Mouse Cursor is Not Showing – Windows 10 [FIXED]

Your Quick Answer: To fix the mouse cursor that is not working, you have to disable the option “Hide Pointer While Typing”. To disable it, open > the “Start” menu, type > “Mouse settings” and select it from the result list. Next, select > “Addition Mouse Settings” > and on the “Mouse Properties” box, go … Read more

Best Online Tools to Test Refresh Rate of Monitor

The refresh rate of the monitor defines the quality of the display. The faster the sequence, the smoother is the video. If you don’t have the information available or just want to confirm it, one must use some tools for testing the refresh rate of the monitor. The present scenario says that there are numerous … Read more

This Site Can’t be Reached on PC – FIXED

If you’re facing the issue ‘This site can’t be reached‘ on your PC, then there might several reasons behind this and before you go to fix this, you have to know the reasons first. You probably understood that this is not an issue with your internet connection but could be something else that is preventing … Read more