IP address change

How to Change IPv4 Address in Windows 7?

Have you changed your Broadband Server or got a new Static IP? That is why in this content we are going to discuss how to change IPv4 address on PC. By using this method you can use a different server to surf the internet, the DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) every time will request […]

partition hard drive windows 7

How to Partition a Hard Drive in Windows 7?

Do you want to partition a hard drive in windows 7? Basically, almost everyone wants to partition their computer hard drive but they could not, because they think that format is necessary to partition hard disk in windows 7. But we will show you that, it is your backdated thought […]

create bootable usb

How to Create Bootable USB Drive for Windows 7?

Are you thinking that your bootable CD or DVD drive taking a long time for complete your format process? Then we will tell you that your thought is absolutely correct because if you use bootable USB drive then you can complete it faster. But if you think that you don’t […]

windows 7 features

Windows 7 Features, Functions and History

Windows 7 is a personal computer operating system which is developed by Microsoft. It was built on Windows Vista. Windows 7 operating system officially released on 22 October, 2009. Microsoft is one of the greatest companies which make different operating systems. Microsoft Windows operating system is a great operating system […]

How to expend RAM memory

Use Harddrive as RAM | All Windows Versions

RAM or Random Access Memory is essential for your Computer and Laptop. It is very unbearable when slowing down your computer but if you think that it is only happening with you then you are completely wrong. So here we here to give you some tips to enlarge your computer […]

How to expend RAM memory

How to Use Pendrive as RAM?

We know it very well that RAM is one type of memory which help to works very fast but if you go to work with a hard software application then you can realise that your computer or laptop RAM memory too low to run that application. So, if you don’t […]

windows 7

How to Format Computer without CD? – Easy Steps

If you notice that your computer files are continuously getting attacked by virus and your PC getting slow day by day, then the perfect approach is to format your computer. Formatting computer means deleting all the data from your computer system or hard drive and then installing new fresh OS […]

window 7 format

How Can I Install Windows 7 Ultimate on My Laptop?

When you have a PC or Laptop then the formatting is a common factor. Windows 7 Ultimate is very popular OS to install in your Laptop. But remember one thing, if you want to format your PC then you are going to lose all data in your hard-drive (C-Drive). So, […]

How to Safely Format Windows XP with CD?

If you notice that your computer’s files continuously attacked by virus and your computer getting slow day by day then it is the perfect time to format your computer.  But, you may think if it is safe to Format Windows XP with CD then we want to tell you that it […]