How To Trace A Twitter Account – A Fake Twitter Account

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To trace any Twitter account, first of all, go to the Grabify IP Logger tool and then put an article link to short it.

Now, send the URL to the person on Twitter through direct message. Once the person clicks on the, his details (IP Address & location) will be logged.

You can see those from the Grabify IP Logger page this is how you can trace a Twitter Account.

If you want to trace a fake Twitter account then you have to look at different things to understand the activity of that profile and then you can tell if it is a fake account.

Even you can trace the IP address of the Twitter profile user and location through any IP tracker tool.

You can also find the email ID of the Twitter profile and then you can get an idea about whether the profile is either fake profile or not. Although, if it is private, you have a few ways to view the private Twitter profiles.

Firstly, you must identify who is behind the Twitter account by seeing the indications on that profile mentioned in this article. Then you can just take the steps in order to trace the Twitter profile and get the IP address & location details.

Note that you have to make sure that the person clicks on that link and you have to make the arrangements for that reason as well, In this article, you will get to know the steps that you have to take in order to track his Twitter account.

How to Find the IP Address of a Twitter Account:

The IP address on Twitter is used internally, however, there are certain ways in which you can track the IP address of any Twitter account with less hassle and efficiency. In fact, along with the IP address, you can also get the device & browser information.

For tracking the IP address of a Twitter account, you can use an already-made IP logger. The most effective IP grabber recently is the Grabify URL Shortener and IP logger. 

To Trace a Twitter account,

Step 1: Firstly, go to the to shorten the URL for tracking.

Step 2: After that, go to the Grabify website and copy-paste the URL of your content in the input field, and click on “Create URL”. By doing this, you will get a shortened URL and a tracking code to check the logs for the URL that you have generated.

click on “Create URL”. By doing this, you will

Step 3: Then go to Twitter and tell the user to click and visit the page you have created by sending him that shortened URL through DM. Once that person clicks on that URL, Grabify will get his IP address along with his device and browsing information.

ending him that shortened URL through DM

Step 4: Go to Grabify again and type the access code link and click the option that says “Tracking code”.

click the option that says Tracking code

Step 5: You will finally show the details of that user, such as browser, OS, geolocation, and device information.

How to Tell if it is not a Real Twitter Profile:

There are several ways by which you can spot a fake Twitter profile. It is extremely crucial to know if the people you are following or who follow you, are real or fake. However, there are many simple and obvious signs to know about it.

Some of the ways to know the reality of the people in your Twitter followers list are mentioned below:

1. Look At Duplicate Tweets

This way is not accurate about the profile however, if you notice a lot of duplicate posts or if the tweets are with the same text as @replies, then that Twitter account might be fake due to spam.

2. Look at Interaction with Other Profiles

If there is an account that has almost no interaction with others on Twitter then that account is often fake. This is a common sign of a bot profile.

3. Making Non-topic Tweets

Most of the fake profiles usually post tweets that make absolutely no sense at all. Therefore, there is a high possibility that if some accounts have just posted gibberish or are just random, then that account might be fake.

4. Bad URL Combination

This is one of the simplest ways to check if any Twitter profile is fake or real. The URL of a profile can tell a lot about that particular profile, whether it is fake or real. The first and last name in the URL should have some direct relation to the profile name.

Therefore, if the URL of that person is combined with some random words, then there are chances that the profile is either a bot and not an actual human.

How to Report a Fake Account on Twitter:

You can report any profile that is using your info to pretend to be or fake people on Twitter.

If you have found any fake account on Twitter and it’s bothering you then you can easily report that account on Twitter itself by just following a few simple steps. 

The steps for reporting a fake Twitter account are mentioned here:

Step 1: First, you must open the Twitter Report Page.

Step 2: Then click on ‘An account is impersonating me or somebody else’.

An account is pretending

Step 3: After that click on ‘An account is pretending to be or represent my company, brand, or organization’, and then you will be given some options regarding the reason behind reporting that account.

An account is impersonating me or somebody else

Step 4: Fill out all other information that is asked and then you have to submit the form.

Fill out all other information 1
Fill out all other information
Fill out all other information 3

You will get updates about your reporting on your linked email address. After reporting, you will also be provided suggestions for additional actions you can take after reporting an account, if necessary. 

Not just an account, you can also report against a particular tweet or any message from any Twitter profile. 

Twitter provides you with all the necessary features to improve your experience while using this social media platform.

Can Police Trace a Fake Twitter Account?

Yes, it is indeed possible for police to trace a fake Twitter account if any abusive or illegal activity is noticed from that account.

This policy of Twitter is intended for the law enforcement authorities, which means the Twitter team would ask for a legal court notice from police to share user information other than that they won’t be able to do that or should not be a legal approach at it harms user’s privacy or violate the law.

According to this, any Government agency is responsible for the enforcement of laws. However, the process of tracing that fake Twitter account is different from the method mentioned above as it will be more accurate and legitimate.

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