How To View Google Form Responses After Submission

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To view the Google form responses, open that Google form, and on the top, you will see a section, named “Responses”. Just click on it.

Over there, you will get the details of all the submitted responses, along with the name and email address of the person who has submitted the responses.

Apart from this, you can even check the responses immediately after submitting your response.

For that, after hitting the submit button, when you will come to the confirmation page, there carefully click on the “See previous responses” option. There you can see the submitted responses.

However, for this, either you have to be the creator of the Google form or the creator has enabled the features to check the submitted responses.

There you have some steps to edit Google form responses after submitting.

How To View Google Form Responses After Submission:

Following are the steps to view the responses:

Step 1: Fill out the form with all the details

In the first place, open the Google form and fill in all the blanks with the details asked. You have to fill out all the questions asked, otherwise, in the end, you will face a problem in submitting the form.

Step 2: Click on Submit

 Click on Submit

Once done with filling out a form, you will see a “Submit” button at the end, hit the button.

Next, you will be directed to a confirmation page, which will nothing but confirms that your response has been submitted.

Step 3: Click on See previous responses Option

On the confirmation page, below, there is a list of options such as:

1. See previous responses

2. Edit your response

3. Submit another response

see previous responses

From the list, click on the first option, which is “See previous responses”. Over there you will find all the responses that have been submitted till now.

How To View Responses in Google Forms:

To view responses, open the Google form for which you want to see the responses. After that:

Step 1: Go to the Responses tab

Go to the “Response” tab

Once you open the Google Form, click on the option “Responses”. Here, in this tab, you will get all the data of responses along with the information about the person who has submitted that response on the particular Google form.

Under the ‘Responses’ tab, there are majorly three sections, “Summary”, “Question” and “Individual”. Each section contains a different type of information.

Step 2: Tap On Individual

Tap On “Individual

Under the “Individual” section, you will get information about, what individual person has answered each question in his form.

Basically, when you will open this tab and will click on any responder, his submitted Google form with all the questions and answers will appear on the screen.

And this is what the name of the section says, “Individual”.

Step 3: Tap On Summary: To see who responded

 Tap On Summary

Now, if you want the overall result of who has responded to your google form, click on the “Summary” section. Here, as the name suggests, will get the summary of the responses. A list of all the names and their email will appear on the screen.

Step 4: Tap On Questions: To see what answer is given

Tap On “Questions

Under this section, you will find the names of people who have submitted their responses for this Google form along with the responses to a particular question.

You can switch to the next question, and all the responses to that question by all the respondents will appear on the screen.

The difference between the ‘Individual’ & ‘Question’ section is that under ‘Individual’ all the questions with responses by one particular individual will appear on screen, whereas in the case of ‘Question’, the response for one question submitted by all the responder will appear on the screen.

How to Save it in Excel Spreadsheet?

To save the submitted responses in Google form:

Step 1: Tap on the Green spreadsheet icon

Tap on the green spreadsheet icon

When you will enter the ‘Responses’ section, in the top right corner, you will see a green icon with white lines, that icon is for creating a spreadsheet. Click on it and hit the “create” button.

Step 2: Save all Responses in the XLS file

Next, all the responses will gather in the spreadsheet. Check it and click on the “Save” option and make sure to choose ‘XLS’ for save.

Done, it will get saved in your ‘File Explorer’.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to view the history of filled-in Google forms?

You can only view the history of the filled Google form when the creator has enabled that option, If not, you cannot.

The privacy policy of Google forms has been set in such a way, that only the creator of Google Forms can see the responses and the history, anytime. Also, it is in his hand, whether he allows the responders to see it or not.

But, if the feature to see the history is kept on, then, open the Google form again, fill in the details, and hit the ‘Submit’ button.

After that, a confirmation page will appear on the screen along with the option called – “See the previous responses”. To view the history, you have to click on that option. Click and see.

2. Why Do Google Form Responses not Show up?

This can happen, because of two reasons. First, your responses did not get submitted successfully.

◘ This can be because of slow internet or some technical issue with the Google form.

◘ Second, the receiver rejected your Google form submission.

Yes, it might be possible, that the creator has rejected your response or removed it from the responses list, because of which your response is not showing up.

3. How to check submitted Google Forms?

To check whether your Google form got submitted or not, just go to the “Responses” section, and over there click on the “Individual” tab.

Under the ‘Individual’ tab, if you find your name and email address, then your response is been submitted. You can even check all responses have you given for each question in the same tab.

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