Just register another Telegram account with a different mobile number and then you can send a message to the person on Telegram.

How To Get Unblocked On Telegram:

You can try the following methods below to unblock yourself on Telegram when someone blocks you:

1. Without Deleting the Account

If your Telegram account has been blocked by someone, there is no direct method that can help you unblock yourself. 

If you have waited for a long time and still haven’t been unblocked by your friend then you can try creating a new Telegram account. 

To unblock yourself on Telegram to send messages,

Step 1: Open your Telegram app, tap on the three horizontal bars at the top left corner and tap on the arrowhead pointing upwards. 


Step 2: Tap on ‘Add Account’, and then enter your alternate contact number.

Add Account telegram app

Step 3: Proceed to log in with the second profile that is not blocked.

Step 4: You can now send messages to the person who has blocked your previous account using this new account without deleting your old previous Telegram account. 

There are also a few steps to unblock Telegram groups.

2. Using Automatic Delete Option

◘ If you do not succeed with the above method you can try this automatic delete option of the Telegram app.

◘ Go to Settings>>Privacy and Security>>Delete my Account option.

Go to Settings on telegram
Privacy and Security telegram app

◘ Now choose to auto-delete the account after a certain period.

◘ This is a unique feature specially offered to its users giving the best chatting experience with Telegram. You can unblock your Telegram account by simply deleting your account. 

◘ Just to make sure that you don’t misunderstand that deleting your account is not uninstalling the Telegram app.

You just have to delete your current account. Deleting the account will delete all your Telegram data from its server. 

◘ Once you delete your account you will lose all your previous records, messages, chats, groups, and channels that you have stored and saved in your Telegram profile. 

◘ But if you decide that you don’t want to lose your Telegram data you can sync all of the data you do not want to get deleted with the deletion of your account, you can transfer all of this data to another number. 

Now that you have deleted your Telegram account, the next thing that you have to do is re-register your number on Telegram. 

When you re-register, your account is no longer blocked and you can again send messages to the person who had blocked your number on Telegram. 

3. Get Unblocked on Telegram Group

Telegram is one of the best social media platforms offering its users a secure platform to interact with friends, family, and colleagues. You can enjoy the features of chatting with your friends only and only when you are not blocked. But if you get blocked you may no longer be able to live chat with the person who blocked your account. 

There are many ways that you can adopt to get yourself unblocked on Telegram and one such method is creating a different or alternate Telegram account and re-joining the Telegram channel of the group from where you have been blocked.

Step 1: Open your Telegram account and go to your profile by tapping on the three horizontal bars at the top left corner.

tapping on the three horizontal bars telegram

Step 2: Tap on the arrowhead seen next to your name. 

Step 3: Tap on the ‘Add Account‘ option and proceed with the new mobile number.


Step 4: Once you have created a new account, join the group and the channels where you were blocked. Rejoin the channel or the group. 

telegram group rejoin link

Now if you have the channel join link then you can use that to rejoin the same channel from your different profile.

4. Text Someone who Blocked you

If your Telegram has been blocked, and you tried all the possible tricks and methods, to get yourself unblocked but still failed to do so.

Well, then you are left with no other choice but to approach the person who has blocked you via other social media platforms where you both are active apart from Telegram. 

You can reach out to the person who has blocked your Telegram account through Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Signal, Viber, Snapchat, or other platforms.

You can text or send messages to the person who has blocked you via these social media platforms and request them to unblock you. 

If still, this doesn’t work out for you then you can use another number to register a new Telegram account, which will be a new account to chat and send messages to the person who has blocked your old Telegram account.

If you are lucky enough, they will first listen to what exactly you have to talk about and then decide whether to unblock you or not. It all depends on how you request the person.

If I Delete My Telegram Account Will I Be Unblocked:

If someone has blocked you on Telegram, deleting your account will not automatically unblock you. The block placed by the other person will remain intact even if you delete your account.

If you notice that you’re unable to contact someone on Telegram and suspect that you might be blocked, the best solution is to reach out to the person through other means, such as a different messaging app or in person, to discuss the situation.


The final thought is that if you find yourself blocked on Telegram, there are several methods you can try to unblock yourself. You can start by creating a new account, using automatic deletion options, rejoining groups, or reaching out via other social media platforms are the best options.

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