How to Reduce PDF File Size to 100 KB?

If you make a lighter PDF document then the only text document without images make the size smaller and quicker to send. Sometimes, due to larger images and lots of images then document size becomes larger, although you can pre-upload the compressed images while creating any PDF file and that could reduce the size up … Read more

Convert Word to JPG Free Online

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How to Get Grammarly Premium for Free?

Grammarly would help you fix the grammatical mistakes that normally show up in the red lines while on the documents. While just disabling the red underlines would not fix the issue, you need Grammarly to solve the issue from the core. Definitely, Grammarly would not give you any free premium without an effort for them … Read more

How to Remove Red Line in Word on iPhone or Mac?

You would see red underlines on your text documents if that does not meet with the spell checking features, although it is recommended settings for the English language, there are a few languages where it does not work with those languages and show up underlines below the texts. If you’re using any devices (i.e. Android, … Read more